Cryptos Currency Exchange Review – It Very Easy to Use

About Cryptos Exchange

Cryptos Exchange is a cryptocurrency success story. Not only do they have the hottest domain name in the industry, they also have products and services to back up the reputation of carrying such a powerful domain. Cryptos is born out of the MCO project which launched in an ICO in 2017.

Stemming from an idea to produce a crypto credit card to fuel crypto mass adoption, they’ve expanded their value offering to include the cryptocurrency exchange. Their mobile application is stacked with an impressive feature set with some of the most competitive offerings in the crypto space.

Regulations for conducting exchange operations

Applications, in which cash does not participate in the exchange, are processed automatically  – around the clock. For exchanges in which cash is involved, applications are processed manually and agreed with the Support Service. Customer support  is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 20:00 GMT +3

The exchange rates are updated every 45 seconds  and are available on the main page of the Service

Cryptos Exchange rate, when buying Bitcoin / Ether / Tether, is fixed at the time of payment for the application through the merchant. When selling Bitcoin – the rate is fixed and the amount to be paid is recalculated – after the first confirmation of the transaction in the Bitcoin network. When selling Ether / Tether – the rate is fixed and the amount to be paid is recalculated – after the fourth confirmation of the transaction, in the Ethereum network.

What are the limits on the amounts for the exchange?

  • Cryptos Exchange current limits are always visible and available on the main page of the Service for each of the currency pairs. The maximum amount of one exchange operation depends on the choice of the payment instrument and is set in accordance with the current legislation and the rules of payment systems. 


Cryptos Exchange Bitcoin / Ether exchange commission depends on the current market situation and available reserves. The current rate for each currency pair includes the commission of the payment system and does not imply any additional commissions.

 Bitcoin transaction confirmation?

  • Cryptos Exchange is a mechanism to protect the same tokens from re-spending. When you transfer coins from your wallet to a new owner, a request is sent to the Bitcoin network to include your transaction in a new block. In the classic Bitcoin client, the request becomes legitimate and the transaction is considered completed after 6 confirmations of inclusion in the block. We consider the payment accepted and activate the ticket (code) to receive funds after the first confirmation of the transaction in the Bitcoin network.

Exchange rate of Bitcoin / Ether to Fiat fixed during the exchange?

  • When buying, the Bitcoin or Ether rate is fixed at the time of payment for the application through the merchant, and when selling, the rate will be fixed after the first (Bitcoin) or fourth (Ether) confirmation of the transaction in the Bitcoin / Ethereum network.


Cryptos Exchange Safety of customers’ funds on deposit accounts is provided by a powerful security system, comparable to bank deposits protection systems.


Cryptos Exchange Protection of initial cash investments. When trading in financial markets high-risk financial instruments are used.


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