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Dear Coinworldstory Visitors Today We Talk About What Is A Crypto Airdrop ? Benefits And drawback .

An airdrop is a marketing action to bring a coin to the attention of the general public, in other words: new cryptocurrency which (in part) is distributed free of charge. This is a whole new form of marketing.

More and more companies are discovering the success of cryptocurrency/crypto coins and want to participate.

By giving away a small part of the coins, the underlying company hopes to generate enough attention so that there are enough interested/potential investors who want to participate in the token sale (paid token sale).

Because companies cannot/should not do marketing via the normal (social) media channels, this is a good solution and the rewards come to the user. The middle man is pulled out of it.

What can I do with an airdrop?

The main goal of participating with an airdrop is to try to sell it profitably on the crypto market. For this, it is necessary for tokens to be listed at an exchange where new speculators can buy these tokens from you. For this, you must have an account at the relevant exchange where your airdrop is listed.

These can be all kinds of exchanges, registering at an exchange is often a simple task. However, if you are interested in a manual for transferring tokens to exchanges.

If you regularly participate with airdrops, we can imagine that it is difficult to keep up manually when your tokens are listed at an exchange. Fortunately, there are many tools that can do the work for you.

What Is Average Price Of Airdrop ?

The value may vary greatly, but it is often between $1 and $20. For five minutes of work, it is certainly worth it! One of the most recent and successful airdrops is that of Ontology (ONT).

People who signed up for the ONT newsletter in January were given 1.000 ONT tokens. If you had sold these in June, you would have just earned more than $9.000. It sounds too bizarre for words, but that is indeed how it can work in this market. However, the knife cuts on two sides, it is also common that your airdrop will eventually be worthless if you have not sold in time.

An airdrop is often only available for a few days/weeks. So be quick about it! Follow our chat channel on Telegram for new airdrops. We only post controlled airdrops, which we also do ourselves.

How did crypto airdrops come about?

After the big tree of the crypto market at the end of 2017, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) suddenly became a lot more popular and they added a lot at the same time. Many of these companies wanted to raise a lot of money as soon as possible so they went to advertise a lot on the Internet.

When the market turned out to be uncertain and some people had been misled, the advertisement providers became a lot stricter. A large number of providers such as Google and Facebook then also banned cryptocurrency ads (this is now partially removed). This also made it very difficult for crypto companies to advertise.

It is possible that this made alternative marketing for crypto companies such as an airdrop a lot more attractive. Airdrops were also used to rapidly grow a community of members.

What do I need to do?

Airdrops cost you a few minutes of work, then you get tokens for this! By participating in an airdrop, you receive free coins. A certain wallet is required to receive these coins. Examples are My EtherWallet for erc20 tokens or a NeoWallet.

Which wallet is needed is at the relevant air drop.

Telegram; is a must-have to participate in most airdrops because much of the communication is via telegram channels.
A wallet; for keeping your tokens;
(optional) Twitter account and/or Facebook; sometimes projects that organize an airdrop ask for a like or part action, in this way you provide them with free marketing, and in return, you get a number of tokens.
To view the list of airdrops we are participating in, you need at least Telegram, click here for the list of airdrops we have chosen.

Data that can be requested at airdrop participation are often an email address, a wallet address and often the Telegram Group is asked to follow and stay in that group until after the coin is issued.

Please note that most tokens will be sent to your wallet when the Initial Coin Offer “First token edition” (ICO) is finished.

Are there any drawbacks to participating in a crypto airdrop?

Short answer: no.
However, for those who are new to this market, we can well imagine that it sounds strange how easy it seems to earn money in this way. After all, how can there be situations where you can suddenly be worth $9.000 airdrop?

In fact, the value of a token is mainly linked to the speculative nature of the market and the amount of hype currently prevailing. It can be worth a lot, it can also be worth a little.

Having said that, participating in an airdrop only takes time (+-5 minutes per airdrop). So you’re not taking any chances yourself, because you’re not being asked to buy tokens yourself. All you have to do is weigh whether you want to share your email address and such. If you find it desirable, you can also easily choose to set up a new email address and/or social media channel that is not traceable to you.

What Should I do if I haven’t received my crypto airdrop?

Although in most cases things are going well, there are sometimes situations where people have not received their airdrop.

Often the conditions have not been fully met (for example, a step has been forgotten in the registration process), but it is also possible that something has gone wrong in the distribution of tokens.

We, therefore, advise you to keep any confirmation and evidence well. If you have not received anything after the distribution of the airdrop, we advise you to contact the customer service of the respective airdrop. In most cases, you can simply go to their Telegram channel.

Please note that we are only intermediaries in this process and merely point to the airdrop possibilities. However, if you still have any questions, you are free to contact us.
Do you want to sell your airdrop? That and more we tell you here.

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