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ASENIX: In this article, we cover a detailed review of ASENIX. How does ASENIX work & Are important features?


Ever since ASENIX advent of blockchain technology, digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been utilized to solve a variety of issues in a variety of sectors. For example, players in the finance industry have created cryptocurrency platforms that provide swift, affordable, and safe payment solutions.

Numerous cryptocurrencies have been developed in the agriculture industry to assist farmers easily access farm supplies. The entertainment and arts industries use NFT platforms to raise funds and also to reach a larger market for their products.

Despite the fact that blockchain technology has been widely adopted in a variety of industries, certain areas have yet to reap the benefits of these technologies. One such area is environmental conservation. The ASENIX initiative intends to harness the potential of blockchain technology to protect seas and their ecosystems.

ASENIX Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Short NameENIX
Max Supply500,000,000 ENIX
Total Quantity500,000,000 ENIX
Official Project WebsiteClick Here To Visit Project Website


The ASENIX Initiative is committed to achieving long-term, robust protection for the most crucial areas of the oceans for both current and future generations. ASENIX supports the implementation of Goal 12 & 14 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

They are committed to safeguarding our oceans and its ecosystem through funding, encouraging and supporting scientific research (through our ecosystem), as well as educating and increasing public awareness on the impact of non-sustainable lifestyles on the oceans and ecosystems.

The Problem

Plastic pollution has become a very obvious problem, yet one of the most difficult kinds of ocean contamination to detect is microplastics. Plastic does not biodegrade, but instead fragments into smaller and smaller particles, culminating in microplastics. Microplastics, which are less than 5mm in size, make up a large portion of the hundreds of millions of tons of plastic debris in seas. The effects of marine pollution do not end with aquatic life, as we ingest some of these sea creatures.

Plastic is accumulating at an alarming pace in our oceans; the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located between California and Hawaii, is thought to be three times the size of France, and heartbreaking photos of animals entangled in plastic are all too prevalent.

ASENIX Solution

The seas and sea life are already under attack, and we must take immediate action as unified and responsible stewards of our precious planet to fight for the survival of seas before it is too late. Advocacy, in all of its forms, strives to guarantee that individuals, particularly the most vulnerable members of society are able to: Have their voices heard on topics that are important to them, Preserve and protect their rights, Have their opinions and desires taken into account when choices regarding their life are made. They at ASENIX choose to fight to save our oceans and ecosystems.


ASENIX Token (ENIX)is the native token of the ecosystem. ENIX is an BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain, with a maximum supply of 500,000,000 tokens. 2% of every buy and sell transaction is divided among all present holders in proportion to their holdings. This automated dividend protocol is a farming substitute, allowing holders to profit from their investments without even staking, or having coins ever departing their wallet. The token will also be available for trading on exchanges. 4% of all transactions are automatically transferred to our Research/development wallet. These funds will be collected on a regular basis and put towards scientific research (ENIX Labs) and further development of the initiative.


The ASENIX project also intends to raise money through Non Fungible Tokens commonly known as NFTs. The MARINE CLUB (AMC) is a limited collection of 20 marine heroes tasked with defending Ashenas from the ever rising threat of plastic pollution. Each NFT will grant access to airdrops, special collections, exclusive parties and a lot more.

ASENIX Roadmap


Website development, Whitepaper release, Smart contract development, Token deployment Token Burn, Token Audit, water refill map V1.0.

SECOND PHASE (Q1 /Q2 2023)

Initial burn of ENIX tokens, Contract verification & Audit, ASENIX water refill map V1.0 (Beta). Online community, Marketing, ASENIX token airdrop, Partnerships, Influencer marketing, CMC Application, CG Application.

THIRD PHASE (Q3 /Q4 2023)

Presale, IDO/ IEO, Launch, Awareness campaign, AMC NFT deployment, Oceanblue campaign, CEX listings, Media articles, ENIX Labs development, AIP.

FOURTH PHASE (Q1 /Q2 2024)

ASENIFI DEX contract development, ENIX Labs launch, ASENIFI (DEX) testnet, ASENIFI Mainnet, Expansion.



ASENIX Conclusion

Conclusion ASENIX stands as an unparalleled pioneer among web3 platforms, setting a remarkable precedent by connecting its core mission to ocean pollution mitigation efforts globally. Through supporting and investing in teams dedicated to finding swift, innovative, and sustainable solutions to address ocean pollution.

It has taken significant strides forward both environmentally as well as technologically. By seamlessly incorporating blockchain technology, ASENIX provides an exceptional platform that fosters collaboration while encouraging inventive thinking – catalyzing meaningful change on an international scale.

The represents not only a significant shift in how we tackle environmental challenges but also illustrates the profound effect decentralized technologies can have on speeding progress towards creating a cleaner and healthier planet. Moving forward, it is clear that unwavering dedication to cultivating visionary talent

And driving impactful projects will continue to transform ocean conservation, leaving a legacy of innovation, resilience, and hope for generations yet unborn. In a world rife with environmental degradation, ASENIX stands as an oasis of hope, an agent for positive transformation, and evidence of human creativity channeled toward improving our oceans and the wider ecosystem.


What is ASENIX?

This is a pioneering web3 platform that is dedicated to supporting and investing in teams that are actively working on developing innovative, long-term solutions to address the critical issue of ocean pollution.

How does ASENIX differ from other platforms?

Unlike traditional platforms, They operates on the principles of web3 technology, which leverages blockchain and decentralized systems. This unique approach enables This to provide a transparent, collaborative, and incentivized ecosystem that fosters rapid development of solutions to ocean pollution.

What is web3 technology?

Web3 technology refers to the next evolution of the internet, characterized by decentralized systems and blockchain technology. It enables direct peer-to-peer interactions, increased transparency, and user ownership of data and assets.

How does ASENIX support teams?

This offers financial backing, resources, and a collaborative environment to teams committed to solving ocean pollution challenges. Through its innovative tokenomics, ASENIX rewards contributors for their efforts and encourages ongoing engagement.

What types of solutions does ASENIX support?

The focuses on swift, innovative, and sustainable solutions to ocean pollution. This includes technologies, strategies, and initiatives that address issues such as plastic waste, oil spills, overfishing, and habitat destruction.

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