Galena Swap Defi Coins Review – A Detailed Review About Galena Swap

by Cws Team

About Galena Swap

Galena Swap Defi is the latest Generation Yield Farm and AMM decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain with several unique innovations. Here are the plans they have. However, as the saying goes “The best laid plans often go awry.” Adapting to changes is key and they will shift the priorities according to changes along the way.

Quick Fact About Galena Swap Defi

Coin Basic Information
DEFI Coin Name Galena Swap
Market Cap$89
Circulating Supply29,982,983
Token symbolSTG
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Official Project Website Click Here To Visit Project Website

Main features

  • Harvest multiplier
  • Harvest 1x/week
  • Automatic Tax
  • Automatic Liquidity
  • Referral System
  • BUSD House (Coming Soon)

Why presale?

Fair launches don’t work.

Fair launches are full of bots, many developers have come up with many different ways to stop bots; anti-whale, max-wallet, stealth launches (hidden contract), blacklists, but to date none of them have been 100% successful. The price of token is never at launch price and investors are paying a premium price just for bot users to dump on them later on.

Other benefits of presale

  • A presale enables us to provide a MUCH larger amount of cash towards liquidity than we could otherwise ($66,667 if presale fills)
    • Liquidity tokens purchased with presale funds will be burned
    • More supply in liquidity providers’ hands means less price change when farming begins
    • Enables high-volume pre-farm trading
  • A presale provides an established budget for marketing, partnerships, and further development

Presale Funds Allocation

  • 50% Initial Liquidity
  • 50% Aggressive Marketing/Partnerships/Infrastructure
  • No dev rewards

Referral Program

Refer your friend and earn 7% of their earnings forever!

Click here to get your referral link

Note that your friend will NOT earn less after being referred.


Automatic Liquidity

There will be a 7.5% transfer tax incurred for every transaction of GAL tokens. All of it will be automatically used to provide liquidity in the GAL-BNB pool. This will help to apply deflationary pressure and makes the price of GAL even more stable. By increasing the price floor and adding liquidity to the GAL-BNB pairing. It ensures that price impact is kept to the minimum with every transaction and it reduces huge fluctuation in prices.

Automatic Tax

  • Every exchange transaction (send, swap) of GAL will be charged a 7.5% transfer tax.
  • No transfer tax for staking, unstaking, and harvesting GAL
  • Use 7.5%+ slippage to buy GAL on PancakeSwap V2 or other AMM.
  • The transaction will fail if the slippage is less than 7%

Harvest 1x/week

There is no harvest lock. Harvest locks will only lead to timely dumping. Locked for 2 hours, the price plummets within 2 hours. Locked for a week, the price drops within a week. The Galena Swap team has come up with a unique innovation where farmers can only harvest ONCE a week, at the time and price of their choice.

They can choose to harvest their rewards at the start of farming after the timer goes up (initial harvest lock of 2 days), in the middle of the week, or at the end. After they harvest, it will be locked again for the rest of the week and resets at the end of the week. There will be a timer on the website. It all depends on the farmer to come up with the strategy that will be the most beneficial for them.

Harvest Multiplier

This is where farmers will get reward multipliers. For each week when farmers do not harvest, they will earn double (2X), triple (3X), four (4X), etc on their harvest.

Anti Harvest Bot

They have been in several yield farms before, and all of them face an inevitable common problem of dumping. The question for these farms is not if it will happen, but when? Generic farms price dump from the moment the farms are live. Harvest Lock farms dump when the first harvest unlocks Fixed Harvest Lock farms dump when harvest lock opens on Sunday (Intense dumping)

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