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First-person shooter game Valorant is frantic and thrilling, and it has become more well-liked by players all around the world. As the game becomes more well-known, so increases the need for top-notch clip software that can record and distribute the most heroic moments.

Although there are many clip software options available,,, and Overwolf are some of the best. is a well-liked option due to its user-friendly layout, capacity for real-time moment capturing, and inclusion of editing capabilities.

Similar capabilities are available on, which also supports social sharing and interaction with well-known streaming services. Another excellent choice is Overwolf, especially for individuals who enjoy adding overlays and extra features to their experiences.

The ideal clip programme for Valorous will ultimately depend on the requirements of the user and preferences, but these options are a great starting point.

What is Valorant Clip Software?

Software used to record and capture gameplay from the well-known first-person shooter game Valorant is referred to as “Valorant clip software.” These computer programmes let gamers quickly record and share their best gaming experiences, like a spectacular kill or a crucial play, with others.

To improve the gaming experience, several of these software packages provide extra features including editing tools, social sharing capabilities, and customization options. The popularity of games like Valorant and the growth of the gaming business have made clip software a need for players who want to show off their prowess and network with other players.

Here Is List Of Best Valorant Clip Software

  • Eklipse – Best Clipping Software for Valorant
  • Gazoom App – Best Clipping Software for Valorant
  • Medal TV
  • ShadowPlay
  • Gazoom
  • Vibby – Best Clipping Software for Valorant Alternative

1. Eklipse

Eklipse is primarily a software for clipping. It works by automatically producing the highlights of the best gaming moments from your streams using a potent AI-based algorithm. Simply link your Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch account to Eklipse, and the AI will take care of the rest.


Eklipse is a clipping programme that also allows you to edit your films and clips using a user-friendly interface. Your movies can be edited, cropped, assembled, and enhanced with filters, themes, sound effects, music, and fluid transitions.

2. Gazoom App

Users can capture and record high-quality videos of their computer screen using the screen recording and video capturing tool Gazoom. The programme may be used to record gameplay, tutorials, presentations, and more, and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Custom recording settings, webcam recording, and audio recording choices are just a few of the capabilities offered by Gazoom.

Gazoom App

Users of the programme can also edit their videos by cropping them, or by adding text and remarks. A commercial version of Gazoom is available for customers who want access to more sophisticated capabilities including longer recording times and higher-quality output. The free version of Gazoom has a number of limitations. In general, Gazoom is a helpful tool for content producers who want to record and transmit their computer screen to others.

3. Medal TV

Gamers can record and share their favourite moments in games like Valorant using, a well-liked clip software. The app is renowned for its user-friendliness and straightforward UI and is accessible for Windows, macOS, and mobile devices.

 Medal TV lets players record gaming footage in real-time and offers a variety of editing tools so that the video can be improved before being shared with friends or on social media. Additionally, the app has a built-in media library that enables users to conveniently organise their clips and perform searches for particular moments.

Additionally, has a social aspect that enables users to interact with others and watch their clips. Overall, gamers who want a straightforward and user-friendly platform should consider clip software to capture and share their best Valorant moments.

4. ShadowPlay

NVIDIA created the clip software called ShadowPlay specifically for use with NVIDIA graphics cards. High resolution gameplay footage can be captured and recorded using the software with little to no influence on the system’s performance. Instant replay, manual recording, and broadcasting are just a few of the capabilities offered by ShadowPlay, which is compatible with Windows.

While using the app, users can also access the streaming and recording features through an overlay. Users of ShadowPlay can personalise the recording settings according to their preferences using a variety of customisation options.

Additionally, the programme integrates with well-known streaming services like Twitch and YouTube, making it simple for users to broadcast their gameplay to others. In conclusion, ShadowPlay is an excellent choice for players that have an NVIDIA graphics card and want a clip software that provides high-quality recording and streaming features.

5. Powder

According to its website, Powder is a clip software created just for gamers to record and share their favourite gaming moments. For enhancing and sharing the footage, the software includes tools like automatic cutting, customizable recording settings, and an integrated video editor. Powder also has a social aspect that enables users to interact with others and find fresh videos from other gamers.


Users can download the programme for free to try it out before buying the full version. It is available for Windows and macOS. Overall, Powder seems to be a promising alternative for gamers looking for a straightforward and user-friendly way to record and share their gaming moments.

6. Vibby

With the help of the online video editor Vibby, users can make clips using already-existing video material, such as gameplay snippets, sports highlights, and more. Users won’t have to share the entire film because the software is made to make it simple to extract and share particular portions from a video.


Vibby’s distinctive feature—which enables viewers to highlight and remark on particular sections of a video—makes it an excellent tool for content producers and others looking to interact with their audience. Any device with an internet connection can access the web-based software.

Vibby is a free service, however users can purchase to a premium version for extra features including longer clip lengths and higher video quality. Overall, Vibby is a useful tool for gamers who want to create and share specific moments from their gameplay footage with others.

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For valiant gamers, there are a variety of clip software solutions with various features and functionalities. There are several excellent options to pick from, like Eklipse, Gazoom, ShadowPlay, and The best clip software will ultimately depend on the demands and preferences of the user because each programme has unique advantages.

While some programmes are made for quick and simple clip creation and sharing, others offer more customization options and sophisticated editing tools. With the proper clip software, however, Valorant players can easily capture and share their best moments, boosting their game experience and enabling them to interact with other players and audiences.


What is the best clip software for Valorant?

There are many great clip software options for Valorant, including Eklipse, Gazoom,, ShadowPlay, and more. The best one will depend on your needs and preferences, as each program offers different features and functionalities.

What features should I look for in a clip software for Valorant?

Some key features to look for in a clip software for Valorant include ease of use, customizable recording settings, editing tools, the ability to share clips on social media, and integration with streaming platforms.

Can I use clip software for Valorant on any operating system?

Most clip software for Valorant is available for Windows and macOS, but some programs may also be available for mobile devices or other operating systems.

Are there any free clip software options for Valorant?

Yes, there are several free clip software options for Valorant, including, Overwolf, and However, some of these programs may offer limited features compared to paid versions.

Can I use clip software for Valorant to record other games?

Yes, many clip software options for Valorant can also be used to record other games and video content, but their effectiveness may vary depending on the game or content being recorded.

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