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Game giant Ubisoft has taken another step in the blockchain field as the first member of the newly formed Blockchain Game Alliance (BGL).

According to game news agency MCV, the blockchain alliance was formally established at the blockchain gaming summit held in Lyon, France last Friday to develop common standards and practices for integrating blockchain technology into video games.

Other members include blockchain software company CosenSys and other startups such as Enjin, Fig, Alto, Ultra, Gimli and EverdreamSoft.Ultra CEO Nicolas Gilot told MCV that the alliance is working to promote stakeholder development by developing common blockchain standards, he explained:

The Blockchain Game Alliance is advocating the establishment of a common standard in blockchain gaming to create a more interoperable and transparent ecosystem that will benefit stakeholders by promoting innovation and ensuring economic viability.

Ubisoft is one of the world’s largest game publishers and has been studying blockchain technology for several months.

The company announced in February that it is studying how to use blockchain technology as part of its Strategic Innovation Lab.

Recently, the company released a game inspired by Minecraft called My Hashcraft that allows players to design tasks and challenges stored in the public blockchain.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Anne Puck, deputy manager of Ubisoft’s blockchain project, said:”Everything around the blockchain is worth investigating.” She further pointed out that the company wants to reduce the “toxicity” of the gaming community while still complying with EU privacy laws.

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