W12 Ico Review : Full transparency. More trust. Fewer risks.

About W12

W12 Despite the fact that the ICO market is growing so rapidly today, there is still no easy way to buy tokens
at the ICO stage of a project without significant risks for the investor. At the same time, the cost of raising
funds for projects is increasing; considerable costs goes to the marketing, consultants, and technical
assistance of ICO conducting, which has a high negative impact on their implementation.

One of the main ideas blockchain philosophy is based upon is that of the establishment of trust
between entities through smart contracts and of intermediary elimination. However, the relationship
between ICO projects and investors is still not exactly the kind.

W12 set out to create a blockchain-based infrastructural solution for the decentralization of capital around
the world. The W12 technology would create trusting conditions between projects and investors, would
not skip projects but increase profitability, reduce risks for investors and provide an opportunity for
thousands of gifted entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world to realise their projects.

Basic Information

Token Name W12
Token Symbol W12
Social Media W12 Ico Review : Full transparency. More trust. Fewer risks.W12 Ico Review : Full transparency. More trust. Fewer risks.W12 Ico Review : Full transparency. More trust. Fewer risks.
Token Price 0,000315 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Token Supply 10,000,000,000
Hard Cap 80 million W12 tokens
Amount Fees 25,000 ETH
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

How it works

  1. The project creates its road map on the W12 platform, and sets the settings for the number and % of funds required for each stage.
  2. The project releases its simple ICO tokens on the W12 platform or transfers part of the emission of its simple ICO tokens to be released independently via the smart contract of the W12 platform.
  3. The W12 blockchain protocol issues secured project tokens in equal number to the amount of simple ICO tokens it has received.
  4. W12 platform users can buy secured tokens of ICO projects they like. All secured ICO tokens are backed by token buyer funds.
  5. All funds raised are locked-up in a smart contract and will be released to the project only following the decision of token buyers once it has completed its road map milestones.
  6. After purchasing secured ICO project tokens, the user can:
    • exchange them for simple ICO project tokens via the W12 token-changer and sell them on the listed exchange
    • receive a refund if the project fails to reach any of its road map milestones, or if the token price drops lower than its ICO level.

What problems do we solve?

  • Scams
  • Losing funds due to the huge amount of failed ICO projects

81% of ICO projects are scams and only 3.8% of all ICO projects are successful. Drawing a parallel with the ICO market size, this totals more than 4 billion dollars of lost funds that could be saved and invested into growing projects.

W12 token utility

  • The W12 token is used for storage of funds raised by projects on the platform
  • Projects independently choose which cryptocurrency raised funds will be stored in. The more W12 tokens used to store funds the lower the platform commission the project pays. By offering a high proportion of secured tokens, projects have a better chance of raising their required funds due to the security they offer to their investors.

    The W12 token can be used for storage of funds raised in any cryptocurrency, as our platform automatically uses exchanges to convert any accepted cryptocurrency into W12 tokens. For example; If token buyers send 40% Ether, 30% Bitcoin and 30% Litecoin, but the project wants their funds secured as 20% Ether, 40% Bitcoin and 40% W12 tokens, then our system will automatically convert these funds using an exchange. The more secured tokens sold on our platform, the more W12 tokens will be purchased from exchange for storage of these funds.

Advantages of participating in the W12 ICO

By purchasing W12 tokens at the ICO stage you get access to tokens of hundreds of other ICO projects for free By purchasing W12 tokens during our ICO you receive a premium account for free, granting you access to hundreds of other projects that launch their ICOs on the W12 platform. In addition to this, 50% of token commission received from each applicable ICO will be distributed to premium account holders. Premium accounts will be valid for 2 years. After 2 years, renewal is possible.

W12 mission

W12 is to minimize risks and increase the profitability of investing in projects at the initial
stage globally. In its turn, the W12 platform provides projects with the opportunity of raising funds at no
costs and without special technical expertise by creating an environment for projects in which the path
from an idea to a profitable business would be as short as possible.

W12 vision

W12 vision is to become the most significant global platform that would change the established
centralized project fundraising ways limited to geographical and political frameworks and would give
private investors access to the creation of projects based on the new millennium digital economy and
to the building of a global future.

Key W12 advantages

Enhances early-stage project investment yield more than tenfold through the purchase of
– tokens and reduces risks for investors.
– Refunds up to 95% of funds invested in unrealized project to investors.
– Provides the possibility of limiting the sale of tokens by early-stage investors on exchanges
– immediately after an ICO to prevent token price drops (when the project activates the Token Hold function)
– Simplifies the private investors’ choice of projects and the transfer of funds to trust management                      professionals.
– Allows projects to quickly attract financing without initial costs or any special technical expertise.
– Creates infrastructure for the decentralization of capital and establishes a new standard for safe investment    in projects.

A new generation of protected tokens

Less risks

All funds received from the sale of project tokens on the W12 platform are locked up in a smart contract, and the project only gets access to them after executing the milestones from the road map. This model is not suitable for scam projects as these will want access to all received funds immediately.

More trust

The W12 blockchain protocol issues a new generation of secured tokens for each project. The ICO project tokens released by the W12 protocol are backed by funds provided by token buyers. These tokens are easily convertible to simple ICO project tokens or to unspent investment funds at the time of each project’s milestones.

Full transparency

The amount of secured project tokens in circulation always matches our reserves of the simple ICO project tokens. Our code is open source, so you can always use etherscan or any other tools to check the correlation between the amount of backed tokens to simple ICO project tokens.

Advantages for projects

Fully automated

All smart contracts on the W12 platform are fully automated. The deployment of a smart contract and the release of a new token does not require any specialist technical knowledge from the project.

No initial costs

Fundraising for projects through backed W-tokens has no initial costs. The number of W12 tokens consumed as fuel for the whole W12 ecosystem will be reduced as more W12 tokens are used in the reserve of each backed token.

Any source of funds

Projects can issue secured W-tokens for a full fundraising campaign or use them as an additional source of funds, and attract the remaining funds in any other way. No matter what the project chooses, the amount of W-tokens is always equal the amount of simple project tokens in W12 reserve.


Oleg Sharpatiy COO & Founder
Andrey Granovskiy CEO & Founder
Michael Korneev CTO
David Kuhl Business Development 
Aleksandr Tikhonov Head of marketing
Ibrahim Tletseri Art director
Nelly Pankovichenko IR and business development
Margarita Trifonova Head of ICO projects 

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