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About Animverse Ico

Animverse Ico is a metaverse play-to-earn MMORPG game inspired by global phenomenon Animes/Mangas such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, OnePiece. The game is based on Blockchain technology and NFTs, with the visionary to provide players an ecosystem of playing, investing, and expanding their creativity by create their own NFTs items. In , gamers will turn into a hero and join a guild to conquer different planets – where they can exploit the recourses by staking tokens and farming for NFTs items.

In a far, far away future, Animverse is the most peaceful and connected universe. People live in an advanced society with high-class technology, science, and trading between different planets are diverting. This is under the protection of the Legendary Guilds for over trillions of years. For million years, Dictators from ruined galaxies far beyond the horizon hatched a murky plot to sabotage the by bloodbath wars, and the terror spread through their fingertips tingling a deep fear inside even the bravest Hero.

Token Basic Information

Token NameAnimverse Ico
Token SymbolANM
Ico Price$0.025000
Token For Sale16,000,000 ANM
Fundraising Goal$400,000
Personal Cap50BUSD-500BUSD
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

How to Participate?

Animverse is a metaverse play-to-earn MMORPG game inspired by global phenomenon Animes/Mangas like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece. The game is based on Blockchain technology and NFTs, empowering the players, artists and creators to the next level of Role Playing Game. As a blockchain game, Animverse fully converges today’s hottest and most attractive elements such as: GameFi, NFT, Metaverse,… $ANM will start IDO from 2022/04/02 – 2022/04/05 on 4 Launchpad: Dareplay, Bscstation, Onus Wallet, Lua Starter. For more detail please follow Animverse Announcement

Motivation to create Animverse

For most of including the Animverse team childhood was associated with the adventures of Naruto, Kakarot, Luffy and countless others. At some point along our childhood journey, they all had imagined that they would of own the famous items of these characters.

With Blockchain, they are now able to bring that dream closer to everyone, especially the gaming and anime community. The Animverse Ico team has created a place where players can own and experience the power of a variety of anime characters.


To create an limitless universe, where players can expand their creativity while bringing income to gamers.


Provide potential land for those who are eager to explore opportunities to increase income in new economic areas. In the short and medium term, Animverse focuses on developing a large community of players, bringing practical income to players and investors while providing creative fun experiences in the colorful, challenging anime world. In the long-term, This is intends to become an ecosystem of blockchain, crypto, NFTs, Market Place, the driving force behind the NFTs, Metaverse, and Play-to-earn game series.

Animverse and the real world

Anime fans want more!

Play-to-earn helps connect Anime fans with Animverse on advanced level.

This is an NFTs Game inspired by the Anime universe, which contains endless creative emotions for players, communities and developers.

In this genre of action and adventure, players directly participate in the battle and show their skills while exploring the system of movement.

The special NFTs system help players create their own diverse sets of characters both in shape and strength, increasing their ability to effectively fight.

A team of engineers with more than ten years of experience in game programming combined with leading experts in the field of NFTs Blockchain are always focused on ensuring the accuracy of the decentralized nature of the Blockchain in the game.

Tokenomics is scientifically designed, implementing many layers of Incentive Mechanisms, DeFi Effective Engine and Regulatory Tools in Token Circulation Looping.

When this Tokenomics cyclic system is in operation, the increase in Demand for Token circulation will outpace the supply. This is the growth engine that has been installed in the Tokenomics power of Animverse, the promised land where all Anim’s Crypto Moon dreams are fulfilled.

Unique Selling Points


Tokenomic is designed on key mechanisms and key features.

Key Mechanisms:

Game Play + Incentive + DeFi combined mechanism

Farming To Play

Play To Earn

Create To Earn

Key Features

Auction for Clan Position: The most powerful DeFi Effective Engine.

All Animverse Ico features come with DeFi Effective Engine and Regulatory Tools installed.

In order to make an auction on each Clan Position slot in turn, it is necessary to stake and farm the original token, opening the potential for the host states to make a profit while also having the effect of reducing the circulating supply in the market, leading to scarcity. Naturally, the token value growth driver.

100 Clan Position slots that are auctioned in turn will create a black hole that sucks Tokens into the Farm, Staking Pool.


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