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BlackBerry has released an official press release with a message about the decision to create a blockchain platform. A telecommunications company that manufactures smartphones for businesses intends to use a platform for storing and sharing medical data.

 The development of a digital book for reliable storage of personal data of patients, laboratory information and biometric loT-devices was entrusted to ONEBIO biotechnical incubator. BlackBerry will support the book using its Network Operations Center (NOC).

The plans of the BlackBerry to create a super-protected ecosystem of global scale. It is assumed that not only people, but also biometric devices of the Internet of Things will be able to enter data. If necessary, researchers will be able to request the necessary information and receive it from the platform anonymously.

The World Commission for the Identification of Rare Childhood Diseases has already expressed deep interest in the BlackBerry blockchain platform. Shire biopharmaceutical company, one of the commission’s partners, will study the new product for information analysis speed in real time. The Commission is interested in using technologies that allow you to quickly gather information for the timely diagnosis of diseases.    

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