10 Best Places To Zipline

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I’ll be writing about zip-lining in this piece and I’m going to identify some of the best places where it can be done. These destinations are characterised by lush rainforests and steep mountainsides that have amazing views which one can enjoy while indulging in exhilarating activities like zip-lining. So prepare yourself for an experience that will take you high above tree tops or across deep canyons as we explore different parts of the world where people who love ziplines can find them.

How To Choose the Best Places To Zipline

When picking where to go for zip-lining, think about these things:

Scenery: Find somewhere that has beautiful nature such as rainforests, canyons or mountains. This makes it more exciting.

Different Courses: Look for places with a variety of zipline courses designed for different skill levels; this way everyone in your group will be able to join in on the fun.

Safety First: Ensure there are strict safety regulations followed by certified operators at any potential site you choose by checking accreditations and reading reviews from past customers who can vouch for an establishment’s reputability.

Length and Height of Ziplines: The longer or higher they are, usually means faster speeds achieved while providing sweeping views along the way down making it even more thrilling!

Convenience: Consider whether transportation options like airports nearby hotels rest areas etcetera exist so that accessibility is not limited; also factor facilities like washrooms and eateries into account when deciding on which destination will be most suitable based on convenience alone.

Weather Matters: Make sure weather conditions favor this activity during planned periods (e.g., dry season) so as not to have fun cut short by rains or strong winds.

Here Is List Of Best Places To Zipline

  • Costa Rica – Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
  • Hawaii – Maui’s Haleakalā National Park
  • Alaska – Icy Strait Point’s ZipRider
  • South Africa – Tsitsikamma National Park
  • New Zealand – Rotorua’s Skyline Rotorua
  • Canada – Whistler Blackcomb’s Sasquatch® Zipline
  • Thailand – Chiang Mai’s Flight of the Gibbon
  • Mexico – Puerto Vallarta’s Los Veranos Canopy Tour
  • United States – Utah’s Moab ZipLine Adventure
  • Switzerland – Grindelwald’s First Flyer Zipline

10 Best Places To Zipline

1. Costa Rica

Among its abundant and diverse environments, Costa Rica is a standout provider of zip-line adventures. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is one of the best places to do this. There adventurers move in between the trees above the canopy, surrounded by a huge variety of tropical plants and animals. The rainforest’s courses are thrilling because they allow you to see it from different angles with platforms that offer breathtaking views over treetops where some creatures reside permanently or seasonally.

Costa Rica

Known for being an ecological paradise which follows sustainable principles in tourism development, this country offers not only excitement but also care about our environment while we’re having fun there. So if you love extreme sports or just nature itself – don’t miss out on this opportunity!

2. Hawaii

Hawaii brags about having some of the most picturesque natural scenery in the world; for those who are willing to risk it all, zipping through its verdant terrains provides an unmatched experience. One of the top places for this activity is Haleakala National Park located on Maui. People can fly through trees that seem to touch the heavens and waterfalls that appear like staircases from above while enjoying views across volcanic landscapes studded with mountainsides into the shimmering coastlines beyond.

Ziplines which cross deep valleys hidden within thick woods gives adrenaline rushes while ensuring that one gets fully immersed in Hawaii’s scenic beauty spots found within Haleakala. The feeling of wind against your skin combined with breath-taking views beneath you makes zip lining a must do adventure sport for any visitor seeking unforgettable experiences during their Hawaiian holiday

3. Alaska

In Alaska’s rough outdoors, people can go ziplining to see the state’s stunning landscapes in an exciting way. ZipRider at Icy Strait Point is one of the best spots for this activity in Alaska and it is near Hoonah, a charming little town. This exciting ride claims itself as the world’s longest zipline with over a mile in length and more than 1,300 feet in descent.


While gliding through the sky, participants get treated to birds-eye views of Alaska’s grandeur – spruce forests that seem to touch the clouds, crystal-clear fjords and jagged mountain tops covered by eternal ice. The adrenaline-pumping adventure offered by ZipRider cannot be matched by any other thrill ride on Earth; therefore making this place an absolute must-visit for all those who are looking for unparalleled excitement amidst untamed wilds of last frontiers!

4. South Africa

Zip-lining is one of the most exciting adventures you can have in South Africa. The thrill comes from the fact that you combine excitement and wonder while being transported through the country’s beautiful scenery. When it comes to such an exhilarating activity, Tsitsikamma National Park along the Garden Route is hard to beat. This area allows people to fly across a dense forest filled with tall old trees and deep river canyons on zip lines.

South Africa

As travelers move between different platforms they are also able to see wide views over the wild coastline pounded by Indian Ocean waves against cliffs far down below them. Nothing beats this amazing blend of adrenaline and natural beauty found at Tsitsikamma National Park which leaves no one indifferent as it represents one’s ultimate experience with wilderness areas in South Africa that are beyond compare!

5. New Zealand

New Zealand’s stunning landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for an exhilarating ziplining adventure, and one of the best places to experience this thrill is in Rotorua at the Skyline Rotorua. Situated amidst the geothermal wonders of the North Island, this zipline adventure offers an unforgettable journey through native forest canopy. As participants zip from one platform to another, they’re treated to sweeping views of Rotorua’s iconic geothermal features, including bubbling mud pools and steaming geysers.

New Zealand

The experience combines the adrenaline rush of ziplining with the opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty and cultural richness of New Zealand’s Maori heritage. With its blend of adventure and awe-inspiring scenery, ziplining in Rotorua promises an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike.

6. Canada

Canada is a good place for people who love ziplining. Among many others, the Sasquatch Zipline of Whistler Blackcomb is said to be the best. It takes place in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia which are very tall and beautiful. Additionally it includes passing through old forests that have grown for many years and high up above on mountains where one can see far away over everything below them.


The cables are so fast here, you could reach 80 km/hour while sliding down these slopes filled with trees under blue skies all around us! Even though there is lots of excitement involved such as adrenaline pumping through your veins or stunning views which may take breath away – this experience still makes people feel like they’ve never seen anything quite like it before because every time nature presents itself differently during those moments when we fly over them at high speeds.

7. Thailand

For an exciting zip lining adventure, there is no better place than Chiang Mai in Thailand which has many luxurious rainforests and beautiful sceneries. In Flight of the Gibbon located in Chiang Mai, among the ancient forests of Mae Kampong village; this zipline course provides an exhilarating ride through treetops where you can fly over green canopies and waterfalls.


Wildlife lovers will not be disappointed as they swing from platform to platform because all around them are tropical forests with different kinds of animals such as gibbons swinging through trees. The combination between thrilling excitement and natural beauty makes Chiang Mai’s ziplines one of those adventures that will forever remain etched into memory books while at the same time showing off some truly mesmerizing parts about Thai wilds.

8. Mexico

In Mexico, ziplining is best experienced in Puerto Vallarta at the Los Veranos Canopy Tour where the various landscapes are used as a captivating setting to this event. The course is located within the tropical jungle of Sierra Madre which is covered with abundant vegetation and crossed by canyons created by rivers.


As people move from one landing to another, they get an opportunity to see all sides of mountains around and also the shiny waters of Horcones River beneath them. These characteristics combine thrill with beauty; hence making it hard for one not have an amazing time while zipping over Puerto Vallarta’s breathtaking natural features that represent Pacific coast of Mexico so well.

9. United States

The US is full of different options for ziplining due to the variety of landscapes in the country, and Moab in Utah is one of those places. This area has many beautiful red rock formations and rough desert land. There are few places as stunning to go zip lining against such a backdrop.

People who come here can fly over ancient canyons, towering sandstone cliffs, and even the Colorado River while taking in panoramic views of an iconic landscape that has fascinated adventurers and outdoorsmen alike throughout the years. Zip lining offers an adrenaline rush unlike any other while allowing you to take in some of the most breathtaking sights on earth all at once; this is what makes it such an amazing experience!

10. Switzerland

Ziplining is a great way to see the beautiful Swiss mountains, especially in Grindelwald at First Flyer Zipline. This zipline adventure is located in the heart of the Bernese Alps and takes you through snow-capped peaks, green valleys and rushing waterfalls.

While flying down the side of a mountain range participants will be able to take in the panoramic views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau as well as the glistening expanse of Grindelwald Valley below. If you are looking for something that combines an adrenaline rush with stunning views then ziplining in Grindelwald should not be missed – it is truly one-of-a-kind!

What Make These Best Places To Zipline?

These are some of the top ziplining spots in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. For one thing, they are selected based on their exceptional natural beauty – be it towering mountains, dense rainforests, or dramatic coastlines. Such settings bring a whole new level of excitement to this adventurous activity.

Additionally, the courses themselves are designed with both thrills and safety in mind: there’s something for everyone, from beginners to experts. Moreover, operators in these destinations usually observe strict standards when it comes to customer protection while flying through air at high speed should offer nothing less than peace of mind.

Finally yet importantly, besides ziplining itself these places often have more attractions such as hiking trails wildlife viewing areas or cultural sites that can make your vacation even memorable


Finally, the planet is packed with brilliant ziplining destinations, each offering unique combinations of thrill and natural beauty. From Costa Rica’s lush rainforests to Alaska’s rough canyons; Switzerland’s towering peaks to Thailand’s lively landscapes – adventurers can fly high above some of the most amazing places on earth while zip lining.

Whether you’re after an adrenaline rush or would simply like to lose yourself in nature, these are some of the best places in the world to go zip lining where memories are sure made. So strap on that harness, embrace your fear and excitement at once and take a plunge into any one of these awe-inspiring locations for a thrilling ride!


What makes the best places for Ziplining?

These locations give the most breathtaking scenery, fastest zip lines and highest safety standards.

Can a beginner try out this zipline?

Definitely! Most of these spots offer varying levels of difficulty in their courses which caters even for beginners.

Is there any age or weight limit for ziplining?

Yes, for safety purposes each zipline operator has specific age and weight limits. Ensure you verify if you are eligible with them before going.

Do I need to have some experience before starting my adventure with Ziplines?

No experience is required on almost all ziplines. Trained guides will give instructions and be responsible for your safety as you experience them.

What should I pack or wear when going on a Zip-line tour?

Have on comfortable clothes that can withstand different weather conditions and closed toe shoes. Safety gears may be provided by some operators but it’s good to carry water, sunscreen and camera too.

Should I make reservations ahead of time for zip lining in these places?

It’s advisable to book early especially during high season so as not miss a spot that suits your preferred date and time.

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