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About Maru Voice Canada

Launched in 2006, Maru Voice Canada is Canada’s leading online market research panel, giving Canadians the opportunity to voice their opinions on a variety of topics and issues. They partner with reputable organizations including household brands, government bodies, not-for-profit organizations, and the media in order to help them better understand their customers and stakeholders, and to ensure they take the views of ordinary Canadians into account.

For each survey in which you take part, your answers are collected along with those of fellow Maru Voice Canada members and the results are analyzed by the research experts before being presented to clients or released to the media.

Maru/Blue is a premium quality data services firm that provides reliable global data connections for brands, agencies, and market research. They create value for clients by connecting them with expertly profiled known respondents. The result? Reliable, reproducible insights. They deliver instant access to the general population, specific markets, and your or your competitor’s customers.

They began disrupting the market community industry in 2000. The market communities broke new ground, adding depth and richness to clients’ understanding of what motivates their customers and shapes their markets. Now, as part of the Maru Group, we continue to provide reliable global data connections for agencies, brands, and market research firms.

Maru Voice Canada Basic Information

SomeImportant Details
Platform NameMaru Voice Canada
Basic planFree
Address2 Bloor Street East, Suite 1600, Toronto, Ontario  M4W 1A8 CA
Platform CategoryOnline Survey
Website UrlHomepage

How To Join Maru Voice Canada

First Step

Visit the Maru Voice Canada Website Url.

Second Step

Click On Sign Up & Registration Button . Fill Required Details Like , Name , Email ,Or Other Details Which Required By Website .

Third Step

Verify Email Address By Clicking On Confirmation Url Or Code Which You Received On Your Email .

Fourth Step

Now You Joined . Click On Login Button And Start Competing Survey & Earn Money

A Panel Run By Canadians, for Canadians

Maru Voice Canada is a Canadian-run survey panel which aims to help companies, media and government learn about the values, attitudes, tastes and preferences of Canadians. Most surveys award between 50 and 500 points and you can expect to receive between 1-4 surveys a month.

Join and You Could Win $1000!

New members of will automatically be entered into the $1000 cash prize draw upon joining the community.

Points for Surveys

The amount of points you receive and/or if you receive draws into a sweepstakes depends on the length and complexity of surveys. In order for your account to stay active, They requests panelists complete a survey at least once every 3 months.

Refer Your Friends to Rack up Points

Refer your friends to the community, and earn 200 bonus points. Successful referrals are defined as those who have confirmed their membership and participate in at least 2 surveys within their first month of membership. Simply click the ‘Refer a Friend’ link in your account to grab your unique referral code to share with friends, on social media, etc.

Can you use it on mobile?

The good thing about Maru Voice Canada/UK though is, you will be able to use it on a mobile device. They address this question in their FAQ section. They say any device with the following requirements:

  • iPhone iOS v3.0+
  • Android OS v2.2+
  • Blackberry OS v6.0+
  • Windows phone OS v7.5+

will be able to answer surveys. However, they do not mention any Maru Voice app you can download and install on your mobile device.

So, you will have to do it via a mobile browser. That won’t be a problem though because the mobile version of their site is optimized for mobile use.

You will be able to view the content without having to scroll left or right or zoom in and out.

This is good because it allows you to be more efficient at racking up points since you can answer surveys even when you are not sitting in front of a computer.

Why join?

Joining Maru Voice Canada allows you to voice your opinions by completing quality surveys. As a member of Maru Voice Canada, you will:

• Make an impact on the companies and policymakers who shape country’s future.
• Have the chance to be among the first to know about new products and services our clients are introducing.
• Be rewarded with points that can be redeemed for prizes, and entries into our monthly sweepstakes draws.


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