TradBit ICO Review : Insuring You For Best Trading Experience

About TradBit 

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TradBit erc20 standard smart contract ethereum token build on solidity, that is business, investment & of course trading friendly, catering exclusively to the need of investors & traders in the fields of technology and decentralization. Provide an enabling environment for smart contracts that is fully functional, safe, stable & standardized. With TradBit, you feel new trading experience like never before. TradBit is created with the intention to facilitate investors & traders for performance of a best profits/trading experience. TradBit have plans and working experience to make it more usable and valuable. Working on it to make TBT a active token on exchanges by trading. and then move to next step to direct use with goods and services. So, right now are focused on first goal. Have strategy and plans to make sure TBT never go down below base line, stay profitable and active trade. stay connected with us, are promising for best results.

Basic Information

Token Name TradBit
Token Symbol TBT
Social Media TradBit ICO Review : Insuring You For Best Trading ExperienceTradBit ICO Review : Insuring You For Best Trading Experience
Soft cap
315 ETH
Hard cap
3,150 ETH
Tokens for sale
2,100,000 TBT
Country Indonesia
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Use cases

At the present time the highest use case of all crypto-currency is Trading”. Love to work
with it. So, TradBit is a trading token and priority for the beginning of project is and will be trading. According to us The trading platform has a lot of potential and after complete to adding it to well known exchanges and ensure for it’s regular volume go for the next action for adding it to direct use case for goods. After all TradBit is a decentralized crypto currency, it can be use as a currency in crypto and related platforms anytime without any third party approval.

Value insurance

If only ETH move TBT automatically grow, if anyhow ETH not moving as expected, there is nothing to worry about TBT, team and marketing are fully independent. TradBit are doing & will best for TBT future. here is a simple blueprint of strategy for TBT :

  • When ETH start mooning again ,TBT will get direct effected.
  • If ETH not moving, TBT also work great with burning and base line strategy.
  • And when ETH and TBT both start growing, the best moment come for dual moon.
  • TradBit has fixed and small number of token which will become more valuable with time.

Burning digital assets effect & help

Burning digital assets direct effect & help circulation assets to rate to up. It’s natural with any assets or goods. Burning assets by sending them to burning address is great feature in crypto and TradBit are gonna use it. Now,TBT is new in crypto space, there is always market manipulation exist on exchanges. Second main strategy is to burn all tokens founded below eth base line. when find below line selling tokens, are not gonna reuse it, direct send to burning address and publish it to social platform with community. Weekly monitoring is playing big role to burning.

Token sharing

  • 50% of all supply will be locked till future development.
  • 10% is using to promote the activeness of community & attract new investors/traders.
  • Welcome sell to say thanks to community, rate will be low than public sell.
  • 9% will be use for TradBit advertising and promotion.




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