Vaulthill Metaverse Review : Read Our Review Before Try

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About Vault Hill City

Vault Hill City vision is to revolutionise extended reality so that it enhances the human experience. They want to transform how people engage with XR. Instead of making us feel less human and less connected, XR technology can be used to make us feel more human, more in tune with our emotions, and ultimately more alive.

The mission is to create a constructive metaverse that focuses on the basic human instincts which allow for users, content creators and developers to explore their unrestricted creative freedom whilst monetising their creation in a secure ecosystem.


Project NameVault Hill City
Type Metaverse
CountryUnited Kingdom
Project industryGaming & VR
Official Website UrlClick Here To Visit

How to start playing Vault Hill City?

The Vault Hill City game runs on the blockchain, so that we will need a crypto wallet like Metamask. Next, on the game website, click “Connect” and connect through any of the proposed wallets:

Registration is completed, but the game can not be played yet. However, you can start interacting with the NFT market and DeFi platform immediately!

Project Team

Vaulthill Metaverse Review : Read Our Review Before Try

The values we live by

At Vault Hill, they are intentional and committed to our values to bring out the best in people.


They are passionate about enhancing the human experience through our products and services


Bringing the best creative solutions to problems, thinking outside the box at all times


Building and placing trust are at the centre of our relationships with our employees, investors and community

How Vault Hill City Works?

In Vault Hill City, users can explore the virtual world, build edifices, play games, and interact with other users. Vault Hill City will have the 1st virtual world with urban planning and development benefits to ensure users build on their lands respectfully.

Explore VR at Vault Hill City

Bring your imagination to life with fully immersive VR simulations that showcase our humanity and enable to visualise creativity.

Explore AR at Vault Hill City

Project your creativity onto the real world with AR capabilities. The added functionality to create a URL to showcase this on any AR enabled smart phone is one that makes your products or services stand out during a sales pitch.


The info center

This is the location of the interactive map hologram. There are seven districts, and each district has its own distinct color. Each color represents a crucial human instinct.


With the teleport function, you can travel to the seven districts of VHC. Currently, you can only visit a sub-island. All the islands are V-shaped.

NFT galleries

There are three galleries. They build each on a different land type. They are Organic-, Minimal-, and Warehouse gallery. Among others, they host exclusive NFT drops. Their motto is that you not only get to own NFTs, but you also experience them.

Amrita Sethi’s CrystalBYTEs meditation space.

This is an outstanding landmark. An oasis of calm with a relaxing atmosphere. You can join mindfulness sessions. See the picture below.

VHC Token use case

Means of exchange

Pay for NFTs, and services in the metaverse using the VHC token and get a discount

Reward token

Content creators will be rewarded in VHC tokens as they contribute to the development of the metaverse


VHC token holders get to decide on the policies and direction of the metaverse, such as, issues on modification of land sizes, and marketplace fees

Vault Hill Roadmap

1 Q1 2021

  • Project Inception
  • Project Definition

2 Q2 2021

  • Company Registered
  • Trademark filled

Q3 2021

  • Website complete
  • Whitepaper published
  • Smart contract developed and audited
  • The first round of funding

4 Q4 2021

  • Smart contract deployed on ETH mainet and bridged to Polygon
  • Technology Stack Build
  • Private Funding rounds Partnerships

5 Q1 2022

  • Token Generation Event
  • $VHC Staking implemented
  • VHC Marketplace development
  • Exchange Listings
  • Initial Land Offering — Presale

6 Q2 2022

  • VLAND Auction — Phase 1
  • Virtual Reality implemented in VHC — Beta version
  • Augmented Reality implemented in VHC — Beta version

7 Q4 2022

  • Launch — Full platform release
  • DAO implemented


Vault Hill just launched its first glimpse into their metaverse. Moreover, you can be part of the first and exclusive access to their metaverse. Discover and report and help to improve the experience. Explore their Vault Hill City. Enjoy the first human-centric metaverse. J Access. Join us for $99 per month now.


Vault Hill City - Metaverse Early Access
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