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BELDEX ICO Review : Hybrid Decentralized Crypto Exchange Platform



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BELDEX is the First and Only Exchange which combines the best features of Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges. BELDEX is a pioneer in the Hybrid decentralized exchange that protects the interest of traders and contributors by providing them a reliable and convenient platform to trade, buy or sell cryptocurrencies with help of the most popular payment methods.

BELDEX also support fiat currency in exchange to commence trading and provide support to wide range of customers. BELDEX Coin uses RingXT technology and uses Cryptonight POW hash algorithm. BELDEX aims to offer the benefits of a decentralized exchange – like personal security over your funds and the features of a centralized exchange – like high speed and fast order matching. very transaction which is on process in BELDEX is transparent and legitimate. Do not hold the customer’s funds, positions or any information pertaining to the customer and it is obfuscated. Security is utmost importance in BELDEX exchange with nominal transaction fees in the market.

Basic Information

Token Name BELDEX
Token Symbol BELDEX
Social Media BELDEX ICO Review : Hybrid Decentralized Crypto Exchange PlatformBELDEX ICO Review : Hybrid Decentralized Crypto Exchange PlatformBELDEX ICO Review : Hybrid Decentralized Crypto Exchange Platform
Soft cap
750,000 USD
Hard cap
225,000 USD
Tokens for sale
187,500 BELDEX
Country Malaysia
Whitepaper Click Here For View Whitepaper
Website Click Here For Visit ICO Homepage


The cryptocurrency market is dominated by difficult-to-use exchanges, coins that aren’t truly private, and a lack of attention to the customer experience. One of the major Exchange, Binance is dominating the market, increasing acting as a centralized entity that is trying to monopolize the market. The recent advent of IEOs is a clear signal that exchanges are beginning to act similarly to large financial institutions in concentrating power under one roof. For people who are looking for more privacy and a great service, there’s a niche opening up. Large investors will always get great care from whatever institution they use. But for medium and small investors, those who want privacy of their transactions, and people without access to banking, and people who want to have a one-stop-shop, there is a widening gap.


BELDEX is releasing the Beldex hybrid exchange, which provides a very high level of security and privacy to exchange users, focusing on APAC region. Beldex is creating an ecosystem around the Beldex privacy coin and Beldex exchange to ensure a financial system that benefits all participants. Users of the Beldex ecosystem will enjoy the immediacy and privacy of cash, through electronic means. The Beldex ecosystem ensures a high level of utility for the coins through a wide network of partners and commercial entities that accept the Beldex coin.

BELDEX exchange

  • Huge selection of exchange currencies and exchange pairs. By connecting with large
    exchanges, BELDEX can offer the widest variety of trading crypto assets and pairings. Rather than focusing on bringing in new coins, Beldex focused its attention on connectivity and partnerships.
  • Liquidity of crypto asset. Rather than relying on exchange-specific asset trades, through partnerships with other exchanges, allows liquidity at the market rate.
  • Competitive transaction fees. The exchange will be focusing on volume and conservation of operational costs in order to provide low fees for crypto asset transactions. Using the Beldex token will provide additional fee discounts to users.
  • Instant Lending against your crypto asset in wallet system with minimal percentage of
    interest fee and long terms pay back duration.
  • Stake your coins while holding your staking coins on exchange you will be able to receive proof-of-stake rewards for them. You can stake and exchange all in one place with no delay.

Ai technology

BELDEX is collecting data to develop prediction algorithms to enhance the platform. These
future-driven developments will benefit all users of the platform.

Security: Normative user behavior is tracked so that suspicious activity can be identified. As user data is collected, the system knows how particular users typically transact and can
identify anomalies.

Trading and prediction: Algorithms will be able to accurately track market movements and provide algo-trading as well as hedging for the Beldex exchange itself, reducing the
custodianship risk that is sometimes associated with crypto exchanges.

Cryptocurrency market

Since the invention of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market has skyrocketed, both in value and trading volume. Many market experts expect cryptocurrency to replace or outpace other types of financial assets, because of the superior way in which tokens and can represent value. Bitcoin is used as a hedge against other types of investments, creating a balanced portfolio, because it appears that the cryptocurrency markets run counter to the traditional investment and forex markets. Transactions in cryptocurrency continues to increase and there’s a real market need to reach a variety of investors. As shown by CoinMarketCap, while the market experienced a dip in 2018, it is rapidly recovering.

Beldex coin benefits

  • Discounts on exchange fees.
  • Participation in on-chain voting.
  • Influence on innovation and development efforts.
  • Priority for listing coins on the BELDEX exchange.
  • Purchase of goods and services within the Beldex partner network, as well as generic
    cryptocurrency capabilities.
  • Access to market with large trading volumes.
  • Faster transaction processing.
  • Access to exclusive bonuses when offered.


Low fee

Why pay more when you can avail the same at lower price? BELDEX exchange will provide you the lower trading and withdrawal fees.

Safe & secure

Ensure the transactions are safe & secure by storing your coins in cold wallet. Care for your asset to be safe & secure.

User friendly

User Friendly Interface designed by experts exclusively for users. No hidden clicks, no more digital maze to get the information.

Expert support

Stuck with any phase of transaction? BELDEX experts will be available 24×7 to help you through the issues on a click.



Rehana Binti Zakaria, President

Kim Hallend, CEO

Brandon Allison, Blockchain Developer

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