Wpmudev Web Hosting Review: Build A Better WordPress Business

About Wpmudev

Wpmudev Hosting has much to offer. From top-quality support and user experience to impressive performance results, if you are looking for an all-in-one hosted WordPress platform, then WPMU DEV is well worth the price tag. WPMU Dev launched their first major plugin years ago. They became best-known for their multisite & network plugins.

WPMU DEV recently launched a dedicated WordPress hosting service. So, to ensure the readers are up to date with the hosting world, we decided to test this service out. Like with all the web hosting reviews, they conducted comprehensive tests of the WPMU DEV hosting service to determine if they deliver.

Wpmudev Hosting all-in-one WordPress platform – Optimize and manage multiple WP sites with our award-winning plugins, dedicated hosting, powerful site management tools, and 5-star support. Since 2006, WPMU DEV has been creating high-quality WordPress solutions – helping more than 900,000 developers, freelancers, site-owners, and agencies grow their WP businesses.

Some Quick Facts About Wpmudev Web Hosting

Flaunt7.comBasic Details
Hosting NameWpmudev
Price Start From15.83 Per Month
Speed543 ms
Money Back30 DAYS
Features99.99% Uptime Guaranteed, 24/7 Support, SSL Certificate
Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit

Choose Plan

At first glance, WPMU DEV’s pricing structure might seem quite complicated. However, we can clarify as we had to get in touch with support to understand how it works. So, the first month is free. You then have to pay $49 per month for membership. This membership gives you $30, which you can use for hosting. In other words, you can use the $30 to buy 3 sites, for example, in the Bronze category, or one site in the Silver category, or pay an additional $20 and get a site in the Gold category.

Wpmudev Web Hosting Review: Build A Better WordPress Business

Platform Quality & Performance

Wpmudev is already known for their high-quality plugins. They are also known for their high-quality WordPress support.

Their hosting product actually lives on Digital Ocean’s cloud infrastructure. Digital Ocean is one of the “name-brands” of cloud hosting along with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Between Wpmudev WordPress expertise and Digital Ocean’s performance, you really don’t have to worry about your website install. Here’s a speed test from the first, unoptimized install.

WPMU DEV’s All-In-One Platform Makes it Easy For Anyone

  1. Fast & Affordable Managed Hosting
  2. Professional White Label Client Portal
  3. Time-Saving Site Management Tools
  4. Award-Winning WP Plugins
  5. 24/7/365, 5-Star Support

WPMU Dev Fans & Multisite Owners

Wpmudev makes some super-useful and high-quality plugins. They use & love the Forminator Pro plugin on multiple websites. If you are already planning on using (and paying) for their plugins, their hosting product makes sense – if only because it’s already bundled.

Product Novelty & Company Structure

While WPMU Dev has been around as a plugin and theme maker for years, their hosting product is very new. They launched it in 2019, and still seem to be making changes to the product based on customer feedback.

In fact, their system of hosting credits is even more recent than the product itself. Since the company is originally a plugin maker, not a hosting company, They would expect a continued learning curve as they understand the market better.

Additionally, WPMU Dev as a company has been continually moving upmarket and up the pricing ladder in the past few years. My pricing has been grandfathered in thanks to a Black Friday deal several years ago ( pay $19/mo for my plugins). Hosting seems to have been paired with a push to the $49/month pricing tier.

Again, think the value is still there for many use cases but curious just how much further they will try to push the membership fee. Price increases and constant business model changes are part of any Internet business. But for a product like hosting where they just want it to work – and work for a long-time, it’s a bit disconcerting.

Time-Saving Site Management Tools

Optimize, secure, backup, and safely update unlimited WP sites from one dashboard.

Professional White Label Client Portal

Wpmudev Give your web design clients controlled access to your own sleek and fully white labeled client portal.

Fast & Affordable Managed WP Hosting

The fastest, easiest, best-supported, and most affordable WordPress hosting on the web – We tested it.

Powerful & Award-Winning WP Plugins

Over 2 million WP sites use our plugins to optimize site performance, security, SEO, and more.

24/7/365 Support For All Things WP

Wpmudev Get fast help with any WP issue from a dedicated and friendly support team that’s seen it all.

100% White Label & Reseller Ready 

White label and resell WPMU DEV’s entire platform (hosting, plugins, site management) – run your own WP SaaS business.

Integrations & Simplicity

Wpmudev has all the must-have plugins for WordPress taken care of. One of the biggest obstacles for running a self-hosted WordPress website is simply making everything work well together.

If you buy into WPMU Dev’s platform, all the plugins work together, which all work well on their hosting configuration.

You won’t have to worry about your SEO plugin conflicting with your backup plugin and both of them burning through your server limits.

Is WPMU DEV a Reliable Hosting Service?

It’s become standard to offer 99.99% uptime, but the question is whether they deliver on their promise. Of course, they tested it, though the test is relatively short since they’ve only launched their service recently.

Thus, they conducted a one-month test and found that they not only meet the average of 99.99% but exceed it. In fact, they were quite stunned to discover their uptime was 100%. Okay, it’s a new service and we’ve only had one month of data, so things might change. However, even for a new service, these figures are surprising.

Customer Support

Even though they do not have phone support…and their knowledgebase is still getting built out. They do have stellar chat & forum support.

Every interaction that had over the years has resulted in above & beyond support. All the support agents specialize in WordPress and have the actual developers who build the plugins on call.


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