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Today News Come From source That Austria merchant accept crypto . Read Full News Below . Thank You

There is good news for crypto-currency users in Austria: from now on, they can shop in up to 2500 new places, including with bitcoin.

The Austrian Finnish tech company Salamantex reported that they had successfully integrated their crypto-payment service software into the A1 payment service of one of the largest mobile network operators in Austria.

Thus, more than 2500 potential acceptance points have appeared on the Austrian market. From now on, anyone can pay in cryptocurrency through A1 Payment, only on the condition that the trader activates the service.

Traders are free to activate the function, starting with the reception of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and DASH, by exchanging cash or credit cards.

The transaction is effected by the customer paying in the cryptocurrency of his choice, but the trader always receives the euro, which is why the transaction does not pose any exchange or exchange risk to traders. Traders can activate the function without any charge.

Addressing the needs of the digital generation

“Acceptance of cryptocurrencies can mean new and wealthy customer groups for traders, but also allows them to take a pioneering position in their own industry”, said Markus Pejachevich, the operations manager of Salamantex.

He added that the Crown Virus has made many changes in the last few months in traditionally cash-oriented Austria: “The government and retailers have also asked people to give preference to cash-less payment methods”. The alternative now introduced, however, has a slightly different aim: to meet the needs of a’digital generation’.

The service may be extended to neighbouring countries

The crypto-payment service software is designed to be integrated into existing payment systems. Salamantex said that it was thanks to the partnership that the possibility of paying with the crypt site was becoming more and more widely available.

In addition to A1, they are in partnership with Concardis and Ingenico, which also markets POS terminals. This will enable the Salamantex service to be extended beyond Austria, even in neighboring countries. Salamantex explained that further cooperation with payment service providers is planned.

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