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Ziggurat Token ICO Review : Ecex.Exchange Platform Is An Online Blockchain Technology


About Ziggurat Token

Ziggurat Token Platform is an online blockchain technology-based assignments (claim, receivables, factoring agreements, divestiture of claims etc.) exchange platform, which shall provide to the User: (i) opportunities to sell and buy assignments, claims, receivables, and mediate insurance contracts, (ii) various support services related to the selling and buying through the exchange, and give users exercise right realize their own requirements regarding claims, (iii) opportunities to ensure the safety of assignments and using Ziggurat cryptocurrency for internal payments.

Basic Information

Token Name Ziggurat Token
Token Symbol ZIG
Social Media Ziggurat Token ICO Review : Ecex.Exchange Platform is an online blockchain technologyZiggurat Token ICO Review : Ecex.Exchange Platform is an online blockchain technology
Accepting ETH
Restricted countries No restrictions
Token for sale 350,460,000 ZIG
Country Estonia
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Today financial services sector’s electronic trading environments do not offer possibilities
to trade with claims, invoices and factoring agreements(assignments, receivables).
Receivables market is mostly human trading. Electronic trading platforms for receivables,
like stock exchanges, do not exist. There are some entrepreneurs and startups, the trading
platforms are eBay-like online invoice trading and human-backed excel-based systems.
There are no direct connections to investors.


As all traders know, all markets function through leading brokerage firms and online
brokerage firms. All traders want to be close to possibilities that allow them to make fast
decisions and make actions directly, using market data and trading terminals.
PlanetZiggurat will spread all relevant trading data to leading brokerage firms and online
brokerage firms. We will make arrangements that will get the existing investor community
connected to the new assignment market.



PlanetZiggurat will start on the Estonian market due to the small size of the country as a
test market and relatively high level of IT development in the country. This will allow to
get a functional system up an running fast, have the system compatible with EU
regulations and use a small market as a test site for further development in order to be able upscale in full range and functionality at bigger markets at the right time.


The stock exchange in Estonia is very small. There are 50 000 trades per year, the
depository and market systems are designed for small volumes and are relatively cheap.
PlanetZiggurat knows the involved persons and companies and is planning to build its
systems with the same software and legal background. PlanetZigurrat has an arrangement with an advisory company g who will help to harmonize the system with legislation.


Typically a third-party is involved in a contract with the assignor, and the contract is in
effect transferred to the assignee. For example, a borrower borrows money from a local
bank. The local bank receives a and can thereafter transfer that note to a financial
institution in exchange for a lump-sum of cash, thereby assigning the right to receive
payment from the borrower to another entity. Mortgages and lending contracts are
relatively amenable to assignment since the lender’s duties are relatively limited; other
contracts which involve personal duties such as legal counsel may not be assignable.


The related concept of is not an assignment; rather than assigning only the rights to
another party, novation involves the replacement of the original party with a new party or
the replacement of the original contract with a new contract. Since novation creates a new
contract, it requires the consent of all parties whereas assignment does not require the
consent of the nonassigning party, although in the case of assignment the consent of the
nonassigning party may be required through a contractual provision.


Ecex.Exchange has a built-in monetization model, that where Ziggurats are transferred out to fiat currency, a transaction fee will be charged partly in Ziggurats. Hence, both assignors and investors will be contributing to the revenue of Ecex.Exchange. The transaction fee will be a fixed percentage that is levied on every withdrawal. The platform includes a “game-like”, „trader-like” component where investors can compete in bidding for assignments to invest in. The winner will be the highest proposed price for assignment.



Tõnis Hilep CEO
Sven Orro CTO

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