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Zeon Network ICO Review : World’s decentralized blockchain: platform of financial services


About Zeon Network

Zeon Network World’s decentralized blockchain: platform of financial services. Token is traded on TOP exchanges. Scaling in transaction rates to 100,000 tps (sharding), DApps, decentralized financial services. Plastic payment card Choose a GBP, EUR or USD card – or get all three! Free worldwide delivery Personal dashboard to control expanses and transfer tokens. No fees The card is now available for preorder. To get a card, you need to have a balance in dashboard at least $10 USD in tokens. You can spend this amount of tokens.

Basic Information

Token Name Zeon Network
Token Symbol ZEON
Social Media Zeon Network ICO Review : World's decentralized blockchain: platform of financial servicesZeon Network ICO Review : World's decentralized blockchain: platform of financial servicesZeon Network ICO Review : World's decentralized blockchain: platform of financial services
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD
Restricted countries United States of America
Platform Ethereum
Country Estonia
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage

ZEON Consensus

Proof of Stake 3.0 (PoS) requires nodes running wallet software proving that it has coins in the blockchain in order to verify a block of transactions. The participating nodes receive an amount of blocks proportional to their stake per set period as a form of reward. Master nodes are nodes running the same wallet software on the same blockchain to provide extra services to the network. These services include coin mixing for increased privacy of transactions, instant transactions and a decentralized governance that provides a decentralized budgeting system with immutable proposal and voting systems. Masternodes do provide a valuable service and should be rewarded for that service.


Promotes staking by increasing its reward payment portion when masternode count is high and thus maintaining a high level of network security. Profitability of masternode is kept higher than staking as long as the masternode count remains below the equilibrium threshold. Zeon Network future plan to make staking anonymously.The management system allows all participants to view the news, submit proposals, vote on proposals for the platform development, view their current status, vote on the proposals of the Hyperion oracle to increase or decrease the daily financing of projects.


Supply plus

On most coins, inflation is as simple as the existing supply plus coin emission. Most coins will pay transaction fees to their miners, which in turn incentivizes the miners to keep fees high. ZEON doesn’t need miners, so it simply burns fees out of the coin supply. This means the fees are kept at their absolute minimum and each burned fee actually causes some deflation. People are sensitive to the inflation rate of a coin because inflation represents the devaluation of your coin. Conversely, deflation would increase the value of your coins. This is all a function of supply and demand.


The ZEON Wallet is a secure wallet that allows to make deposits, exchange cryptocurrency, P2P transactions (the Mediator interface), as well as provides the ability to safely purchase the crypto/ICO projects, insurance and financial services and to trade on decentralized and centralized exchanges (the Trading interface). Smart and secure ZEON Wallet is able to record not only transaction numbers, but names and metadata (identifies the person, displays his photo or logo, other information). This will simplify the interface and make
it user-friendly. The ability to bind a public wallet unique name reduces the risk of an error.


The point of this solution is that the development team receives a certain, reasonable and fair amount of daily funding, which can gradually increase or decrease If the ICO token/coin has a stable growth on the exchange, the ZEON protocol increases the ICO project funding. If the value of the ICO token falls on the exchange or is generally lower than it was in the course of the crowdsale, then the ZEON protocol proportionally reduces the funding for the ICO developers. If the ICO token/coin disappears from all exchanges, the ZEON protocol initiates to close the ICO and return all ZEON tokens back to its users.


The formula for determining the amount of daily funding (W value) of the ICO team).
After the end of the ICO, the project team has a start balance (hereinafter Start_Balance), which is the total amount of the collected purchases (total amount of ZEON). According to the ICO roadmap, the team determines the total number of days (hereinafter Max_Period)
required for the development of the entire project. Usually it is 400 – 600 days. To determine the value of W the contract takes account the current date of the calendar.


The purpose of the system is the possibility for users to influence the process of spending the collected funds by a start-up. The protocol initiates voting only in of force majeure circumstances. The results of voting can reduce the amount of the “daily team funding” up to the possibility of a full refund of purchases to their owners (with the exception of funds that have already been spent). When the voting occurs, the system sends a notification to all users (via email, telegram, which they indicate when registering ZEON Wallet) about the beginning of the vote and its reason 24 hours before the start. Voting lasts 24 hours taking into account the time zone of the ICO.




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