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Coin Security Cryptocurrency exchange currency security official sources as saying that it has added many advanced security features for the current system, the goal is to fully restore access on Tuesday, the specific time will be announced later.

Last week, the Currency Exchange announced that it had suffered a hacking attack loss of 7,000 bitcoins (about 40 million US dollars) and Coin Security suspended the access function of the exchange. In the past week, the company has been upgrading its system safely, and because its CEO Zhao Changpeng mentioned the “restructuring blockchain” in the discussion, it caused a hot discussion in the community.

In the “security update” officially released by the company on Monday morning,

“In the past few days, we have made some major changes to our system. We have added a lot of advanced security features and rebuilt some features. We will share details about these changes later.”

For the function of when the exchange user’s universal relationship is replied to, the reply is that the target is to reply on Tuesday (May 14th), but the specific time has not yet been determined. It said,

“Our goal is to fully restore access on Tuesday. The time will be announced later, depending on the progress of the test. This upgrade will require a suspension of the transaction. We will announce the latest development again tomorrow.”

In the week after the attack on the Currency Exchange, the price of the largest cryptocurrency bitcoin was not affected, but it rose to a maximum of Coin Security more than $7,500. It is widely believed in the industry that this is a manifestation of the maturity of the Bitcoin ecosystem, and its price may soon recover from negative effects such as the impact of the currency security attack, Bitfinex and Tether accusations.

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