What Is Proof Of Memes( ETH2.0)? Complete Guide & Review About Proof Of Memes

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What Is Proof Of Memes( ETH2.0)?

Proof of Memes is here to take over the defi world. The stealth launch on the ETH chain will provide us with the funding to accomplish the impossible. Unlike predecessors, they are willing to acknowledge ETH volume is driven by a society of degens. With this being said, we are going to launch an ETH POW fork in order to maintain decentralized balance.

They will airdrop every major memecoin holder coins once we launch blockchain. Smaller memecoin communities can also request an airdrop. Additionally, they will create an ecosystem of safe in-house tools to drive degen society in a positive direction. The success is limitless with combined power. Rally all troops, and let the merge begin!

Proof Of Memes Storage Key Points

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameProof Of Memes
Short NameETH2.0
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000
Max Supply1,000,000,000,000
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They Power Of Memes

Internet memes have the power to make us laugh, shock and surprise us, and even spark social movements affecting political elections. A successful meme by definition is easily read and understood. When you can look at an image and read a couple lines of text that points out something you know is true, you can quickly recognize how memes are an incredibly powerful form of human communication in the internet age

Memes offer high efficiency of communication and economy of words. In simple terms, a meme is the ultimate way to communicate in the digital age. Memecoins add a financial aspect to the viral spread of memes. To this point, Memecoins are considered the upstart challengers to more serious utility based cryptocurrency projects. Even with massive market capitalizations,

Memecoin developers are developing around the limitations of existing blockchains rather than building on a blockchain which was created for the specific purpose of growing and supporting innovation in the Memecoin space. Proof Of Memes is the dedicated ETH forked Blockchain ecosystem designed with the mission to be the dedicated Proof Of Work Memecoin Blockchain

Memes Token

Proof Of Memes token, (ETH2.0), was launched on the Ethereum Network with the goal ofbecoming the governance token for the layer 1 blockchain of memecoins. Using specific functions of the Uniswap protocol, the project development team is able to crowdfund both the development and marketing funds required to build and expand the POM blockchain(POMCHAIN). Despite being the largest Memecoin by market cap, Dogecoin is not programmable and does not allow developers to build directly upon Doge. Proof Of Memes addresses this head-on by taking a new approach: building a new Blockchain ecosystem as the base layer upon which all Memecoins can not only launch and develop on, but reach new heights yet unseen on the ETH or BSC network.

Soon after the launch of ETH2.0 it quickly became evident that the incredible momentum seen in the Proof Of Memes community was a clear demonstration of the massive gap in the market of blockchains waiting to be addressed, which was correctly identified by the team. Early adopters of Proof Of Memes will earn a major stake in this new blockchain by buying the ETH2.0 token, a much different situation to the Venture Capital and whale-investor dominated ETH and BSC chains

POM Blockchain

Proof of Memes is a purpose-built Blockchain based on supporting projects, developers and traders in the Memecoin space. Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are the dominant chains for Memecoins currently, however both of these options have significant weaknesses for developers of Memecoin projects. POMCHAIN is the layer 1 ETH fork to address these shortcomings head on, with a target of total capture of the trading volume for Memecoins

Proof Of Memes will build out an entire ecosystem of utilities and tools including the POM Blockchain, (POMCHAIN) the POMSWAP DEX, and the Memescan.io Block Explorer. In a later phase of the project, additional developments will include a launchpad, a liquidity locker, a wallet analyzer and much more

With the ETH POS merge and transition away from Proof Of Stake Ethereum is no longer able to be mined, leaving another massive market opportunity for the Proof Of Memes Blockchain ecosystem. POM will fork to the version of ETH prior to EIP-1599, the most mining friendly iteration of Ethereum. The ETH2.0 token on the ETH network is the governance token for POM token (to be available for trading exclusively on POMCHAIN). ETH2.0 will continue trading on the ETH network even after POMCHAIN is live, and will become fully deflationary as the Proof Of Memes suite of utilities will collect fees which will then be burned on ETH2.0


Once POMCHAIN funding is finalized, ETH2.0 will move to a new phase of utility. ETH2.0 will continue to fund development of in-house utility products on the Proof Of Memes Blockchain. These products will produce a deflationary effect on the POM coin on POMCHAIN as well as the ETH2.0 token on the ETH chain. Microtransaction fees on products offered such as decentralized swaps or liquidity lockers will also burn small amounts of POM coins.

Development of in-house products will be determined and directed by the ETH2.0 community of traders and developers through governance. POMCHAIN prides itself on becoming the dominant blockchain for memecoins, and the ultimate way to achieve this goal is by listening to the needs of our community of founders and the expanding network of POMCHAIN developer

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