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PR Newswire has recently reported that an agreement has been reached between Linh Thanh Group and KRONN Ventures AG to open the first fully authorized cryptocurrency exchange in Vietnam.

The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the opening of exchange within Vietnam. They have also obtained a license for the exchange and this will make it the first authorized and regulated exchange within the nation.

A statement from the Linh Thanh Group said that they believe that partnering with KRONN will lead to the creation of a world-class exchange. This occurs after KRONN formed a consortium with financial committees from Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Ultimately, Vietnam was the first to offer the means to build an international cabling system using Blockchain.

This represents a great step forward for both Vietnam and cryptocurrencies. It seems that this exchange can come with its own native cryptocurrency, and if so, perhaps an exciting new player will enter the market.

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