Bonpay Ico Review: digital payment system based on Blockchain

by Henary Uttam

About Bonpay

Bonpay is a full-fledged Blockchain service. It includes a wide range of solutions, from Bitcoin storage to plastic or virtual card, helping to make payments anywhere. Enjoy endless possibilities of controlling your payments world. Ideal combination of technological reliability, infrastructural inclusiveness, relevant experience and deep financial knowledge makes Bonpay’s operating manner unique. By balancing these key strengths, the company team is able to undertake flexible and informed decisions in order to provide the highest-quality services for clients.

Basic Information

Token Name BON
Token Raised 9,746,719 USD
Social Media
Token Price =====
Platform Ethereum
Token Supply =====
Hard Cap =====
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Bonpay In A Nutshell

Bonpay Wallet is a state-of-the art, easy and convenient service, available from any device with fullyfunctioning web-version. Each user will be able to download and use Bonpay App for free in both Android and iOS versions in 2018. By registering an account a user automatically creates a Bonpay multi-currency wallet and a private key which will be securely stored in a hot and cold storage to safeguard your funds. After creation the wallet can be instantly loaded with cryptocurrency. Account’s usability enables users to replenish their wallets simply by intuitively undertaking certain steps. Bonpay Crypto Card is the latest technology implementation which makes the crypto currencies withdrawal available  for anyone. Such features, as enhanced security and simplicity of usage make it irreproachable.

Product Advantages

• Self-controlled data protection. With Bonpay security system you become a direct owner of your funds;
• Risk diversification;
• Multi-currency accounts. Bonpay Wallet will support wide range of cryptocurrencies and will be compatible with various blockchains;
• Decentralized storage;
• Ability to transfer and exchange funds in 125+ currencies with transparent and fair rates;
• Cut-throat blockchain assets protection
• Sustainability provided by Decentralised Liquidity Network (DLN).

Low Availability Of Financial Services For Unbanked

Another large problem on the market is that numbers of unbanked users are those considered ‘underserved’ by the traditional banking system. These are people in areas of lower economic development who may not have access to bank accounts. Rather than using large amounts of local cash to make certain transactions such as for purchasing cars or equipment, they are doing instant peer-to-peer crypto transfers using Bonpay service.

Low Level Of Crypto Liquidity On The Market

Currently there are no services presenting on the market which provide crypto wallet + card solutions. There are a lot of claims but in fact the liquidity of blockchain assets is on the low level. So here comes Bonpay service crypto wallet + card solution provider with many other options of buying crypto and withdrawing it to fiat. The service will show the market how all issues with crypto withdrawals should be resolved.

Bonpay Wallet

Bonpay wallet allows its clients to keep a diverse currency portfolio ideally connected with the wallet and card. It also acts as a tool to convert funds and is available on any device. The exchange fee depends on the contribution amount to the network aiming to increase and enhance the liquidity base.

Several additional ways were developed by Bonpay to ensure liquidity network:
• holding our own lockup reserve
• liquidity network reserves

These reserves provide the on-demand availability of currency pairs at reasonable rates. When the request arises, Bonpay liquidity network automatically picks the best rate to satisfy the inquiry. Participating in Bonpay liquidity network allows users to complete cross-network transactions at lower rates simply and swiftly. Public engagement in cryptocurrency ecosystem is one of the core approaches of Bonpay to implement the instant crypto convertibility access.

DLN Implementation

Bonpay team is developing a new-age technology and soon will implement it in its business model. DLN will be based on interaction of several smart-contracts that enable liquidity providers, rich individuals as well as Bitcoin exchanges, safely cooperate rather than compete and provide their customers increased liquidity. Participants don’t need to trust each other as everything is cryptographically protected. Bonpay will be one of the equal participants of Decentralised Liquidity Network and the first who invests in it. Using DLN helps to separate risks of holding money in one or even several exchanges, it gives you confidence in stable and fast work of the system as any unpredicted catastrophe can’t influence all participants at the same time. Moreover, involvement of numerous different providers opens new horizons to convert more cryptocurrencies to each other and fiat as easy and fast as to send a message.

Liquidity On Crypto Currency Market

There are several trusted crypto exchange platforms with the options of withdrawing funds to bank account as well as buying cryptocurrency, but they mainly focus on the trade and liquidity questions more. Also there are lots of local exchanges and services providing different methods of funding and withdrawing crypto but their rates usually go higher than 15%, which is not normal. Basically Bonpay service with the card solution and lots of methods of funding crypto wallet is the best option for those who are only starting their crypto way or already are crypto professionals.


Basically they want to make a withdrawal of cryptocurrencies widespread and available for masses. But by that time the products would engage everyone, who is interested in a service, which is the assembly of the best withdrawal options and new possibilities. World digitalization is inevitable. Thus, Bonpay is always there to link traditional finance and the world of digital currency. They make it simple and discreet for people to perform their local currency conversions into and out of digital currency and to pay with crypto assets successfully around the world.

Oleg Boykov – CTO
Valentin Kaduchenko – CPO
Julya Bashtannik – CFO
Alex Blazhevych – CEO

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