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UnfoldU Ico Review : A Revolutionary AI Backed School Education Platform


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About UnfoldU 

UnfoldU are proudly focused on India, a rapidly growing market with the youngest population in the world. This Unfoldu team is trying utmost to develop the blockchain based platform which will offer students the education that can be applied to real life.

Unfoldu aims to provide enterprise-level blockchain infrastructure and industry solutions related to our online education platform. Its ultimate goal is to create a self-sustainable commercial ecosystem which will reward token owners, content creators and students for their achievements.

Blockchain, which is the core of the system, has emerged as an alternative to the traditional centralized financial systems, that can overcome, with its own features such as public and neutral decentralized structure, the shortcomings of the existing systems.

Token Basic Information

Token NameUnfoldu
Token SymbolUNFLD
Social MediaUnfoldU Ico Review : A Revolutionary AI Backed School Education PlatformUnfoldU Ico Review : A Revolutionary AI Backed School Education Platform
Soft cap
134,000 ETH
Hard cap555,000 ETH
Tokens for sale
200,000,000 UNFLD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Blockchain in Online Education 

Blockchain Technology is an example of such technology that can benefit the educational
ecosystem. With the rise of the internet, educational materials are right at our fingertips:
in our phones and computers. As such, two methods of education are such as eLearning
(electronic) and mLearning (mobile learning) are gaining traction. We at UnfoldU Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd. resident of F 384, Industrial Area, Sector-90, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140307 (INDIA) use both the methods and we are witnessing increasing demand for our services in India.

Problems Unfoldu Solve

Help in Saving Time and Money

A student can pick the lesson of his choice and study without engaging or scheduling appointments directly with the school teacher or a private teacher. In the traditional educational system that would involve traveling away from home or allocating additional time post-school, or spending a fixed time on a daily basis with the private teacher and spending additional fee thus creating a financial burden on families with limited earnings.

Help in Promoting Self Paced Study

A self-paced system enables a student to make progress with a rhythm that suits them. This type of system does not require a student to be concerned about the burden of traditional education structure; a student can access the content at any time that works for them. Since the content is appealing and engaging at same time (interaction through videos, sounds, and effects), a student actually spends more time learning the concepts.

Help in Engaging a Student into Education

out classroom assignments using chat forums or live online discussion sites. A student can exchange ideas and dialog with other students without having to travel to a common meeting place that might not be convenient for everybody in the group. Without the commitment to attending physical private tuition at a brick and mortar location, a student is forced to learn self-discipline by managing their time and tasks all on the internet through digital learning.

Why we Focused in India?

According to a KPMG-Google report, the online education space in India will be valued at $1.96 billion by 2021, with 9.5 million users. The primary and secondary supplemented education will be the largest category by 2021 with a size of $773 million, growing at a CAGR of 60 per cent.

India will always remain UnfoldU primary market due to the presence of young students, the capability of their parents to afford online education and their desire to track their growth on a daily basis.

Growth of Business in India

Breaking barriers is one thing, and the ability to consolidate education and training across
geographical constraints is another. E-learning has penetrated into the Indian hinterland owing to increasing affordability of high-speed Internet as well as access to smart-phones.

Students are being empowered to get quality resource and education, anytime, anywhere.
Improved connectivity and digital payment access have further bolstered the concept of
education for all.

Unfoldu Offering

UnfoldU offer various school-based engaging educational programs which suit students of all grades and learning capacities. Our online content serves the needs of all global school students by tweaking existing content. We cover the following subjects related to the school education:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • History
  • Environmental Science
  • General English
  • General Computer
  • Accounts

Online Education for School Student

It’s a challenge to create content which will have students to actually use it. There’s a stark difference between creating content for entertainment platforms and for educational purposes.

In the former, the only important metric is getting maximum engagement. But for a learning or education company, the challenge is to get the right balance between effectiveness and engagement.

How India can Help us Achieve Vision

  • Current demand driven by student behavior shift towards deeper understanding of topics in place of only clearing exams.
  • Growth will be driven by large offline student base and increased internet penetration in tier 2 cities and beyond due to lowest priced internet in India.
  • English language learners comprise majority of the user base, though UnfoldU are committed to publish content in Hindi (the largely used local language of India). Thus, reaching a wider audience.
  • However, with an estimated ~280 million students expected to be enrolled in schools by
    2021 and increasing adoption amongst this target audience, online primary and secondary supplemental education.

Key Growth Drivers in India

Internet and Smartphone Penetration

Until the turn of the century, internet connectivity was dodgy and smartphones unheard of in India. In less than two decades, the internet and smart gadgets have penetrated lives in a way that it is difficult to recall how UnfoldU functioned without them. This continually widening internet and smartphone user base has stimulated growth of online education platforms, making them come of age as a truly reliable alternative to traditional tools of learning.


The freedom to study anywhere, anytime is one of the biggest advantages of e-learning over classroom learning.

Government Policies

The government’s initiatives to strengthen the infrastructure needed to support online education through schemes such as eBasta, SWAYAM and Digital India has also propelled the popularity of elearning in India.


Online education in India is a lot more affordable than conventional education programs. It also helps in cutting costs for students in small towns and villages by eliminating the need to travel to a bigger city and bear the expenses of accommodation, food and other logistics. Thus, currently, UnfoldU bring education right into the homes for many Indians.

Unfoldu Features

Assessment Tools

UnfoldU online quizzes and tests help students pinpoint areas of improvement, based on the subject or their skill. Our assessment tools can help learners gain extra practice outside of their normal class work or ongoing projects, thus we add value and quality to the existing educational system.

Online Communities

In a traditional school situation, students would gather at the campus library or coffee shop to review class notes or collaborate with students. UnfoldU online platform leans heavily on individual learning through online forums and communities.

Social Engagement

Over the years, email has yielded to social media platforms in terms of digital connection and communication. Now, sending important messages and ensuring users receive those
messages has become difficult for traditional educational institutions. UnfoldU social engagement tools like direct messages and inbuilt chat capabilities can help disperse announcements and get feedback from the students instantly.

Live Feedback

Learning independently can leave many students feeling disconnected as they move through their coursework. UnfoldU facilitate online interaction with in-house teachers, mentors, and other students which enhances confidence and helps students better understand their current assignments.




Harish Kumar Bajaj, Chairman

Neeru Arora, Director

Priyanka Soni, Chartered Accountant (CFO)

Ms Aruna, International Business Analyst

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