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About Caduceus Ico

Caduceus Ico is the first metaverse protocol with decentralized edge rendering, dedicated to providing infrastructure layer of metaverse development. This is equipped with features such metaverse sandbox editor, XR extended reality technology and EVM compatible. It provides an easy adoptable ecosystem for Metaverse developers and creators. Founded and developed by a group of international investors and blockchain experts, Caduceus has brought together a range of talent to oversee this ambitious project.

Token Basic Information

Token NameCaduceus Ico
Token SymbolCMP
Ico Price$0.800000
Token For Sale25,000 CMP
Personal Cap10USDT~200USDT
Total Supply0.0025%
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage


  • The metaverse is not some avatars in front of a floating whiteboard.
  • The metaverse has not been boxed and is not owned.
  • It’s whatever we want it to be.
  • Join us in making one for the many.
  • Anyone who believes there’s a better way.
  • We’re building the world’s first 3D metaverse platform for easy adoption. P2P comms, IPFS storage and a whole load more fun on the Caduceus Chain Network. Tools in the hands of creator to disrupt the worlds of travel, education, social, fim & TV, gaming and entertainment as a whole.

Ready to redefine

  • XR
  • Glass
  • OS
  • Box
  • Identification Authentification

NFT and GameFi

  • Creativity should run free.
  • It’s what we’re all about.
  • High-speed, low-cost creation for the whole community. Ready to mint. Ready to share.
  • Weave your dreams freely through traditional gaming formats and Web3 with seamless bridging.
  • Find us a barrier, we’ll eat a barrier. And don’t even get us started on bespoke hardware…it’s all happening.

Ready to redefine

  • Art
  • Certification and Licensing
  • Collectibles
  • GameFi
  • Payment Solutions
  • Asset Management


  • We’re way past single-chain thinking. The community needs a fully compatible DeFi ecosystem, so that’s what we’re building. Higher throughput, lower fees, and white-knuckle speed.
  • All the while playing nicely with Ethereum assets, apps and tools.

Ready to redefine:

  • Asset Issuance
  • Automated Market Maker (AMM)
  • Lending
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

All The Good

Speed for days

  • Enterprise-grade processing and peak transaction speeds of up to 100,000tps.
  • Plus memory-based data systems for improved performance.
  • All wrapped up in a bow of lower gas fees.

Modules to the moon

  • Caduceus Ico understand that composability is key.
  • That’s why we’re building a system that’s devoted to super-fast assembly.
  • Pluggable, detachable and all those other words that make our hair stand on end.

Multi-protocol heaven

Caduceus supports ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, ERC998 and other asset types.


Open source is in DNA

  • Caduceus Ico want to create a standardized development ecosystem where everyone can play. Open-source code. Open-source protocols. The proverbial door is always open…

Tooling for world-makers

  • We’re creating a 360° suite of development environments and supporting tools. Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for monitoring, maintenance and smart contract creation.
  • Custom deployments, BaaS, and support for Java, Golang and Javascript blockchain SDKs.
  • And if you want more, we’re all ears…

How to Participate?

In order to be qualified as an IDO participant, you will need to submit your BEP20 wallet address and complete the required tasks on our LaunchPad page (

Tag 3 friends in the comments, and retweet the following tweet.

Once you have completed all fields, then click “submit”.


2021 Q4

Blockchain Test Network v1.0 Goes Live
Improve the developer community
On-line developer tools

2022 Q3

Caduceus Ico Blockchain Test Network v2.0 Goes Live
Edge Rendering v1.0 Goes Live
Cadu virtual city v1.0 Goes Live

2023 Q1

XR-SDK Released
XR-Glass v1.5 Camera Version Released
3D-VLog Platform Released

2022 Q2

Blockchain Main Net v1.0 Launched
DEFI/GameFi/NFT Trading Platform Goes Live
Phenomenal Application DAPP Launched

2022 Q4

Caduceus Ico Blockchain Main Net v2.0 Launched
XR-Glass v1.0 Camera Screen Casting Released
Metaverse DID System Gose Live

2023 Q2

XR-Glass v2.0 wirelessly Released
Creators Platform v1.0 Released
XR-OS System v1.0 Released
Edge Rendering v2.0 Goes Live


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