Exploring the Surge in Altcoins: A Deep Dive into AVAX, RUNE, and SPCT’s Market Dynamics

by Coinworldstory

The surge in altcoins such as Avalanche (AVAX), THORChain (RUNE), and VC Spectra (SPCT) has captivated the market. Coinbase’s introduction of AVAX perpetual futures contracts signals a new phase of growth and diversity in investment options. Concurrently, RUNE’s triumph over Curve Finance in weekly DEX trade volumes underlines its influence in DeFi. Amidst these developments, VC Spectra (SPCT) stands out with its unique decentralized asset management and trading platform. Let’s explore these top altcoins.



  • Analysts predict Avalanche (AVAX) price could surpass $20 after breaking a year-long bearish pattern.
  • THORChain’s (RUNE) Q3 2023 report revealed a 114% increase in total USD volume, marking its market expansion.
  • VC Spectra (SPCT) aims to make blockchain and technology investments accessible and feasible.

Coinbase Launches Avalanche (AVAX) Perps

Coinbase has announced the addition of Avalanche (AVAX) perpetual futures contracts, set to launch on November 14 if liquidity conditions are met. This move comes after Coinbase received regulatory approval for retail perpetual futures trading in October. The introduction of Avalanche (AVAX)-PERP markets marks a significant step in diversifying investment options for Avalanche (AVAX).

On November 13, AVAX price was around $18. Analysts say AVAX price aims to surpass the $20 mark after successfully breaking out of a bearish flag pattern on the Avalanche chart that dominated most of 2023. The price action formed a falling wedge in the Avalanche chart, indicating a more significant trend of lower high formation.

Besides, Avalanche (AVAX) exhibits a bullish, engulfing candlestick pattern, and there is optimism that this momentum could propel the AVAX price beyond $20. AVAX price prediction suggests that the Avalanche token price could reach the $30 mark by the end of December. However, the triple white soldiers’ pattern observed on Avalanche hints at a potential pullback to retest the broken trendline.

THORChain (RUNE) Outperforms Curve Finance

THORChain, one of the best DeFi projects, outperformed Curve Finance in weekly trade volume on decentralized exchanges, ranking third behind Uniswap and PancakeSwap. With last week’s volume surpassing $1.32 billion, THORChain has become a notable player in the DEX market.

Thus, THORChain (RUNE) experienced significant growth, trading around $5 on November 13, reflecting the platform’s increasing influence in DeFi. In addition, THORChain’s third-quarter report for 2023 highlighted a substantial 114% rise in total USD volume, demonstrating RUNE’s expanding market presence.

In the final quarter of 2023, experts say THORChain (RUNE) shows a bullish price outlook. November’s forecast suggests an upward trend with a potential high of $6. As December approaches, THORChain (RUNE) might target for $7. These predictions reflect RUNE’s role in incentivizing liquidity provision and network participation on THORChain.

VC Spectra (SPCT) Is Rising In the Altcoin Market

VC Spectra (SPCT) has emerged as a notable player, particularly among the best altcoins segment. The platform’s native token, SPCT, has seen a remarkable increase in value, rising by over 700% to a price of $0.066 in its ongoing Stage 4 presale. This surge has surpassed initial forecasts, with VC Spectra (SPCT) now expected to exceed the projected $0.080 by the end of the presale, demonstrating a potential 10X increase from its initial value.

VC Spectra (SPCT) stands out with its unique decentralized asset management protocol and trading platform. VC Spectra’s vision is to democratize access to these industries, making it feasible for anyone, irrespective of their financial background or expertise, to invest in blockchain and technology confidently.

As a BRC-20 standard token built on the Bitcoin blockchain, SPCT is a means of exchange and an integral part of VC Spectra’s decentralized trading and asset management operations. Its deflationary nature, with a burn mechanism reducing token circulation over time, adds to its investment allure.

Investors in VC Spectra (SPCT) benefit from the platform’s robust approach to investment. VC Spectra utilizes algorithmic and systematic trading strategies, including advanced quantitative models and machine learning algorithms, to maximize returns and minimize risks. This approach and the platform’s focus on sustainable and ethical investment practices resonate with the growing trend toward socially responsible investing.

Learn more about the VC Spectra presale here:

Presale: https://invest.vcspectra.io/login

Website: https://vcspectra.io

Telegram: https://t.me/VCSpectra

Twitter: https://twitter.com/spectravcfund

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