TreepToken Ico Review : A Global Crypto For Your Daily Life


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About TreepToken 

TreepToken Promote, using the highest technology in blockchain, security and processing speed, the use of cryptography as means of access to consumption, within the practices of humanist capitalism, to modify the way people have problems related to their finances, transforming them into protagonists of your financial life.

Both TreepToken and Stellar Protocol were, respectively, developed and elected – due to their positioning and in accordance with the concept of market – as a token utility that generates constant a flow of movement, inasmuch as it serves as a means of exchange for goods and consumption.

Token Basic Information

Token Name TreepToken
Token Symbol TREEP
Social Media TreepToken Ico Review : A Global Crypto For Your Daily LifeTreepToken Ico Review : A Global Crypto For Your Daily LifeTreepToken Ico Review : A Global Crypto For Your Daily Life
IEO Price
1 TREEP = 0.7 USD
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Bonuses 7%
Available for sale
18,750,000 TREEP (4%)
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


To be internationally recognized as a usability token for means of consumption of products
and services, leading to tangible access to the financial and consumer market in an intelligent, transparent and secure way.

TreepToken is Fast and Secure Payments

The financial market is changing. The practices of exchanging goods, providing services and the concept of value, have reached, nowadays, some of its highest levels. To serve this market in the same way as traditional solutions already do, such as credit cards and payment gateways, we are innovating in the usability of cryptography as a means of access to consumption. TreepToken are making people the protagonists of their financial lives.

TreepToken New Market and Opportunities

As mentioned before, new financial market is one that manages to generate with high speed and security the use of blockchain technologies, with usability to its adherent. In this area, already exist local initiatives and even major players in the race for the tokenization of means of payment, consumption, and even physical assets, as a means of increasing the capacity of access and transit of capital with better reach. The consumption barriers in the world have changed. Communication has changed. The means of consumption too.

Stock market movement vs. digital assets

There is no need for an in-depth analysis to understand the movements caused by digital
assets in the traditional economy. Observing the numbers presented by the stock exchanges, whilst considering the interventions suffered, whether they come from external or internal environments, or even from the State, suffices. In this regard, investment options in digital assets have been a response to the market. The fact is that, around the world, a movement to democratize the “operating agents” of the economy was started, whether by the opening of operations of big brokerages, whether in the undertaking of Digital Assets.

Global payment technology search strategy

The biggest challenge of digital economy was developing technologies that would enable quick and secure payments. Today, the technology for retail in general, whether online or physical, already exists in Brazil. Transactions are carried out in real time, allowing the owner of Digital Assets to decide which is the best asset to trade, in accordance to their valuations.

Usability bottleneck

TreepToken was developed to unblock the usability bottleneck. The evolution of technology in 2009 had been carried out very efficiently, and it is now possible to perform transactions in fractions of a second.

TREEP Positioning

TREEP is a utility token based on Blockchain technology, managed by Euroexchange OÜ, a company established and licensed in Estonia under registration 14692013. This token presents characteristics of fractional units, which can be easily transferred from property through Exchanges or certified partners, thus respecting the rules established by each of them. Developed to run on a highly scalable, fast and secure Blockchain platform, TreepToken was designed to generate up to 15 billion units and meet the demand of the entire global scenario.

Treep Token

This TreepToken holds characteristics of fractional units that can be easily transferred from property through Exchange or approved partners, respecting the rules established by each of them.

Functions of TreepToken

  • Online purchase through payment gateways
  • Purchase of goods and services in physical stores
  • Trading: exchange for other digital assets
  • Hold: save and track appreciation
  • Broker: negotiate in the digital community



Gerson Leonel, CTO

Jose Newton, CFO

Julio Ricardo Petters Siqueira, Software Engineer

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