WolfBot Affiliate Program Review: 20% – 30% Recurring Commission on Each sale

by Cws Team

About WolfBot Affiliate Program

WolfBot Affiliate Program is an automated cryptocurrency trading software for over algorithmic trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Join affiliate program and get up to 30% commission from your affiliate users for a lifetime. As long as the user renews his subscription you will be credited your (current) monthly affiliate rate again.

Key Points Of WolfBot Affiliate Program

AffiliateKey Points
Affiliate Program TypeWolfBot Affiliate Program
Commission20% – 30% recurring commission on each sale
Min Payment$50
Payment MethodBitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Official WebsiteHomepage

Affiliate Program For Webmaster

They offer an affiliate program to all users (worldwide). The top features of our affiliate program include:

Recurring referrals

Build your passive income to profit from your affiliate users for a lifetime. As long as the user renews his subscription you will be credited your (current) monthly affiliate rate again.

Tiered bonus Rates

Earn more the more users you referrer to WolfBot. Your bonus rate in % will increase at certain tiers (see the table below). The bonus tier starts at 0 referrals on the 1st of every month.

Monthly payouts

You will receive monthly payouts in BTC, BCH or ETH. Payouts are done between the 2nd and 5th every month and include all referrals from 2 months ago (30+ days old). This is to allow for chargebacks of some payment providers and prevent abuse of our affiliate program. The minimum payout threshold is 50$. If you don’t reach that threshold your total affiliate balance will be available for withdrawal the first month you reach it.

To join affiliate program:

  1. register an affiliate account
  2. contact with your idea how to promote WolfBot to activate your affiliate account

The tiered bonus rates have 3 levels:

Number of Referrals this monthAffiliate rate (commission) in %
0 – 9920%
100 – 19925%

Simple earnings example:

A WolfBot Subscription costs:
90$ per month
700$ per year

Within a month you refer 130 subscribers for a monthly subscription, then 10 subscribers for an annually subscription and 20 monthly subscriptions you referred to us last moth get renewed. So your income for this month then is:

100 x 90$ x 0.2 + 30 x 90$ x 0.25 + 10 x 700$ x 0.25 + 20 x 90 x 0.25 = 4,675$


Automated 24/7 trading

Unlike stocks/forex markets, crypto currency markets never close. Crypto trading happens 24/7. That’s why as a successful trader you should always watch the markets. With WolfBot you are always ready to buy at at a sudden dip in price or sell your position if the market changes rapidly.


WolfBot runs entirely in the cloud on our servers. No installation on your system is needed, no configuration, no maintenance, no updates.
Just add your desired trading strategies and let WolfBot trade for you 24/7.


You can test & optimize your trading ideas (strategies) on historical trade data. Test different market conditions and timeframes extensively in simulation before putting your real money in.

Trade Analysis

WolfBot keeps automatic trade records (Trade Book) of all performed live trades. You can filter these records by date, currencies, and trading strategies to analyze the profitability of your trades. Records include reasons and technical indicator values why every trade happened as well as aggregated statistics such as break even price, average buy/sell prices, total amount of buy/sell trades and more.

Trade Notifications

Get instant notifications to your Smartphone app (Pushover) on every trade. Messages include profits/losses, technical indicator values and a reason/condition why the bot just performed this specific trade. Follow your trading in real time. You can always adjust your open positions by manual trading – it won’t interfere with WolfBot’s trading algorithms because it automatically synchronizes your portfolio with every exchange.


At the heart of WolfBot’s trading algorithm are strategies. They tell WolfBot when to buy and sell.


Plugins are additional web & social media data-feeds that provide information to strategies which coins are currently “hot” or “pumping” on the internet.

Multiple Trading Modes supported

WolfBot supports 3 trading modes:

  • Trading:  Buy and sell crypto currencies on exchanges. Leveraged trading (margin trading) and short-selling is also supported.
  • Arbitrage: Profit from price differences of a particular coin on 2 exchanges.
  • Lending: Lend your coins to margin traders on the exchange and earn interest.

Automatic Parameter optimization*

You can automatically find the best parameters for your chosen trading strategies using 2 methods:

  • Cartesian Product to find the best combination of parameters from within a specified range of parameters.
  • Genetic Algorithm to simulate an evolutionary process to find the best parameters to optimize your trading strategies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

WolfBot can make price predictions by using machine learning. You chose what data you to feed into the neural network for training (such as price points, technical indicators, number of social media posts,…) and WolfBot will train a model based on it. Afterwards you can run your AI strategy on the live market to profit from the patterns WolfBot recognized in your training data.

Simple fixed monthly pricing

WolfBot is available as a monthly subscription for a fixed price. There are no hidden fees or other charges based on your number of trades or the total capital you want to trade with.

Open Source

WolfBot is entirely open source. The source code is available here on Github. It is reviewed and tested by independent developers. Unlike some other crypto currency bots, we don’t make any unfounded claims about profits or certain “special” features. All features are documented in the source code for interested people to verify. We are an open community. Everybody can contribute.

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