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About GTI Token Coin

GTI Token Coin creators firmly believe that a lot of minor efforts will add up to large improvements, allowing eight billion individuals to collectively contribute to the improvement of your world. The fundamental point that must be conveyed and understood is that ” Every token released on the market corresponds to and is backed by genuine, concrete reductions in a form of pollution “.

With the help of your partners they want to do your part to change the paradigm of things by getting them done instead of talking about them. GTI wants to bring back the planet’s natural greenery via organic waste recycling, plastic recycling, use of biochar fertilizer, use of agricultural cover crops, and the development of biofuels all to be part of the solution to GHG reduction.

They permit the development of GTI tokens, and their creation equates to a benefit for your planet in terms of the quantity of pollution removed, in a very unique and revolutionary approach via functional innovations.

GTI Token Coin Point Table

Coin BasicInformation
Coin NameGTI Token Coin
Short NameGTI
Circulating Supply100,000,000.00 GTI
Max Supply200,000,000
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Major Greenhouse Gases

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

The main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, accounts for around three-quarters of emissions. It may stay in the atmosphere for a very long time. Burning organic resources, including coal, oil, gas, wood, and solid waste, is the principal source of carbon dioxide emissions.

Methane (CH4)

Methane is the primary component of natural gas and is emitted by landfills, natural gas, petroleum industries and agriculture. Methane molecules persist in the atmosphere for around 12 years, compared to carbon dioxide molecules, but they are at least 84 times more powerful over a 20-year period. It is responsible for around 16% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

According to the IPCC, nitrous oxide contributes just 6% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, but it is 264 times more potent than carbon dioxide over the course of 20 years and has a lifetime of more than a century. The main sources of nitrous oxide emissions include fuel combustion, agriculture and livestock, as well as fertilizer, manure, and burning of agricultural leftovers.


GTI will develop projects, activities and initiatives that will respect nature and are environmentally friendly in order to reduce water and air pollution and overcome the global warming caused by the greenhouse gases from various sources. This aim to remove pollution from your environment by engaging at an individual level via well thought out projects that will enable everyone to reduce their emissions be it at home, at their businesses, for an event or from Agricultural related activities.


The GTI creators firmly believe that a lot of minor efforts will add up to large improvements, allowing eight billion individuals to collectively contribute to the improvement of your world. GTI will vet and approve the project and pull funds together to pay for 80% of the project cost. Once project is commissioned, the remaining 20% is paid over 4months.

Why Choose GTI Token Coin?

  • Agricultural division – Offering custom formulations of prilled fertilizers and biochar that can be used to sequester carbon.
  • Agro-tech consultancy division – offering consultancy, turnkey facility set up of various environmental-related projects such as organic waste processing and conversions technology, biofuel and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Agro-food processing division – offering the conversion of seed into nutrient-dense food and food waste into Animal (pet) food.
  • Lab services – offering quantitative and quantitative analysis using state of the art equipment’s such as ICP-OES, PCR, Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen analyzer.
  • Fermentation facility – capable of making different consortium of microbes that are beneficial in Human, Agriculture and in aerobic/anaerobic waste composting processes.
  • Crop/soil monitoring – which involves deploying advanced technologies to help your client(s) proactively manage crop health and estimate soil carbon content.

Where Can You Buy GTI Token Coin?

Tokens Can Be Purchased On Most Exchanges. One Choice To Trade Is On PancakeSwap (V2) As It Has The Highest USDT/GTI. e Trading Volume, $8,947 As Of February 2021. Next is OKEx, With A Trading Volume Of $6,180,82. Other option To Trade Include USDT/GTI And Huobi Global. Of Course, It Is Important To Note That Investing In Cryptocurrency Comes With A Risk, Just Like Any Other Investment Opportunity.

Market Screenshot

GTI Token Coin market screenshot

GTI Token Coin Supported Wallet

Several Browser And Mobile App Based Wallets Support GTI Token Coin. Here Is Example Of Wallet Which GTI Token Coin – Trust Wallet For Hardware Ledger Nano.


GTI Token Coin team


GTI Token Coin roadmap

FAQ Of GTI Token Coin

Where I Can Find GTI Token Coin Whitepaper?

You Can Find GTI Token Coin  Whitepaper By Clicking Here.

Where I Can Buy/Sell Balancer Token?

You Can Buy or Sell Balancer Token On Some Popular Exchange For Example – PancakeSwap (V2).

What is Circulating Supply Of Balancer Token?

Circulating Supply Of Balancer Token Is 100,000,000.00 GTI.

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