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About UI is wonderful. It’s the convenience of EtherDelta but with the UI of GDAX. The ability to buy and sell tokens directly from my ledger is the ultimate form of security. Decentralized exchanges are providing the safety and security that crypto desperately needs!

They provide one of the only DEX API’s that supports free order cancellation, which is key for market making strategy. Their SDK is extremely well documented. Support is professional and fast. Brilliant! DDEX consistently lists cool decentralized projects before anyone else. Anyone looking to trade a hot ICO needs to check DDEX out.

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Support 24/7
Withdraw Fee Free
Futures trading Present
Maker Fee 0.1%
Taker Fees 0.3%
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How To  Start With

To start trading with,Indian residents first have to sign up for an account by following the steps below.

Step 1. Click on the “Login/Signup” link on the top right hand corner of the website.

Step 2. In the form, fill in your first name, last name, mobile number, email ID and password.

Step 3. If you have a referral code, enter the code while creating your account.

Step 4. Submit the form and wait for an activation email to be sent to you.

Step 5. Click on the “confirm email” link in the activation email.

Step 6. After your account is activated, you’ll be sent a 6 digit one time password (OTP), which you have to enter after logging into your account.

Trading Fees

The default trading fees on DDEX are:

  • Maker Fee: 0.1%
  • Taker Fee: 0.3%

If you are a Hydro Protocol Token (HOT) holder your trading fees will be automatically discounted:

Trading Fee Maker Rebates

Are you a market maker or frequent DDEX trader? You can actually make additional money through trading with our Maker Rebates. Not only can your trading fee be reduced, but we will rebate up to 50% of all taker fees. This gives fees back to our users who help provide liquidity on DDEX as a monthly reward. If you are a market maker or high volume trader, please email to apply for these maker rebate rewards.

Trading Fee Philosophy modified trading fees to go from 0.2%/0.2% for maker/taker to 0.1%/0.3% maker/taker, resulting in the same overall earnings for DDEX. So why bother? The end goal is to provide the best trading experience possible for all of our DDEX users. One of the key parameters that helps provide this is liquidity.

This change in fee structure effectively encourages a more populated orderbook with greater depth and lower spreads – resulting in a more positive trading experience for everyone. If you’re a frequent DDEX user or market maker, the HOT discounts and Maker Rebate program combine to form an extremely competitive fee structure.

Gas Fees

Any transaction that is processed on the Ethereum blockchain requires a “gas fee”. These gas fees go to miners who run software to uphold the Ethereum blockchain. Gas fees are not a constant value. The cost of transactions fluctuates depending on network traffic.

Benefits to Order Makers?

Many exchanges structure their fees to give order makers a slight benefit over order takers to encourage a healthier trading environment. An order maker adds liquidity to the orderbook, while the order taker removes it.

While both order makers and order takers are extremely valuable, incentivizing order making will naturally yield a more “liquid” orderbook (larger, stronger, better) – this provides a superior trading experience for all of users. This benefits everyone!

New User Trading Rewards Program new user rewards program allows new users to earn rewards for every step they make towards completing their first transaction on DDEX. The aim is to encourage new users to start trading on the platform while incentivizing regular engagement. It is our pleasure to walk new users through the basic steps of trading on DDEX. They will reward users with Hydro Protocol Tokens (HOT) for completing each of these tasks.


Since they officially started our open beta testing, they have made many improvements to the DDEX platform (with more to come!). They have seen a consistent flow of trades on DDEX during this initial phase, and we expect this volume to increase as new users continue to join platform. To continue to bring new users to DDEX, they are announcing New User Trading Rewards Program!


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