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ZANGLL ICO Review : ZANGLL is the first decentralized P2P-platform


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ZANGLL is the first decentralized P2P-platform in the market of short-term vacation rentals that will only charge the transaction fee of 0,45%. ZANGLL will also offer a variety of other benefits: instant payments all over the world, use of smartcontracts, free property listing, honest ratings (inability to change or fabricate ratings), transparent system and the possibility of E-locks. All this will make ZANGLL the future No. 1 brand in the short-term rentals market.

Basic Information

Token NameZANGLL
Token Symbol=====
Social MediaZANGLL ICO Review : ZANGLL is the first decentralized P2P-platformZANGLL ICO Review : ZANGLL is the first decentralized P2P-platformZANGLL ICO Review : ZANGLL is the first decentralized P2P-platform
Token for sale=====
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In addition to function as a peer-to-peer marketplace for vacation rental booking, Zangll will offer a variety of other benefits, including instant international payments, smart contract creation, free property listings, honest rating systems built on immutable blockchain records, and the use of electronic smart locks.


The entire Zangll platform is based on the high-level Go language. Zangll also uses Internet of Things (IoT) devices (i.e. smart devices) to confirm all stages of transactions. Interactions in the rental transaction process occur directly between users without the participation of any intermediaries from Zangll. The blockchain and the smart contract are the intermediary.



Zangll connects lessors and lessees directly through a decentralized marketplace. The blockchain and smart contract replaces the intermediary, providing the same level of integrity and transparency with none of the high costs.Zangll charges a transaction fee of 0.45%, compared to service fees of 12% or higher on traditional booking platforms.The average Zangll transaction time is 5 seconds, compared to 3 banking days on conventional booking platforms.Zangll payments are made via escrow and smart contracts, with a full refund available if the deal fails.Zangll automates all processes involved with renting a vacation property online, including recruitment, automation, smart contract creation, and escrow.


Obviously, all property rental booking platforms need some type of dispute resolution system, and Zangll is no exception. The company plans to implement a four level dispute resolution scheme, with the first level involving dialog between the parties, the second level involving artificial intelligence systems, the third level using independent arbitrators, and the fourth level using a member of the Zangll team.


Zangll is selling ZNGL tokens through a token sale. That sale begins on November 29 at 17:00 UTC. Zangll is issuing a total of 200 million tokens at a price of $0.27 per ZNGL. They’re seeking to raise $30 million. Bonuses of up to 35% are available during the token sale, with bonuses available based on time – not the amount you’re purchasing. If you buy tokens during the first hour, for example, you’ll receive a 35% bonus. If you buy during the first 24 hours, your bonus is 30%.


Zangll is a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace where property owners can interact with renters in a frictionless way. The platform is built on smart contracts and the Ethereum blockchain for maximum security and transparency. Zangll takes a small cut (0.45%) of every transaction on the platform. Meanwhile, customers enjoy instant international payments, a secure dispute resolution process, and a number of other benefits.


Zangll claims to be creating the future of vacation rentals today. The platform is built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, where it functions as a decentralized service for short-term real estate rentals.Using the platform, vacation property owners can connect directly with renters without the use of intermediaries. Smart contracts and the blockchain are used to provide transparency and security throughout the transaction process.



Alex Rand Co-Founder
Rostislav Kishenkov Co-Founder
Vlad Pivovarov CEO

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