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About is a Swedish registered company offering incentives for people to speak up about their opinion. They have built a unique platform exclusively for panelists (users) to easier focus on growing their account and earning money for it. We constantly work on developing our platform further to expand the opportunities in the system and we try to only show the best quality surveys available.

Ebuno Survey is a fairly new survey panel and it claims you can make money while making your voice heard. is a fairly new survey panel and was just launched at the beginning of 2019.

There is a Swedish company behind it but it is still available in many more countries (more about this later). There is really not much more background info to be found about Ebuno because it is so new. But what I can say after having tested it is that it is working with some reliable and long-lasting survey providers.

Ebuno is actually a fairly simple survey panel. However, since it was first launched it has already evolved a lot which shows the company behind it is serious about improving it and giving more options.

Opinions4good Basic Information

Some Important Details
Platform Name
Payment Method Paypal, Bitcoin
Refer Commission Rate10%
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Listed On 16/05/2020
Company Address Birger Jarlsgatan 8  Sweden | 559183-6027
Website UrlClick Here To Visit

How To Join Survey Portal

First Step

Visit the Website Url.

Second Step

Click On Sign Up & Registration Button . Fill Required Details Like , Name , Email ,Or Other Details Which Required By Website .

Third Step

Verify Email Address By Clicking On Confirmation Url Or Code Which You Received On Your Email .

Fourth Step

Now You Joined . Click On Login Button And Start Competing Survey & Earn Money

Earn money while making your voice heard

With Ebuno, you can make money online by completing very easy and simple surveys. So you can actually earn money while making your opinion heard.

Powerful & Simple Dashboard

The dashboard is built for just you, so you can easily get started with completeing paid surveys. We have great built-in features to make it more fun, more rewarding and easier to earn some extra money.

Withdraw your earnings quickly using these methods have support for several different methods of withdrawing money so you can get your money to your preferred wallet.

How much does it pay?

The value of each survey can differ depending of many factors such as the time it takes to complete it. Usually you get around $1 for every 10 minute survey but can be higher. It also depends on how fast you are to answer the questions.

How It Work

Ebuno Survey is a service that allows you to earn money and express your opinions by doing paid surveys online. These are fun to do at the same time as you actually gain something by doing them. You can easily earn money wherever you are; the bus or the bed. So, feel free to try and join our panel and begin to earn today!


When you want to request a payout, you can easily do that by going to “Rewards” in your panel. You can choose among different types of rewards like gift cards or plain cash. Feel free to go there and see for yourself!


Can you become a millionaire? – Probably not. The surveys varies between $0.5-$3 and they take from 2-20 minutes to do. So, the longer time the survey takes to complete the more you earn. So lets say you earn $0.15/minute on average, if you do the maths this is about 300 $9/hour which is pretty good considering how easy it is. Many of our panelists do these surveys while watching tv, sitting one the bus or even in class. To sum it all up, we want to give you a tip, “Convert dead time to money”, if you’re not doing anything you could earn some extra money rather than doing nothing. Domain & Hosting Information

Given URL:
Hosting:AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc.
Registrar:Ascio Technologies, Inc. Danmark – Filial af Ascio technologies, Inc. USA
Server IP:
Creation Date2019-02-05 17:45:30
Expiration Date2021-02-05 17:45:30
Updation Date2019-12-10 11:31:16 FAQ


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