Venezuela will issue passports for the national cryptocurrency

by Coinworldstory

According to the vice-president of Venezuela, Delsi Rodriguez, in the country they will accept “petro” as a fee for issuing passports from November this year.

“Starting from November 1, you will have to pay for a passport in Petro, the issuance of a new passport will cost two Petro, and one Petro will be renewed,” Rodriguez told reporters.

The cost of a new passport to Venezuelan Venezuela  citizens, who are currently abroad, will cost $ 200 until November 1, and a passport extension of $ 100.

Recall, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro equated the cost of one “petro” to the price of a barrel of Venezuelan oil – to $ 60. From October 1, “Petro” was released for payments to the international arena .

It is planned that from November 5, the internal cryptocurrency will be sold for sovereign bolivars.

The government of Venezuela on August 20 began a denomination in the country. In the course of it, five zeros were removed from the banknotes and a new currency, a sovereign bolivar, was tied to Petro.

From September 1, the minimum wage in the country was raised tenfold: up to 1.8 thousand sovereign Bolivars (180 million at the old rate) or 0.5 Petro.

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