30 Best Crypto Cards Europe In 2024

by Gixona

In this post, I will discuss some of the best European crypto cards. Cryptocurrencies have been going up significantly, and with that comes the need for their integration into daily transactions, which is why we now have crypto cards.

These financial instruments have been created to allow people to spend their digital currencies just as they would any other traditional currency, thereby opening doors for all crypto lovers across Europe.

In addition to giving cash back among other rewards, they also charge low fees and can be used widely; hence, here are my thoughts on what could be considered as some of the leading contenders in terms of features offered by different companies along with benefits provided and overall value proposition towards those who want to adapt themselves into future finance systems.

What Are the Selection Criteria for Best Crypto Cards Europe?

Usually, the best crypto cards for Europe are selected based on various characteristics such as:

Widely Accepted: A card must be able to be used in many shops and ATMs across Europe without any restrictions.

Low Fees: This means including minimal issuance fees, transaction fees, and foreign exchange fees to optimise cryptocurrency holdings value.

Reward Programs: They should offer cashback rewards or loyalty programs, among other things, which will help increase users’ benefits.

Security Features: It should have strong security systems, such as 2FA authentication and anti-fraud protection, to safeguard people’s funds and personal data.

Customer Support Quality: A responsive customer care team should offer adequate support services, thus promptly promptly attending to all matters raised by clients.

Ease of Use: This implies making sure that activating the card, loading it with money, or conducting transactions using it is easy for everyone with one.

Transparency: All necessary information concerning limits imposed, charges stipulated, and other essential aspects of using these cards should be made open-endedly clear to every potential user before deciding whether to get one.

Regulatory Compliance: Such a card must comply with all applicable European Union laws regarding its operation within this jurisdiction to ensure and promote its legality.

Here Is A List of The Best Crypto Cards in Europe

Certainly! Here’s a table summarizing the key features of various crypto cards:

Crypto CardKey Features
WirexMulti-currency accounts, instant crypto rewards, fee-free exchanges
Crypto.comCashback rewards, airport lounge access, no annual fees
BitwalaBank account integration, fee-free international payments, crypto to fiat
RevolutMulti-currency account, no hidden fees, spend in 150+ currencies
Binance CardUp to 8% cashback, linked directly to Binance wallet, no subscription fees
Coinbase CardSpend crypto anywhere, instant conversion, earn crypto rewards
TenXReal-time conversion, supports multiple cryptos, global acceptance
PayCentSupports over 10 cryptos, instant conversion, cashback rewards
CoinJarInstant spending, supports multiple currencies, travel perks
BlockFiEarn crypto rewards, no annual fees, low transaction fees
UquidSupports 100+ cryptos, instant conversion, no hidden fees
MonolithDeFi integration, zero fees on spending, supports Ethereum-based tokens
BitPaySupports major cryptos, easy to reload, instant spending
ModeInstant access to BTC, cashback in BTC, integrated savings
CRO CardHigh cashback rates, airport lounge access, no annual fees
ZenGo CardMulti-currency support, no hidden fees, secure transactions
AdvcashMulti-currency wallet, low transaction fees, global acceptance
XapoSecure cold storage, multi-currency account, global reach
CryptoPaySupports BTC, instant conversion, easy top-up
CrypteriumInstant conversion, supports multiple cryptos, global acceptance
CoinMetroMulti-currency support, low transaction fees, fast conversions
SpectroCoinSupports multiple cryptos, low fees, instant spending
MCO Visa CardCashback rewards, free Spotify and Netflix, no annual fees
2getherFee-free crypto transactions, instant conversion, supports multiple cryptos.
SumUp CardEasy top-up, secure transactions, low fees
ZumoFee-free crypto transactions, instant conversion, supports multiple cryptos
PlutusEarn crypto rewards, no hidden fees, global acceptance
BitnovoInstant spending, supports multiple cryptos, low fees
BitrushEasy to use, supports major cryptos, instant conversion
UpholdSupports 50+ currencies, no hidden fees, instant spending

30 Best Crypto Cards Europe In 2024

1. Wirex

In Europe, one of the best crypto cards is given by Wirex, which integrates traditional and digital money smoothly. The user-friendly app that this company has developed


This highly secured product gives customers the power to control their finances seamlessly on either side of the spectrum: fiat or cryptocurrencies. This product allows you to conveniently spend your digital currency wherever a Visa is accepted.


Cryptocurrency.com claims to provide Europe’s leading cryptocurrency card. These cards offer cashback rewards and access to airport lounges worldwide, among other lucrative benefits.

Furthermore, it has an easy-to-use interface design coupled with intuitive functionality, which makes dealing with cryptos more convenient than ever.


They also offer different types of cards for various preferences, so you can choose what best suits your needs when it comes to spending them!

3. Bitwala

One thing that sets Bitwala apart is its unique method of bringing crypto cards to Europe by combining traditional banking services with the world of cryptocurrencies.


Using Bitwala’s Visa debit card, individuals can spend fiat money and digital currencies while benefiting from competitive exchange rates and cheap fees. Integrated financial services and cryptocurrency solutions from Bitwala will let you touch tomorrow today.

4. Revolut

Among the most flexible crypto cards available in Europe, some would argue that Revolut marries standard banking convenience with the capabilities brought on by digital assets better than any other company.


Budgeting tools, instant exchange features, and global spending work together to make managing your money as simple as possible through Revolut. Cutting-edge crypto card offerings from Revolut have created a new normal regarding the potential functionality of banking services.

5. Binance Card

In Europe, Binance Card is the best choice for crypto spending because of its ability to integrate traditional financial services and cryptocurrencies.

Binance Card

Their Visa debit card can be used anywhere that accepts Visa cards, but instead of money, it spends crypto assets. It is the ultimate option for easy spending with digital currencies in Europe, as it offers attractive cash-back rewards and no hidden fees.

6. Coinbase Card

Coinbase Card has changed everything about how we spend in Europe by creating an interface between everyday purchases and digital currency systems.

With a smooth look and feel backed by a user-friendly application design, this product does all that any other would but also allows control over different types of virtual coins through one app.

Coinbase Card

Its instant conversion convenience and global acceptability have made it an ideal choice among many European regions where people are very much into cryptocurrencies.


TenX is the benchmark for crypto cards in Europe as it directly links digital and traditional currencies through its Visa card.


One can easily spend their cryptocurrencies with real-time conversion backed by competitive exchange rates. With TenX, manage both fiat money and cryptos for hassle-free daily transactions.

8. Paycent

Payment Card is one of the best options for European crypto fans who want to use multiple cryptocurrencies on a single card. Paycent allows users to integrate digital currencies seamlessly into their everyday activities.


Through an easy-to-use app that is accepted worldwide. Enjoy unmatched convenience and innovative features offered by Payment Card while you journey into the future of finance.


CoinJar offers one of the best crypto cards in Europe. This card allows people to spend digital currency and traditional money simultaneously while being easy to use.


Allowing you to manage and spend your cryptocurrency with a sleek design and an intuitive app that boasts competitive exchange rates and several other security features that should help put your mind at ease throughout any transaction you make.


In Europe, no other company offers the same level of sophistication as BlockFi regarding their advanced crypto card, which enables users to access and spend their digital assets anywhere they want. Cashback rewards programs combined with zero annual fees are just some of many features offered by this organization making them stand out from all others on a market.


For those who are still planning on using traditional payment methods but would like them integrated into everyday spenblockchainock-fi, it is here for you! The company has designed its own system where customers can pay regular bills or even buy groceries using Bitcoin or Ethereum without ever having to convert back into pounds sterling. So come see what we’re all about because we believe in revolutionizing banking forever!

11. Uquid

Europe has no better alternative than a crypto card by Uquid. This is because it is unmatched in terms of flexibility and convenience.

It supports various cryptocurrencies and can be easily linked to the Uquid wallet system, allowing users to store, spend or receive digital assets anywhere approved by Visa.


Another thing that makes the Uquid card stand out is the low transaction fees and instant conversion rate, making it the best solution for crypto enthusiasts.

12. Monolith

There is also another strong competitor in Europe called Monolith. This company provides innovative solutions when it comes to cryptocurrency cards. They have a Visa debit card combined with non-custodial wallets.

What Monolith does differently from others is enabling people to use Ethereum plus ERC-20 tokens as their everyday spending currency through integration with these platforms.


The beauty about them, too, lies in its intuitive app, where one can access DeFi services while using different types of cards issued by Monolith at any given time or place within reach of an Internet connection


No other crypto card in Europe can compete with BitPay for its simplicity and dependability. Millions of merchants worldwide accept this Visa prepaid card, enabling users to spend their cryptocurrency.


This is the best choice for European residents as it offers instant conversion, competitive fees, and seamless integration into everyday spending through cryptocurrencies.

14. Mode

Mode provides one of the best crypto cards in Europe. It allows easy management and spending of digital assets, with attractive features like cash-back rewards and high spending limits.


Mode’s visa card is a versatile solution for crypto enthusiasts. Try out Mode’s unique ideas about merging digital currencies with finance systems!

15. CRO Card

Crypto.com’s CRO Card features more than any other cryptocurrency card on the European market. The CRO Card makes spending crypto easy by giving lucrative cashback rewards, having zero annual fees and offering airport lounge access, among other things.

CRO Card

People can make transactions worldwide without issues because of its intuitive app and Visa card integration, which ensures global acceptance.

16.ZenGo Card

ZenGo has created a user-friendly, secure solution for crypto cards in Europe. Zeno uses a non-custodial wallet with a Visa debit card to guarantee privacy and control over digital assets.

ZenGo Card

The simplicity and security combination are what attract people most to the ZenGo card, which allows for instant conversion of cryptocurrencies while spending them seamlessly.

17. Advcash

Advcash is one of the most popular crypto debit cards in Europe. It combines digital currencies with traditional finance systems, allowing for more seamless integration.


You can pay with your cryptocurrency at millions of merchants worldwide using their Mastercard option without worrying about high exchange rates or fees.

European users will find that Advcash offers convenience and flexibility in money management, making it a top choice for many people.

18. Xapo

Xapo Card’s unique approach to digital financial services has brought about a new era in European crypto spending.


Users can easily manage their cryptocurrencies using a Visa debit card connected to a safe wallet. Security should be the least concern as Xapos employs strong security features while ensuring global acceptability, thus being most preferred among European crypto enthusiasts.


In Europe, CryptoPay offers one of the best crypto cards that allow users to switch between fiat and digital currencies. Users can convert money instantly with a Visa card, which has low fees and is accepted worldwide.


CryptoPay’s easy-to-use app for managing finances anywhere and versati andons make it the favou maker many European people.

20. Crypterium

Crypterium has introduced a new type of cryptocurrency card across Europe that offers full-service digital asset management. Using its Visa card combined with an intuitive app, Crypterium enables users to spend their cryptocurrencies anywhere they want while benefiting from competition.


Exchange rates and cashback rewards. Simplify your financial life through these unique features of Crypterium, which provide unprecedented convenience for Europeans looking forward to this service.


In Europe, CoinMetro is one of the leading providers of cryptic cards that bridge traditional and digital finance. Users can use their Visa card to spend cryptocurrencies at millions of places worldwide.


They are also charged competitive fees, and there is an instant conversion. Use this opportunity to be part of the financial future through the creative crypto card solutions by CoinMetro.


SpectroCoin has made its name in Europe because it provides multi-purpose cryptocurrency cards, allowing users to access their digital assets easily.


The SpectroCoin Visa card enables users to convert currencies instantly, and offers other features, such as global acceptance,, making spending convenient with cryptocurrency. Manage your money conveniently and securely anywhere in the world using SpectoCoin. This should be number one for any European user who wants it all!

23. MCO Visa Card

In Europe, the MCO Visa Card by Crypto.com is considered one of the best because it offers its users effortless integration between traditional banking services and cryptocurrencies.

MCO Visa Card

It enables you to spend cryptos like any other currency but with all these perks: cashback rewards, access to airport lounges and no annual fee whatsoever. Also, it’s accepted globally and has top-notch security features, so European customers can feel safe using it.


2gether has brought Europe the most innovative experience ever seen on crypto cards; this new product allows people in possession of digital assets or traditional money equivalents (fiat) to manage them interchangeably without any hassle!


Apart from being easy to use due to its friendly interface design, coupled with prepaid Visa cards usable anywhere credit cards are accepted, plus instant conversion capability, among other unique features, such as competitive fees charged per transaction made within EU territory, 2gether is an even more convenient choice for European crypto lovers.

25.SumUp Card

SumUp Card provides a seamless European crypto card experience, allowing users to store and control their digital assets easily. Its Visa card integration and easy-to-use app simplify day-to-day transactions.

SumUp Card

It offers competitive fees and global acceptance, making it perfect for any European user who wants a simple solution for cryptocurrency spending.

26. Zumo

Zumo is the leading company in Europe for innovative cryptocurrency cards. They offer an all-inclusive service that lets people securely manage their digital wealth.

The Zumo system works by using a Visa card alongside an intuitive app designed specifically for dealing with cryptocurrencies. It makes transactions easier than ever before by providing instant conversion rates and worldwide merchant adoption support.


They also have various other features such as convenience and security, which are necessary components for any comprehensive service related to these kinds of cards since they can be used anywhere at any time while still being safe enough even if lost or stolen.

27. Plutus

Europe’s crypto card market is topped by Plutus, which allows the seamless use of digital currencies in daily spending.


It uses a Visa card and an easy-to-use app that offers instant conversions and rewards in fiat money and cryptocurrencies. Plutus is preferred by many European users because it allows you to manage your finances conveniently and securely.

28. Bitnovo

Bitnovo is a standout company among other European firms because its cards are multifunctional when dealing with cryptocurrencies; they let people manage their coins easily while still being able to spend them freely.

A prepaid Mastercard and an intuitive app ensures that users can make quick transactions through this platform without hiccups like slow processing.


Times or limited usage areas since everything is converted instantly into traditional currency forms accepted worldwide. With Bitnovo, you get all-around service flexibility where convenience meets innovation!

29. Bitrush

In Europe, Bitrush has the most advanced crypto cards that can be used for everyday spending. Furthermore, it easily combines these digital assets.

Also, this company allows instant conversions through its Visa card and easy-to-operate mobile app. You do not have to worry about anything.


Apart from managing your funds using Bitrush, it is safe and convenient, too, and is therefore considered one of the best options for those who want efficient cryptocurrency solutions in Europe.

30. Uphold

Uphold’s ability to offer multiple types of cryptocurrency cards sets it apart from other providers in Europe. This means that customers will be able to access different forms of digital money seamlessly with just one service provider—Uphold. Their visa card works hand in hand with a very user-friendly mobile application that they developed themselves, making it even easier for people who would like to transact using this method.


Also, instant conversion at competitive rates is offered by them, thus ensuring convenience during transactions involving different currencies or cryptosystems while still charging low fees compared to what other providers may charge. With comprehensive services such as these provided by Uphold, safety becomes guaranteed,, becoming popular among users,, particularly those based in Europe who wish to have a reliable crypto-card system.

How Do Crypto Cards Work?

After selecting a cryptocurrency, users upload it onto the card, immediately translated into fiat money whenever one buys something. It is very seamless and it works just like any other debit or credit card.

Normally, this is done quickly to ensure that the value of the money spent aligns with current exchange rates.

Such a method lets people bridge their virtual currency with practical financial activities by allowing them to spend it on anything they need for daily life.

Are Crypto Cards Secure?

Top providers of crypto card give security the highest importance; they put in place many strong safeguards. Such include using complex encryption systems to prevent unauthorized personnel from tampering with client information and transaction records.

These corporations usually also require identity verification through a two-step authentication process. They do this by checking whether someone knows something (like a password) and has something (like an SMS code).

In their bid to ensure safety always comes first, they conduct continuous monitoring for fraudulent activities so that any anomaly can be detected and dealt with immediately.

These multiple levels of security are designed to protect money and personal details, thereby establishing trust in the robustness and honesty of this industry’s foundations.


Cryptic cards have now become new-age money tools which can mingle with digital currencies in daily European undertakings.

They are convenient because they are widely acceptable and come with competitive charges and have a user-friendly interface too.

These cards are very flexible, and people who would like to manage both fiat money and cryptocurrencies find them useful because they can be used anywhere and anytime.

Supported by strong security measures and growing capabilities, crypto-cards represent a turning point for digital asset adoption within European finance, where it is still considered peripheral.


What are crypto cards?

Crypto cards are physical or virtual cards linked to cryptocurrency wallets, enabling users to spend their digital assets at traditional merchants that accept card payments.

Are crypto cards widely accepted in Europe?

Many crypto cards in Europe are backed by significant payment networks like Visa and Mastercard, allowing them to be accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

What are the benefits of using crypto cards?

Benefits include the ability to spend cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases, access to rewards programs, lower transaction fees compared to traditional banking, and the convenience of managing both fiat and digital currencies in one place.

How do I get a crypto card in Europe?

To obtain a crypto card, youmusto sign up with a provider, complete identity verification, and fund your card with cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

Can I withdraw cash from ATMs with a crypto card?

Yes, many crypto cards allow users to withdraw cash from ATMs using their card, although fees may apply for these transactions.

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