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Gdac.com Exchange Review: Global TOP Security System

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About Gdac.com

Gdac.com collaborate to accelerate the global adoption of the blockchain and empower individuals through Peer-to-Peer technologies. Peertec (GDAC) | CEO Ash Han. 3F, 6, Bongeunsa-ro 112 -gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Rep. Korea Business license number 549-88-00819 | Fax number 02-554-6444.

Operating Company 

Exchange NameGdac.com
Transaction Fee0.2%
BTC Market0.2%
Support countries170 countries
Official SiteHomepage

 Transaction fee Information 

-KRW market
transaction fee: 0.2%

-BTC market
transaction fee: 0.2%

* The transaction fee rate is the same for both Maker and Taker.

B. Deposit fee information

There is no deposit fee.
C. Withdrawal Fee Information

Please refer to the table below for withdrawal fees. When withdrawing, there is a minimum amount of withdrawal and may change later. They ask you to check and use. 

Digital asset nameMinimum withdrawal quantityWithdrawal feeDeposit confirmation number
Cosmos ATOM0.460.3One
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)0.00640.014
Boss (BOS)340170One
Bitcoin SV (BSV)0.00670.00344
Bitcoin (BTC)0.00030.001One
Cyber ​​Miles (CMT)150755
Cosmo Coin (COSM)302200020
Dicargo (DKA)2418012
Engine (ENJ)221112
Ethereum Classic (ETC)0.310.1612
Ethereum (ETH)0.0120.0112
Fufei (FPT)20100012
Heart Number (HTN)4400600012
Terra KRT (KRT)20002000One
Litecoin (LTC)0.0360.056
Omisego (OMG)2.51.312
POPCHAIN ​​(PCH)109354748
Paycoin (PCI)1720One
Phyton (PTON)247681238412
Sentinel (UPP)16720512
Tether (USDT)1.711012
Seven Chain (VII)55100012
W. Green Pay (WGP)23100012
Stellar Lumen (XLM)3618One
Ripple (XRP)8.310One
KRW (KRW)5,0001,000
Jibrick (GBX)50100010
Clay (KLAY)20838
Insight Protocol (INX)5100012
Percoin (PER)101520
Anchor Protocol (ANC)512
KindsWithdrawal feeMinimum withdrawal quantityNumber of confirmations (quantity)
Bitcoin (BTC)0.0010.0023
Ethereum (ETH)0.010.0148
Cosmos ATOM0.010.02
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)0.0030.00330
Boscoin (BOS)OneOneOne
Bitcoin SV (BSV)0.0010.001
Cyber ​​Miles (CMT)One2
Cosmo Coin (COSM)5010048
Engine Coin (ENJ)102048 
Ethereum Classic (ETC)0.010.0148
IRISnetOne10 One
Litecoin (LTC)0.050.1 6
Luna0.010.1 One
Mithril (MITH)102048
Omisego (OMG)0.61.248
POPCHAIN ​​(PCH)20040048
Raiden Network (RDN)3548
Status (SNT)6012048
Sentinel Protocol (UPP)100 20048
W. Green Pay (WGP)2448
Stellar Lumen (XLM)0.01One One
Ripple (XRP)One2048
Jet Cash (ZEC)0.010.03 12
ZeroX (ZRX)3.5748


Gdac.com focus is in Blockchain/distributed ledger infrastructure and pragmatic technologies that can work today to serve millions of people around the world.


Companies within Peer create synergies by collaborating tasks and mutually generate business opportunities, yet remaining independent.


Gdac.com Peer consists of people who have been working in the blockchain industry since 2013 at global companies like R3, Fenbushi, Interchain foundation, etc.

Central Bank Digital Currency and its Future

Gdac.com Deconomy, many CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) experts gathered to discuss the current status and future potentials of CBDC. The panels include Ian Grigg, Stanley Yong, Antony Lewis, Clark Thompson, moderated by Jeff Paik.

The internet enabled the global economy. We no longer live in a society where information is geographically bound.

Gdac.com free movement of information brought us the whole new possibilities and redefined the way they communicate. Blockchain technology did the same for money. The world has changed to where financial values can be transferred and exchanged globally with no friction. They truly believe that blockchain technology will challenge the status-quo and redefine the norm to improve the world.

We now live in the world where people understand what it means to be sovereign. 

Bitcoin introduced a concept of individuals becoming their own bank, instead of relying on authorities. Ethereum introduced the idea that complex computation can be done in a peer-to-peer manner without a central processor. This self-sovereignty is what drives Blockchain industry, and we strive to lead this paradigm shift with companies within Peer.

In Peer, companies build, not just products, but necessary components for the whole ecosystem. Gdac.com help public understand the idea of individual sovereignty and inclusive economy. They accelerate the adoption of decentralized applications through building key technologies and maturing the market. They believe that no one entity can build the whole ecosystem and that is the reason why they drive for collective innovation, which companies create synergy by building things together while remaining independent.

Global TOP Security System 24-hour secure transaction guarantee.

Information security

Obtained information protection management system (ISMS) certification. Secure storage of customer information and assets.

Account security

Simple and reliable safety certification, convenient and systematic security system construction.

Wallet Security

Gdac.com Industry-leading security, BitGo double wallet and proprietary key management system, asset safe storage.

Payment, asset management, custody, etc

As the largest blockchain-based payment technology patent holder in the domestic blockchain industry, they are leading the 4th industrial revolution providing customers with new and diverse investment opportunities and protecting their assets with various technologies such as custodial, asset management, and payment settlement.


Not All The Websites Which Listed In Top List Are 100% Safe To Use Or Investment. We Do Not Promote Any Of Those. Due Diligence Is Your Own Responsibility. You Should Never Make An Investment In An Online Program With Money You Aren’t Prepared To Lose. Make Sure To Research The Website. So Please Take Care Of Your Investments. And Be On The Safe Site And Avoid Much Losing Online.

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