Yanu Ico Review : Bringing Service Robots to Everyday Situations

About Yanu

Contemplating the Yanu enormous rise in automation, rising market share of service trade and the assorted problems with as they speak’s labour market, firm has determined to lean in and assist out companies by means of new and breakthrough options in service robotics. Behind the flamboyant design, there’s a tireless workforce of artificially clever robots designed to work with and for people.

The brand new Yanu bartending unit will assist You as a bar-owner serve extra purchasers, significantly quicker, with no errors and far decrease bills. As a buyer the advantages are apparent: moreover being cool to look at, Yanu bartender will always remember anybody, get your beverage executed in half a minute, talk with You thru an app, deal with You as VIP, if You pay in tokens from ICO and even act out as a private assistant of a form.

Basic Information

Name Yanu
Token symbol YNU
Social Media Yanu Ico Review : Meet our first service robotYanu Ico Review : Meet our first service robotYanu Ico Review : Meet our first service robot
1 YANU = 0.1 USD
Platform Ethereum
Language English
Restriction No Restriction
Bonus Available
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Benefits Of Yanu

  •  A leaner serving process
  • Reduction of manual work
  • Advanced safety
  • Increased ooperational availability
  • Increased security and limited errors
  • Decreased labor costs
  • Much higher productivity
  • 25% increase in weekly operation hours
  • Better quality of production
  • 10-15% less material loss
  • Lower rent fees because of the compact size

Token Use Cases

  1. Buy beverages from autonomous robot bartending unit with your YANU tokens.
  2. Buy YANU for your business (nightclub, public place, restaurant etc.) to attract more customers. Yes, you can pay with YANU.
  3. Trade YANU tokens on exchanges.
  4. Develop your own service robot on top of YANU network.
  5. Get considerable discounts on purchases and VIP status.

Yanu Business Model

Yanu sell, lease and maintain bar units

This offer is suitable for any client who already owns a venue and wishes to enhance its business but wants to obtain all the profit from our technology. They will set up a bar unit, train the employees to operate it and offer cloud-based service for maintenance. This model is suitable for clubs, bars, hotels, ships, movie theatres.

We sell beverages and operate our own units

This offer is suitable for a client who owns space that can be enriched with new possibilities, but who do not wish to engage in the everyday operation of the bar. They will set up bar unit in leased space, organize refill and cleaning and maintenance. They sell beverages directly to end clients. This model is suitable for shopping malls, airports, train stations, festivals areas, sporting venues, tourist attractions.

Yanu business philosophy

  • They think and work for long-term goals
  • Yanu risks are managed carefully.
  • Transparency in reporting for stakeholders.
  • They value team and want them to value goals.
  • They will follow plan through.


Many labor markets in high-income economies face structural changes (rising labor costs, a shortage of suitable
workers, etc.) caused by demographic and educational changes in communities nowadays. Therefore business owners are looking at ways to automate repetitive and redundant tasks. These problems are especially acute in the service sector, where personnel fluctuation and the lack of trained employees is almost overwhelming. The newest and most popular option being the implementation of customer-facing robots, which are meant to help or replace human workers who perform this kind of tasks. As customer-facing robots are being deployed by numerous businesses, some of the industry’s segments are falling behind in productivity and innovation due to the lack of economically viable service robots available.

The most remarkable benefits of robotic service units (RSUs) include1

A leaner serving process. Robotic precision ensures no accidental errors like false measuring. Reduction of manual work. As the robots only need regular maintenance and in most cases, no full-time employees are needed. Increased security. Complete automation rules out errors or intentional theft. Customer identification
algorithms can perform quick and accurate age verification. Decreased labor costs. In some cases near zero labor costs. Increased productivity. On an annual basis, the average output of one RSU equals the manual work of four full-time workers. 25% increase in weekly operating hours due to more flexible operating/run-time.
Increased quality. Machines offer consistent quality that can be tuned to satisfy. 10-15% less material loss on an annual basis due to improved (robotic) precision.

Token Economics

They token has built-in characteristics to increase demand and liquidity, limiting supply and providing downside

  • Demand for the token is created by discounts, which invite clients to purchase tokens from the open market and pay with tokens. ROBOLAB is offering up to 50% discounts on units.
  • 2% of the revenues worth of tokens will be burnt on each transaction thus decreasing the number of tokens
    in circulation constantly
  • Conversion rate for purchases is the initial ICO price (0.1 Euro) or the market value of the token (whichever is higher). This is downside protection. They investors can be sure that there is always a market for tokens since they offer real products.
  • Tokens are always usable in the Yanu robotic bars. You can always spend your tokens in bar for at least the initial ICO price. Tokens will always have the value for what you bought them at ICO.



Alan Adojaan CEO and marketing

Jan Graps Industrial Designer, Design team

Ken Ruut Industrial Designer, Design team

Alvo Aabloo CTO, Science Team Leader

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