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Launched on 1 October 2019, is a centralized exchange located at Canada, C. D. Howe Building, 235 Queen Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5. It supports CAD fiat pairs. Biconomy is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Canada and it has been up and running since 1 October 2019. 

As main advantages with the platform, Biconomy Exchange promotes that it is simple, secure and reliable. These three advantages should be important to any prospective users of a new crypto exchange platform. As an example of how it is secure, Biconomy mentions that they store 98% of their users assets in cold storage.

Operating Company 

Deposit FeeFree
Taker Fees0.20%
Maker Fees0.20%
Official SiteHomepage

How To  Start With

To Start Trading With Exchange Indian Residents First Have To Sign Up For An Account By Following The Steps Below.

Step 1. Click On The “Login/Signup” Link On The Top Right Hand Corner Of The Website.

Step 2. In The Form, Fill In Your First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email ID And Password.

Step 3. If You Have A Referral Code, Enter The Code While Creating Your Account.

Step 4. Submit The Form And Wait For An Activation Email To Be Sent To You.

Step 5. Click On The “Confirm Email” Link In The Activation Email.

Step 6. After Your Account Is Activated, You’ll Be Sent A 6 Digit One Time Password (OTP), Which You Have To Enter After Logging Into Your

Biconomy Trading fees

Every time you place an order, the exchange charges you a trading fee. The trading fee is normally a percentage of the value of the trade order. Normally, exchanges distinguishes between takers and makers. Takers are the one who “take” an existing order from the order book. Makers are the ones who add orders to the order book, thereby making liquidity at the platform.

At Biconomy Exchange , the standard trading fees are 0.20% for takers and the same (i.e., no discount) for makers. 0.20% is in line with, or even slightly below, the global industry averages for centralized exchanges. Industry averages have historically been around 0.20-0.25% but we now see new industry averages emerging around 0.10%-0.15%. According to the latest empirical study on the subject, the industry average taker fees were 0.217% and the industry average maker fees were 0.164% (for spot trading). Consequently, Biconomy’s fees are below both of these industry averages.

Biconomy Withdrawal fees have not been able to find any information on this exchange’s withdrawal fees. This is potentially a risk for you as an investor. Whenever an exchange does not inform of a fee, there is a higher risk that such fee is high. As soon as we receive information on the withdrawal fees at Biconomy, we will update this review and post them here.

Deposit Methods

Biconomy lets you deposit assets to the exchange in many different ways, through wire transfer, debit card, and also by just depositing existing cryptocurrency assets. Seeing as fiat currency deposits are possible at this trading platform, Biconomy qualifies as an “entry-level exchange”, meaning an exchange where new crypto investors can start their journey into the exciting crypto world.


Top Exchange Platform

Biconomy Exchange are a leader in terms of real daily trading volume. With the licenses in the US and Canadian markets we sere a diverse market.

Top Coins Available

They list only top coins and carefully evaluated projects. Providing our customers access to only reliable assets is crucial for us.

Top Business Services provide comprehensive pre- and post– listing services with our dedicated team support and accelerator program.

Optimized User Experience

The have created a streamlined buying and selling experience with low rates. We understand our users’ needs and wants.

Secure Trading Platform Exchange have a multi-tier and multi-cluster system architecture with 98% assets in cold storage.

Reliable Customer Support

They offer 24/7 dedicated support and trading assistance to all our clients. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority.


Not all the websites Which listed in Top List are 100% safe to use or investment. We do not promote any of those. Due diligence is your own responsibility. You should never make an investment into any online program with money you aren’t prepared to lose. Make sure to research about the website. So Please take care of your investments. and be in the safety site and avoid much losing online.


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