Bootcamps open new horizons for blockchain technologies in Russia

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Hyperledger Bootcamp was held in Moscow

The educational and networking event Bootcamp, which was held in Moscow on 14th and 15th October, 2019, united the best web developers, writers, designers, artists, organizers, and certainly project managers from the leading Russian and international companies working closely with blockchain technology: Oracle, iPChain Association, Soramitsu, Sberbank and Nornickel—a general partner of Bootcamp.

The attendees of the event also included experts from the Laboratory for Research and Development of Blockchain Technologies, created by Nornickel and IBM at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Nornickel, a leading metallurgical Russian company, joined Hyperledger this summer with the aim of building open blockchains and a tokenization platform for their company’s products by the end of 2019. Currently, Norickel is testing smart contracts in order to reduce their number of manual operations and to increase the transparency of business processes. The release of the company’s stablecoins for its main metals and primarily for palladium is still a subject for thorough analysis.

Nornickel’s interest in developing new digital technologies, expanding their number of partners and projects and involving more people in blockchain implementation in finance, logistics, medical care and other fields is on the same line as Hyperledger’s objectives.
Hyperledger organizes Bootcamps all around the globe. Two of them have already been staged in Brazil and Hong Kong in spring and summer this year and they presented a wonderful opportunity to increase the popularity of blockchain technologies for local companies in Asia and South America.

The Bootcamps allow developers to immerse themselves in working with new technologies quickly and deeply. Such open events are very flexible too as they let the participants choose trainings and gain practical experience in a very short period of time.

Community is the most valuable asset from Hyperledger’s perspective and therefore the organizers make a lot of effort to create a pleasant and professional atmosphere. This is one of the reasons why Bootcamp is suitable not just for tech specialists working with codes but also for those who can develop documentation, successful user cases, bug testing and reporting and more.

The majority of participants are novices, and this is another reason why the friendly and open atmosphere, along with the great usability of the platform, is crucial. Bootcamp is perfect for those who would like to get a lift in their career and indulge in new project work.

At the start, all participants discuss the projects available and afterwards get into groups in accordance with their preferences. Then they can dive into more profound learning, study documentation and make their first contribution to the project, for example: send a bug report, suggest solutions or even suggest and develop a new user case!

Because the teams consist of experts and novices, the learning process is exhilarating and becomes much more effective. At the same time, the professionals have a great chance to discover new talents.


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