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With this rise in US stocks, Trump finally has bragging capital, vigorously cheering this is the greatest recovery in American history. Looking at the employment rate data in May, employment has increased by 2.5 million and is expected to be -7.5 million, which is significantly better than expected. 

At the same time, he did not forget to ridicule Buffett’s heavy loss of selling aviation stocks, saying that Buffett would also make mistakes and should continue to hold aviation stocks, because the stock price has risen above the ceiling.

Many institutions in the US stock market are selling, and retail investors are buying. In the words of Mr. Li, the stupid consensus is also a consensus. The US stock market has reached a new high in a mournful voice. This is the power of confidence.

Also confident is bitcoin. From 2009 to now, bitcoin has fluctuated all the way up. Although there will also be a sharp callback, it finally ended the adjustment with another record high. Now people’s expectations of bitcoin in the future are still the same. Under the influence of this confidence, bitcoin will continue to rise unreasonably like US stocks. Even if many people think that he has no value, under the impetus of confidence, he will break all the short legs and return to the new high.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Of Bitcoin:

Today, the volume can be reduced, the high level continues to oscillate, and neither can go up nor down. If the 10,000 marks cannot be broken quickly and effectively, then it will step back on the support and then continue to oscillate in the high box. The current 9350 support level is relatively strong It is very likely that the market will confirm downward and try to break through again. In short, it is still mainly oscillated above 9000, and it will start to attack after enough toss.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Of Ethereum:

Grayscale Ethereum Trust also bought 110 million US dollars this year. This giant whale is not only optimistic about Bitcoin, but also the future of Ethereum. As the 2.0 process gets closer, its current price is worth optimizing. The short-term callback volume can not be Large, the market outlook is expected to follow the pie to create a rebound high.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Of HT:

The rise did not last. It seems to be a repurchase market. The platform currency will slowly rise in the future. Don’t participate if you can’t bear the loneliness.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Of XRP :

Cooperating with a bunch of banks, the currency price has been falling. No wonder many analysts believe that Ripple is a scam. His main problem is that there is too much supply. If the currency price wants to improve, the relationship between supply and demand needs to be changed.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Of LTC:

The amount of callback for two consecutive days can be small, you can hold it first.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Of BCH:

5 day line unbreakable.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Of EOS:

Voice is ready to go online, but this news has not stimulated EOS to rise. It is estimated that Voice’s market share will be very limited in the end, so the expectations are not strong.


Shelly upgrade + pledge lock, the lock is locked, it is estimated that the price of the currency is almost gone, don’t chase it. Short-term strong turn weak.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Of TRX :

Continue to hold high position, you can hold it first, I don’t know the day when Grand Brother Sun broke through.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis Of XMR :

After the toss is over, the probability of an upward trend is ultimately high. Therefore, mainstream currency is basically based on holding and replenishing positions. Try to find those with speculation in the future. The currencies that continue to shrink are not considered first.

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