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VIMee ICO Review : VIMee is a social network being developed


About VIMee 

VIMee is a social network being developed on the Waves high speed blockchain platform that supports community and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. VIMee combines the simplicity of centralized social media, with the security of decentralization, and the flexibility that cryptocurrency brings.

Basic Information

Token Name VIMee
Token Symbol VIMX
Social Media VIMee ICO Review : VIMee is a social network being developedVIMee ICO Review : VIMee is a social network being developedVIMee ICO Review : VIMee is a social network being developed
Hard cap 54,000 ETH
Accepting ETH, BTC, WAVES
Platform Waves
Country Indonesia
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Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


Decentralization is the future of the internet. VIMee mission is to help smoothen the migration process of re-privatizing user data, providing users the opportunity to monetize their own content, protecting the right for freedom of expression and whilst providing a lucrative cooperation reward system based on content quality and popularity. All packaged within the Islamic laws of Shariah.


Finding sustainable solutions to declining organic reach.Organic engagements are becoming less and less attractive to the average user. BuzzSumo’s analysis of 880 million posts found, “the average video post in April 2017 reached 12.05% of the total page audience, just ahead of photos at 11.63%, links at 7.81%, and status updates at only 4.56%.”One major challenge of realizing decentralized online social networking is its adoption by users.



Social networks earn money by the amount of active users they have through advertisements. the more active users there are, the more view the advertisement gets, the more money social networks earn. Through VIMee lucrative cooperation protocol, users earn money by using the platform in the form of VIMX tokens. All revenues raised will be split with the users. Users are also given the opportunity to monetize their own content, the higher quality of content uploaded will attract a higher audience hence attracting P2P advertising and sposorships.


Give da’wah, share knowledge, help others learn about the true Islam. A network where everyone can learn.Community moderation is VIMee’s way of handing content control with our users. Freedom of expression also presents the possibility of offensive.The way community moderation will be implemented is, when such content does appear users can down vote the content. When 100 down votes are given, VIMee will automatically send out a petition to all users who can vote whether the material is against the communities code of conduct or not. In order for the content to be deleted, the petition must raise more than 50% votes in favor of deleting.


The growth of social media users over a 12 month period reached 23% or 24 million new users which puts Indonesia in 3rd place behind Saudi Arabia and India. The number of active facebook users in Indonesia is also the 4th largest in the world. With a social media
consuming market this large especially with first hand knowledge on the market
characteristics, VIMee will be able to secure a large fanatic community within the first 12 months. Indonesian culture also has a large influence within the South East Asia region
especially in Malaysia and Singapore which will help us expand in the following years.


The VIMX token is a utility token launched on the Waves platform and is listed on the
WavesDEX exchange which will insure liquidity for all VIMX holders, an issue largely
addressed by investors who purchase ERC20 tokens during ICO’s but never see their tokens listed on exchanges. The WavesDEX is built directly into the platform which enables VIMX token holders to trade without having to transfer their funds to a third party exchange, eliminating large transfer fees.

Business model

Connecting with VIMee users through existing social media. Providing questionnaires and conducting surveys regarding their interest. Also speaking with them in an open forum to tell them about VIMee ideas and our project. This will generate feedback which VIMee will use to tailor VIMee. Utilizing centralized social networks to broadcast VIMee project to the general public. Upload quality content daily which will drive users to follow our account and support VIMee development. Developing multimedia to promote VIMee and what makes it different.


Adi Hermanto FOUNDER & CEO
Hariansyah CCO
Andress Yogiarius H. CLO

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