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The Bankcoin Reserve instrument is available for governments, central banks, financial institutions, local banks and individuals to acquire a useful, practical and ethical digital asset.

Bankcoin Reserve is a digital commodity that has the ability to mint up to 10% per annum and is tethered to the ceiling market price of one troy ounce of gold over the previous month​ giving it an immutable value structure upon which to do business.

Bankcoin Reserve is the first digital platform upon which wealth becomes stable and accumulative. Being based in a financial position of stability makes Bankcoin Reserve attractive to those that rely on the market being more predictable and therefore more conducive to forecast and planning.

Over the period from 2010 to 2013, Bankcoinreserve realised that the lack of finance was a crucial component hindering the manufacture and implementation of major clean and renewable technologies. To remedy this, he set to work developing a KwH currency to self-fund the developments he had in his sector. At the same time, Bitcoin came onto the market and attracted McAlister’s attention.

The success of Bitcoin spurred to look at all issues surrounding this new technology and to work with developers on a new cryptocurrency that harnessed the positive aspects of Bitcoin as well as addressing limitations and issues of concern.

Token Basic Information

Token NameBankcoinreserv
Token SymbolBCR
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Telegram
Bankcoin Reserve price 1670.95
Accepted CurrenciesBTC, BCR, USDT
Min Contribution$ 1
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit Homepage

Saving Deposit Innovation

Title: (EN) New method for Banks & Financial institutions using crypto currency for savings & deposit taking. example Bankcoin mines/mints interest, mines/mints transaction fees, proof of stake, pos.

Abstract: (EN) The invention concerns cryptographic currency for use in the finance industry. More specifically the present invention relates to the provision of cryptographic currency by banking or other such financial institutions for their everyday products such as deposit and term deposit accounts etc.

The financial institution then mints/mines the cryptographic currency up to a certain percentage to pay the interest on the account etc. All information regarding this patent is available via this direct link on the World Intellectual Property Organisation Website


New method for banks, financial institutions and monetary funds to provide ethical loans finance including Islamic finance with no interest or usury. Banks, financial institutions and monetary funds can replace interest or usury using this new method which is an internal crypto currency block chain dependent process the minting of new coin and mining of transaction fees.

Monetary System

This new monetary innovation method/process using crypto currency applies to and for entities, which require an income/revenue producing asset using any form of named/renamed crypto currency, using any form of blockchain/chain process using the wallet which mints/mines new coin assets.

Full Overview Of Bankcoinreserve

Bankcoin Reserve patents are all about bringing much needed fiscal relief to the populations of debt-plagued countries and to the mechanics of financial institutions. These instruments have the capacity to revolutionise the way we think about money and the accumulation and storage of wealth, and to facilitate the implementation of useful and innovative methods for ensuring prosperity for governments, entrepreneurs, investors and ultimately, the people.


The Bankcoin Full Node Wallet is a Windows software program that fully validates transactions and blocks across the Bankcoin network. Many people and organisations volunteer to run Full Nodes using available computing and bandwidth resources — and more are welcome to allow Bankcoin to continue to grow.

Download Wallet


New Islamic Banking Sharia Compliant Blockchain Innovation Patent that has no riba, usury or interest component for but not limited to savings, deposit, ethical loans, finance, stock share bond, Private Placement Programs, Digitally discover new mine deposits to franchise & new monetary system using blockchains POS proof of stake/secondary mining mine discovery process of assets and commodities for entities such as but not limited to Governments, treasuries, central banks, banks, financial institutions, monetary funds, judicial entities, profit-sharing blockchain franchise investments PSBFI’s.

LVL 88 Ventures

They are a boutique agency or venture builder uniquely designed to transform businesses through innovation and the use of emerging and disrupting technologies. LVL 88 transforms our clients’ businesses and integrates them into an existing ecosystem and then assist them in manoeuvring rapidly into changing digital landscapes or economies.

They promote and help build and transform ventures based on emerging technologies such as Fintech, Blockchains, Smart Contracts, Decentralised Ledgers, IoT, Peer to Peer marketplaces, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality and Big Data.

Foreign Exchange Money

New Blockchain Foreign Exchange Innovation Patent international funds transfers settled locally/nationally by our blockchain sender and receiver in but not limited to both countries matching algorithm and POS proof of stake secondary mining process.for entities such as but not limited to Governments, treasuries, central banks, banks, financial institutions, monetary funds, judicial entities, real estates, properties commercial, industrial, domestic, foreign, stock, bond, share and IT software markets, insurance captive Islamic banking sharia compliant blockchain foreign exchange innovation.

Bankcoin Reserve

Bankcoin Reserve uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm by which the Bankcoin Reserve Blockchain​ network aims to achieve ​distributed consensus​. In a proof-of-stake based cryptocurrency like the ​Bankcoin Reserve Coin​, the creation of the next block is chosen via various combinations of random selection, quantity or age of the coins being held, also known as the stake. In contrast, the algorithm of ​proof-of-work​ based cryptocurrencies, such as ​Bitcoin​, uses computationally intensive puzzles to validate transactions and create new blocks. 


Bankcoin Reserve innovations can be applied to government by creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This MOU would be drawn up and signed by representatives of the country, Bankcoin Reserve and AAA Blockchain Limited.

Terms specific to the country, or entity, would be negotiated and agreed upon. This MOU does not legally bind the parties listed, however, a legally binding agreement would need to be put in place to begin implementing terms included in the MOU. More information can be found on page 37 of the Blockchain Prophecy book.


● The removal of the need to borrow money and be indebted to external financial institutions.

● The removal of the need to issue treasury bonds to pay accumulated interest on existing loans.

● The reduction of the interest burden on taxpayers.

● The Bankcoin Reserve Coin​ is the only product available that is asset or commodity based, having a secondary mining Blockchain innovation protected by its patents.

● Governments have a new revenue earning model that can offset taxes due to the new gain.

● AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance, auditing and insurance components are included.

● The country can create and provide opportunities for its people to start small to medium business enterprises using the No Interest principle.

● A Bankcoin Reserve partnership will also enhance and strengthen the country’s position in the marketplace by providing full exporting facilities via the BCR monetary transactional network using the latest in Blockchain and mobile technology.

● Ethical Treasury Bonds can be introduced, and are recommended, to run parallel with a country’s existing treasury bond program. Bankcoin Reserve Coin earnings will comfortably cover the interest repayments.

● The Bankcoin Reserve instrument​ is straightforward to implement. Software has been extensively tested.

Reserve Coin

The ​Bankcoin Reserve Coin​ also has the unique ability to mint up to 10% of the principal amount held in its proprietary digital wallet. For example, holding 1,000 ​Bankcoin Reserve Coins​ with a total value of USD 1.375 million, at its current price. for twelve months will result in a balance of 1,100 coins with a value of USD 1.5125 million, assuming the price of gold had not increased from its current price, otherwise the holding will reflect the appropriate increase.


Bankcoin Reserve -  Key Fundamentals


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