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What Is 3quality?

3QualiTy is a fintech company that offers an easy solution to charitable giving. Through our digital token, 3QT, and philosophy ‘Every Human is Equal,’ charity and cryptocurrency go hand in hand. After carefully examining the disadvantages of popular tokens, 3qualiTy thought it was best to build platform in a way that holders are not acted by high transactional fees. After long comparison we chose BEP20 which has its unique characteristics of fast transactions and low transactional fees.

3QualiTy Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin Name3QualiTy
Short Name
Total SupplyNA
Max SupplyN/A
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To help those who really need help no matter the person’s color, class or belief system without bias by securing the interface between charity and decentralized ledger technology. This equitable and transparent approach oxers a fair opportunity in life by providing the tools necessary to restore independence, mental wellness and dignity.


3QualiTy Vision is a future where persons can live their lives without judgment or discrimination.. Where charities are held accountable. Where no person is held at a higher status than another. Where charitable donors feel secure knowing their contributions reach the intended recipients.


Every human is equal and no one should be seen as more important than the other. All actions by team members in company roles must be transparent.
No one person within 3QualiTy should make important decisions alone. All must be discussed and agreed upon.

Team Tokens

Team Tokens will be 10% of the total supply. This allocation will go towards long term executive team members brought on board. All team members who are receiving team tokens, will receive a designated amount of tokens each month toward their contracted total amount. This is designed so that if a team member loses focus on the project and decides to sell, they can only sell that allotted amount.

Executive team members will not receive big bags all at once so as to avoid causing a negative impact on the project. If a team member steps down from a position, the team member automatically forfeits their remaining allocation. Only the tokens the team member has earned for services rendered are available for that individual to sell.

How does 3QualiTy intend to make money for charitable causes?

Donations are a result of implemented fees, open donations and 15 percent of all company profits.

Team Members

3QualiTy Team members receiving monthly allocations will be allowed to sell what they received because it will be considered earned income but, that person will be required to sell at current market price or higher once putting in a sell order. If the team member does not follow these protocols this will lead to penalties such as forfeit of the next month disbursement and even termination from the team after careful considerations and community input. No team member should ever be responsible for the reduction of the project’s price. All team wallets will be made public.

How does 3QualiTy intend to control fraud within the Charity side of the project?

To ensure that all Charity organizations do not have fraudulent transactions, all sitting members on the board will receive a notification when any funds are moved. Any time there is an initiation of a transaction from the Charity organization wallet such as ABCDE Charity, a series of questions must be answered. When answered and submitted it will require the approval of a set number of board members. No one person can complete a transaction. After approval by the specie number of board members, all parties added to the approve

How can they secure platform?

They intend to use Fireblocks digital asset custody, transfer and settlement platform to manage treasury operations, access DeFi, burn tokens, and manage digital asset operations. From a management position no one person will have full access to the platform. Many automated algorithms will be put in place as it relates to the disbursement of digital assets from the Fireblocks platform. The movement of any assets requires more than one digital signature. From the token holder side, protection of all private keys will be the responsibility of the token holder.

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