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Mr. Sun’s Tron Founder Justin Sun Made Another Surprise On The 10th Of This Month, Expressing On Twitter That He Was Interested In Launching Tron And Bittorrent Satellites Through Space X, And He Did Not Hesitate To Drop $50 Million In Dogecoin. To Be Reached.

When The Doge-1 Plan Was Released, Musk, The Founder Of Tesla, Also Promoted It On His Twitter. Mr. Sun Was Surprised To Appear Under The Tweet , Saying That He Also Wanted To Cooperate With Space X With Tron Bittorrent Launched The Satellite Under The Name Of Bittorrent And Stated:

I am also happy to pay with Dogecoin!

Dogecoin Skeptics Express Concern
Although The Price Of Dogecoin Has Risen And Fallen Wonderfully, There Are Many Doubters, Many People Are Worried That A Large Number Of Assets Are In The Hands Of A Few People And Have Certain Bubble Doubts. Dongqu Previously Reported That Charles Hoskinson (Charles Hoskinson), The Founder Of Cardano (Ada) And The Chief Executive Officer Of Iohk, Posted A Video On Youtube, Expressing His Disapproval Of Dogecoin:

The Myth Of Dogecoin Cannot Be Maintained For Too Long. One Day It Will Collapse And Cause The Disillusionment Of Countless Investors. This Will Be A Catastrophic Failure.

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