Xiaomi and Anjia conduct the world’s first blockchain advertising to solve advertising fraud

yesterday, Xiaomi officially announced that its joint dairy brand Anchor (Anchor) opened the blockchain advertising “bridge plan”, relying on the accumulation of massive user image data on both sides, using blockchain technology to complete the chain Data exchange, an attempt to launch a blockchain data-driven brand advertisement, and in the future will try the chain tracking of the webmaster’s home and the game network advertising data.

The Proton Chain (PTT) team dedicated to data validation and collaboration, as the third-party chain data monitoring partner of advertisers, has recorded and confirmed the data of this advertisement.

It is understood that the placement of the blockchain advertisement is that Anjia DMP and Xiaomi will match the data and complete the matching and screening for the target population.

Anjia and Xiaomi cooperate to record digital virtual ID users through blockchain technology, which can improve the accuracy of data and understand the industry dynamics to ensure efficient and comprehensive coverage of advertising.

According to the official introduction, in the “bridge plan” of Xiaomi blockchain advertising, the encrypted data of advertisers can be matched on the blockchain, and the information of Xiaomi users is accumulated to save the scene data, which is very important in expanding business and consumer groups. An important role to mine more valuable data.

This launch utilizes the traceable and non-tamperable nature of blockchain technology, providing more practical evidence for solving industry problems such as advertising fraud, data validity and credibility. This cross-border cooperation also means that more and more blockchain technology companies are beginning to focus on how to bring real value to the real economy.

In fact, the layout of Xiaomi in the blockchain has already begun. In April 2017, Xiaomi first proposed the idea of “exploring the blockchain solution and proposing the industry to build a safe and transparent marketing ecosystem”, and it has been launched since then. Blockchain game “encrypted rabbit”; mobile phone maker Xiaomi put on an app called “Millet WiFi Chain”, which uses the popular blockchain technology to allow users to earn “rice” to redeem the corresponding prizes.

Not long ago, Xiaomi has released the first blockchain liquor, and Xiaomi has a strong flavor of white wine, the wine cellar official said that the new version of the small wine will be officially available in Xiaomi on July 23rd. The first product. The official said that this is the world’s first branded white wine with a dynamic laser anti-counterfeit label on the bottle cap, supporting blockchain traceability technology and dynamic image recognition technology.

In fact, in addition to the field of blockchain in Xiaomi, more large Internet companies have announced their entry into the blockchain industry, including NetEase, Qihoo 360, Storm, Huawei and HTC. And Ali, Tencent, Baidu and other companies involved in the Internet financial industry, the layout of the blockchain has been quietly launched.

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