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About Wai Lana Yoga Affiliate Program

Join the Wai Lana Yoga Affiliate Program and earn a generous commission rate of 15% on all sales generated through your website. They world-renowned television series airs on five continents around the world, including nationally in the U.S. on PBS, cable, and satellite. Wai Lana excels at making the ancient art of yoga an easy, effective, and life-enhancing experience for anyone who practices along with her. For nearly forty years, Wai Lana has introduced countless people to yoga, helping people of all ages—and from all walks of life—improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Her “Wai Lana Yoga” TV series continues to attract a huge audience and has played a key role in helping ignite yoga’s mainstream popularity in the United States and around the world. Having aired nationwide for over 18 years, it is the longest-running fitness series ever on public television. The show has also aired internationally on five continents including North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Having produced and hosted nearly two hundred half-hour television programs of yoga instruction, Wai Lana is one of the most well-known yoga teachers in the world today.

Key Points Of Wai Lana Yoga Affiliate Program

AffiliateKey Points
Affiliate Program TypeWai Lana Yoga Affiliate Program
Commission15% commission on each sale
Min Payment$50
Payment MethodCheck, ACH (Direct Deposit)
Official WebsiteHomepage

How To Join Eden Wai Lana Yoga Affiliate Program

Join Eden Fantasys Affiliate Program Is Very Easy Task Just Follow Below Guidelines .

  • First Visit Wai Lana Yoga Affiliate Program Affiliate Program Pages .
  • Click On Join Or Sign Up Button On Website .
  • Fill All Necessary Details Like Your Name , Email , Etc . Fill All Data Correctly .
  • Next Submit Forms .
  • Once You Approved ByWai Lana Yoga Team You Can Now Login To Your Account And Click On Affiliate Option On Website .
  • Now It Is Time To Create and Share your referral links
  • When someone signs up or registers an account on Wai Lana Yoga with your referral link, you can get up to 50% commission every time they complete a trade. So hurry up, join the program now.

Wai Lana Affiliate Program

Take Advantage of Yoga’s Booming Popularity!

  • According to a recent Wall Street Journal survey, 23% of Americans do meditation, yoga, or some other form of stress-reducing practice.
  • Yoga is gaining tremendous media attention. It was recently the subject of a full episode of Oprah and featured in a 10-page cover article in Time.
  • According to the Time article, 75% of all health clubs are now offering yoga classes and tens of millions of Americans are practicing yoga.

Enhance Your Site

  • Link to Wai Lana Yoga, home of the world’s most watched and loved yoga TV series, featuring yoga’s #1 teacher and set in the world’s most majestic locations.
  • Offer your visitors beautifully produced, award-winning yoga videos and music. She also delivers the web’s largest selection of yoga mats, props,and accessories, along with a charming line of children’s yoga products and an array of top-quality Pilates Yoga products.
  • Further enhance your visitors’ online experience by giving them access to Wai Lana’s online Meditation, Relaxation Club, tips on yoga lifestyle, and vast selection of delicious, healthy recipes.

Partner With the World’s #1 Yoga Teacher

  • Wai Lana’s world-renowned television series airs on five continents around the world, including nationally in the U.S. on PBS, cable, and satellite. 
  • They extensive national promotional campaign continues to increase the demand for Wai Lana Yoga products.
  • Theyare very happy to offer you a generous commission rate of 15% on all Wai Lana Yoga sales generated through your website. 

They partnership with allows you to easily become an affiliate partner. We’ll contact you once we’ve reviewed and approved your site to join affiliate network. At that time, you’ll be given access to a large variety of links that you can add to your site, enabling you to begin earning commissions. If you have any questions about program or would like more information, please email us at

Wai Lana Products

As a world-renowned yoga teacher, Wai Lana has been making good health easy and accessible to all, for the last two decades, with her TV series, Wai Lana Yoga. She also has a complete line of yoga and fitness products, natural health and beauty products, and a line of gluten-free snacks:

Gluten-Free Snacks

Wai Lana’s offers a wide range of gluten-free chips, including her Cassava Chips; Purple Sweet Potato, Yellow Sweet Potato, and Mixed Roots Chips; and Chia and Turmeric Cheese Superfood Chips.

Super Fruits

Wai Lana’s goji and noni juices are 100% natural, made from fresh berries and fruits, and contain no artificial preservatives or fillers. She also offers mangosteen, pomegranate, and acai super fruits in powder or capsules.

Yoga DVDs

Wai Lana’s yoga exercise DVDs, including her new Yoga for Everyone Series, are a convenient and inspiring way to practice yoga in the comfort of your home. The Easy Yoga Series and Hello Fitness Series are available around the world in different languages. A fourth series, Fun Challenge, targets intermediate and more advanced levels.

Music CDs

The soundtracks from Wai Lana’s yoga DVDs feature songs from her Yoga Music of the Heart and Yoga Sound albums. Wai Lana also recently released her Yoga Nidra CD, which guides you through this ancient technique for reaching a deeply restful state.


Wai Lana’s Easy Meditation for Everyone kit teaches ten different methods of Yoga Sound Meditation™ to help people experience refuge from the stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, emptiness, and other aspects of life that can overwhelm us.

Yoga Pilates and Gear

Wai Lana’s exercise products continue to impress with their quality, durability, and fashionable designs. Whether it’s a cushy Yoga & Pilates Mat or a body-sculpting exercise ball, Wai Lana is firm in her goal to bring people the best quality for the best prices.

Wai Lana Green

The eco-friendly Wai Lana Green line is made from all-natural, ecologically sustainable materials, giving people products that are good for them and for the planet too. Her Green line includes yoga mats, bamboo towels, and organic cotton straps and totes, as well as cork and bamboo blocks.


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