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Xsure.io Ico Review: The decentralized insurance platform on the blockchain


About Xsure.io

Xsure.io insurance industry is rapidly approaching a singularity in which the traditional insurance market will be turned on its head. The insurance model is heavily regulated, slow to change, and uses outdated measuring tools to determine and assign appropriate risk. As a result of stagnation the industry as a whole produces a one-size-fits-all formula product which tends to not be competitive and only provide value to the end user if the worst happens. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence coupled with blockchain technology geared specifically to address the insurance industry, everything is set to change overnight. Insurance companies who are resistant to embracing this new technological change will find themselves in a very perilous condition. Xsure.io LTD has been incorporated in the UK at the beginning of 2018 and has the objective to develop insurtech products.

These will address the issue of transparency and time consuming operational cost of claims processing using artificial intelligence for the growing market of internet of things. Blockchain has emerged as a disruptive technology revolutionising the way in which companies think in term of identity, trust and currency. Xsure.io will analyse how the applications of this technology affects the future demand of custom created insurance pools , stressing the implications it has on it insurance and IoT industry.

Basic Information

Token NameXSR
Token Sale————–
Social MediaXsure.io Ico Review: The decentralized insurance platform on the blockchainXsure.io Ico Review: The decentralized insurance platform on the blockchainXsure.io Ico Review: The decentralized insurance platform on the blockchainXsure.io Ico Review: The decentralized insurance platform on the blockchainXsure.io Ico Review: The decentralized insurance platform on the blockchain
Token Price0.007 USD
Soft Cap1,062,000 USD
Hard Cap14,337,000 USD
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The world is not a zero-sum game. It is driven by the innovation of technology at a pace like never imagined before. With the distribution of knowledge in different areas of interest or industries, it is sometimes hard to keep up with the latest trends. The market discovers new technology, embraces it, and suddenly this new approach is the gold standard of an entire industry. Xsure.io looks to take the best pieces of the insurance industry and add a new layer of custom personalization and coverage never realized before.


Considering the accelerated evolution of AI and blockchain technologies Xsure.io will develop real-time intelligent instruments that allow insurance providers to offer a more nuanced and efficient way to communicate and build customer relations. This way, fundamental challenges, such as transparency, trust and speed, that traditional insurance companies are facing with, will be addressed. Xsure.io overall aim is to provide Xsure members with the appropriate insuretech protection that best suits their needs, and also empower actuaries to create and tailor novel insurance products.


Millennials and younger generations are rejecting Xsure.io concept of seeking insurance through local agents, and are seeking the cheapest rate for the most coverage online. In general this generation and those that come behind them see insurance as a necessary evil, doubt they will ever need it, and view it as a loss with no value. The average insurance policy is viewed as a straight cost with negative connotations by consumers. The value proposition for insurance typically focuses on being a safety net when bad things happen. As a result of this view, many consumers solely focus on getting the most coverage for the cheapest price and disregard all other factors.


Xsure.io insurance industry has hard times keeping up with most of the technological advancements the world has seen. This is probably most evident in the way protection offerings are designed and packaged. Instead of moving towards a fragmented offering, insurance providers still rely heavily on the full-protection type of policies. To embrace emerging technologies with the rest of the world, the insurance world needs to diversify their offerings and follow the lead of other industries using AI. The focus should be on pay-as-you-go fragmented micro insurance, as this will offer protection for a more extensive range of products and increase competition among providers.

Unregulated market

As technology is evolving at an accelerated pace, government is always trying to implement up to date policies that will protect not only people from new technologies, but also goods that might get damaged in the interaction with these new technologies. Because IoT and AI are in their infancies, clear legislation in this regard is expected. Even so, most of the press releases and updates seem to indicate that insurance will be a must-have requirement for all these autonomous or semi-autonomous technologies to operate in the world. As Xsure.io saw with Napster in the United States.

Privacy and the private blockchain

By leveraging existing smartphone sensor data and our ML algorithms, users real-world activities will be recorded in their own personal blockchain seamlessly. The Xsure.io app will record personal smartphone sensor data from the platform users and this will be placed privately on the blockchain. Spheres will be able to access personal Xsure data and adjust cost according to the historic data present in their private chain. As user data will be sent to the blockchain in real-time, this will be reflected in the in-sphere reputation that the user has. Performance within the Xsure ecosystem will be added to the personal blockchain as this will provide valuable metrics for future evaluations of insurance providers.

Business Benefits

Being over-regulated, Xsure.io insurance industry has not been able yet to explore the in depth applicability of marketing and dissemination instruments, having a limited insertion in terms of creativity. This component is most of the times placed into the hands of agents and brokers, considered the primary sales force of this industry. Even so, brokers are limited by government regulators in their attempt to sell insurance products, although their primary purpose is to find the best solutions for their end clients. In the same time marketing an insurance product that allows you to see the profitability rate only after the contract is finished, is itself a real challenge.

Token Distribution 

35%Token Sale
10%Growth Pool

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MembersCosmin Stamate – Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Marius Geru – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

George Huidumac – Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Alex Ciuperca – Blockchain Developer

Veronica Cucuiat – Platform Manager

Keimi Okamoto – Platform Developer

Cristina Ghinet – Creative Director

Noemi Tavitian – PR and Communication Strategist

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