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Zoptax ICO Review : provide complete security for its user


About Zoptax 

Zoptax is truly decetralized VOIP application which provide complete security for its user when they are connected to each other using Zoptax Network. Becuase of blockchain there is no possiblity of centralized authorities to intercept between a connection.

Basic Information

Token Name Zoptax
Token Symbol ZPT
Social Media Zoptax ICO Review : provide complete security for its userZoptax ICO Review : provide complete security for its userZoptax ICO Review : provide complete security for its user
Soft cap 600,000 USD
Hard cap 3,400,720 USD
Token for sale 12,000,000 ZPT
Country United States of America
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Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt a plethora of industries and inspire a revolution by permitting the execution of transparent and open exchange over the Internet. As the growth of the digital economy continues to transcend expectations, the communications industry stands at the forefront of this unprecedented progress. While Blockchain has successfully penetrated within the financial sector, its entry into the communications arena is yet to make an impact and gain exposure amongst the masses.


Zoptax is a true end-to-end mobile network in the ever-growing Blockchain ecosystem which aims to equip users with the ability to connect via a completely decentralized and server-less architecture. Zoptax is designed with a vision to emerge as a stepping-stone in promoting the integration of Blockchain within telecom. Zoptax is a next-gen mobile network which improves the digital experience of subscribers by embodying the attributes
of cost-efficiency, convenience and trust.



The goal of Zoptax is simple; as a comprehensive platform it enables users to make calls by employing the features of a Blockchain-based network. Despite the progress in technology and the progressive digitalization of the industrial landscape, Internet and connectivity censorship continues to persist as a critical issue for customers across the globe. Owing to volatile political dynamics and the willingness of centralized authorities to impose their own agendas on the public.


The current dynamic of the telecommunication arena presents a host of prospects for improvements in addition to capitalizing on opportunities that existing VoIP service providers have not been able to benefit from. The connectivity censorship predicament is prevalent in regions across the Middle East, North Africa and Asia where a significant proportion of expatriate population from various countries resides. , it is essential to present a decentralized solution which cannot be blocked by Governmental authorities unlike other messaging services namely WhatsApp, Skype and Telegram.

Digital messaging

Such users ultimately rely on digital messaging services to fulfill their communication needs and this is just one of the many market segments which Zoptax aims to cater. The vulnerability of present VoIP technologies which allows centralized authorities to exercise control over them is ineffective in fulfilling the expectations of an expanding consumer base which seeks to adopt a solution that is fair, transparent, and reliable. There is a dire need to revolutionize the communications arena and revolutionize it with the attributes of Blockchain and crypto.


The Zoptax solution is a true end-to-end and comprehensive Blockchain-based VoIP and text communication setup which essentially eliminates the current challenges inconnectivity as its services cannot be banned by any external centralized authority operating in a specific jurisdiction. By adopting a customer-centric approach, the Zoptax boasts of integration with desktop, web and mobile apps toeliminate problems facing subscribers while providing a range of value-added benefits through the Zoptax Coin.


These contact numbers are served through the Blockchain and enable subscribers to make a call within the Zoptax network using random Zoptax nodes. The system operates in a manner whereby each node in the network acts as a mobile network tower like conventional telecom mobile network carriers and each call passes through a new node. Zoptax Bone is blockchain based calling algorithm while the zoptax coin is based on SHA 256 POW/POS algorithm. Encrypted chats initiated on the network are handled through the algorithm of Zoptax Bone.



Rao Naveed FOUNDER & CEO

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