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Bitcoin and crypto market warning from the famous analyst with his accurate predictions!

The analyst, who is famous in the cryptocurrency market under the pseudonym DonAlt, said in a statement to his 479,100 followers on Twitter that the rally in the cryptocurrency market is broken. Bitcoin (BTC) price has failed to capture a critical resistance level.

DonAlt had invested significantly in Bitcoin as a result of his correct prediction as the Bitcoin price bottomed out in November 2022. He then made a profit by selling these coins when the market was on the rise this year.

DonAlt now also issues a warning for Bitcoin. According to him, the important thing here was the $32,000 resistance. BTC has failed to break this resistance. Therefore, he says that crypto money investors should be careful here. According to the analyst, not breaking this resistance means that the rally has peaked.

DonAlt also warns that Bitcoin could be caught in a bigger sell-off right now. He particularly points out that Bitcoin bulls are trading far from a key level on the weekly chart. He explains:

Bitcoin is currently trading at $28,017.

Selling BTC at the height of the previous bull cycle, DonAlt bought Bitcoin Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP) at the bottom in November 2022. Last week, he announced that he had sold his cryptos by making a big profit.