Hangzhou Is Expected To Build “The First City Of Global Blockchain

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Hangzhou On October 24, 2019, The Political Bureau Of The Cpc Central Committee Conducted The Eighteenth Collective Study On The Current Status And Trends Of Blockchain Technology Development.

Academician Of The Chinese Academy Of Engineering And Professor Chen Chun Of Zhejiang University Gave A Report At The Meeting And Discussed Their Opinions And Suggestions. The “Out Of The Circle” Of Zhejiang University’s People Made Everyone Concerned That Zhejiang University Has Come Out Of A Group Of Outstanding Blockchain Entrepreneurs.

In July 2016, Li Wei, Who Has Always Been A Entrepreneurial Dream, Founded Quchain Technology With Several Zhejiang University Doctors, And The Team Devoted Himself To The Research And Development And Industry Implementation Of Domestic Independent Controllable Alliance Chain Platforms.

In The Next Two Or Three Years, Funchain Took The Lead In Cooperating With Nearly A Hundred Financial Institutions Such As The People’s Bank Of China, The Head Offices Of The Four Major Banks, The Shanghai-shenzhen Exchange, And Internationally Renowned Companies Such As Google, Intel, And Microsoft, And Served The Ministry Of Housing And Urban-rural Development. , State Market Supervision Bureau, Yunnan Provincial Government, Loudi City Government And Other Government Agencies, Actively Exploring The Application Of Blockchain In The Livelihood, Government Affairs, Finance And Other Scenarios.

Three Months Before The Establishment Of Funchain, It Was Also Huang Butian From Zhejiang University. The Blockchain Company Yunxiang Just Founded Had Just Received An Angel Round Of Financing Of 3 Million Yuan. Like Most Blockchain Entrepreneurs, Huang Butian’s Relationship With The Blockchain Began With Bitcoin.

“I Was Exposed To Bitcoin In 2009. From The Beginning, I Didn’t Pay Particular Attention To The Blockchain Technology Behind Bitcoin. I Felt That The Life Cycle Of Open Source Projects Would Not Be Too Long, And Maybe Died Soon After.” Until 2011 Huang Butian Began To Realize That Blockchain Technology Is Alive. It Is Not Only Alive, But Also Very Good.

In 2012, When He Was Studying For A Phd At Zhejiang University, He Decided To Change His Research Direction: “At The Beginning, My Research Direction Was Operating System Virtualization.

I Have Been Thinking That Cloud Computing Technology Is Relatively Mature, And How Much Research I Have Significance? Cloud Computing Solves The Problem Of Productivity, But The Decentralized Technology Of The Blockchain Can Establish A Trust Network Through A Peer-to-peer Consensus Mechanism; This Is A Revolution In Trust Relationships That Has Epoch-making Significance. “Since Then, He Has Firmly Believed Blockchain Technology Will Definitely Generate Value And Empower The Real Economy.

Later On, Yunxiang And Funchain, In 2016, Also Focused On The Underlying Technology Of The Blockchain. If Huang Butian Is A Scholar-type Blockchain Entrepreneur, Xie Yijian Of Mizu Technology Is A Low-key Geek Who Has Been Living In China. He Is The Sole Chinese Member Of Ethereum’s Core R & D Team And The Earliest Smart Contract Developer In China. He Also Designed And Developed Peatio (“第”), The World’s First Open Source Digital Currency Exchange.

Misao Technology Has Been Focusing On The Basic Blockchain Technology, Engaged In The Development Of The Underlying Blockchain Platform And The Research Of Consensus Algorithms, And Released A Blockchain Platform Cita Based On The Ethereum Architecture, Which Can Develop Various Blockchain Applications.

Unlike Huang Butian And Others Who Have Taken Root In The “Chain Circle”, Shao Jianliang, General Manager Of The Jianan Yunzhi Blockchain Division, Is Closely Connected With The “Mine Circle”. In 2008, After Graduating From Zhejiang University, Shao Jianliang Entered The Online Finance Department Of A Bank And Was Exposed To Bitcoin.

Shao Jianliang Purchased Jia Nan Yunzhi’s Avalon Mining Machine One Month After Learning About Bitcoin, And He Started Mining Into The Blockchain Industry. In November 2019, Jia Nan Yun Zhi Successfully Listed On The Nasdaq In The United States. Shao Jianliang Also Successfully Promoted From The Early Clients Of Jia Nan Yun Zhi To Become The “First Stock Of Global Blockchain Business” Executives.

These Zhejiang University-based Blockchain Entrepreneurs And Practitioners Have Laid A Solid Foundation For The Development Of The Hangzhou Blockchain Industry. Huang Butian Believes That Most Of The Top Blockchain Companies In The Country Are Now Concentrated In Hangzhou.

Whether It Is A Startup Atmosphere, Capital Environment Or Industry Chain Support, Hangzhou Has Provided Fertile Soil For The Blockchain Industry’s Entrepreneurial Innovation. It Is Expected To Create A “Global Blockchain First City. ”

In Terms Of Blockchain Technology Research, Hangzhou Is Currently At The Forefront Of Cities Across The Country. As One Of The “Top Four China’s Blockchain Innovative Cities (300778, Stock Bar)”, Hangzhou Is The First City In The Country To Explicitly Write The Blockchain Into The Government Work Report. As Of Now, Six Blockchain Industrial Parks In Hangzhou Have Been Formally Put Into Operation.

The Core Technology Of The Blockchain Must Be Autonomous And Controllable

Creating Relevant Infrastructure Is The Key To Application

On December 26, 2019, The Provincial Party Committee’s Economic Work Conference Was Held At The Provincial People’s Great Hall, Fully Implementing The Spirit Of The Central Economic Work Conference, And Studying And Deploying Economic Work For 2020.

Interesting Chain Li Wei Stated At The Meeting That Blockchain Technology, As An Important Breakthrough In Independent Innovation Of Core Technology, Should Be Integrated With The Industry To Enable Finance, Government Affairs, People’s Livelihood, Industrial Manufacturing, Power And Energy, And Other Fields To Help The Province’s Digital No. 1 Economic Construction Project.

He Believes That Blockchain, Like Chips And Operating Systems, Must Be Autonomous And Controllable. From Technology And Company Development To National Core Capabilities Are Strategic Needs. The Financial Industry With A Large Number Of Blockchain Technology Landings Is Also A Key Business Area Related To The National Economy And People’s Livelihood. It Is Urgent To Master The “Card Neck” Technology In Its Own Hands.

“However, To Achieve The Integration And Development Of The Industry, The Prerequisite Is To Build Trust. This Requires Step By Step, And Cannot Be Done Overnight.” Li Wei Said That The Current Blockchain Technology Is Not Yet Fully Mature And Requires More Time To Be Spent On The Technology Itself.

He Hopes That More And More People Can Settle Their Minds To Do A Good Job In Technology, Stop Being Arrogant And Restless, And Be Prepared For Hardships, Hard Bones, And Cold Benches, Just Like The Emergence Of Disruptive Technologies Such As Cloud Computing, Big Data And Ai. Withstand Loneliness And Be Awed By Technology.

Cloud Elephant Huang Butian Believes That China Has A Huge Market For Blockchain Application Scenarios, Which Provides Application Space For The Iterative Development Of Blockchain Technology. In 2020, It Will Become A Year Of Centralized Application Of Blockchain. “China Is Fully Capable Of Growing Into A World-class Blockchain Technology Benchmarking Enterprise.”

Regarding The Difficulty Of Landing The Blockchain In The Real Economy, He Said That Technically, Creating A Scalable Blockchain Infrastructure With Security And Privacy Will Be The Key To The Application Of Industrial Blockchain. At The Same Time, In The Process Of Landing, Problems Such As Breaking The Original Business Model And Coordinating The Participation Of Multiple Agents In Collaboration Will Bring Uncertain Factors To The Process Of Landing The Scene.

Babbitt Ma Lili Believes That The Main Problem With The Implementation Of Blockchain Technology Is The “Impossible Triangle” Problem Raised By Babbitt Founder Chang Niao, That Is, A “Impossible Triangle” Formed By Decentralization, High Efficiency And Security. The Three Cannot Be Both.

How To Find A Solution That Can Consider The Three In A Specific Application Scenario And Make It Meet The Regulatory Requirements Is A Problem That Blockchain Practitioners Need To Explore For A Long Time. “But There Is No Doubt That Blockchain Technology Will Improve The Operating Efficiency Of The Entire Society, And In A Silent Way.”

The Birth Of A New Technology Will Certainly Give Rise To The Corresponding Legal Supervision. Zhang Yu, Head Of The Bitlaw Team And Senior Partner Of Shanghai Hansheng Law Firm, Emphasized That The Role Of Regulation Is Indispensable In Such An Anonymous Blockchain Field.

She Said That In The Field Of Blockchain, China Now Has An Overall Framework And Basic Context, And Has Tried Standardized Legislative Practices. However, Once Blockchain And Applications Are In A State Of Rapid Development, And Secondly, Legislation Is Lagging, So It Still Needs To Be Constantly Supplement And Improve To Promote The Healthy Development Of The Blockchain Industry.”


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