Jpegvault Ico Review: Kickstart Your Journey Into NFTs

by Cws Team

About Jpegvault Ico

Jpegvault Ico is a DAO. A community of people who own and run it as one. Everyone benefits from its success and participates in the decision making. Owning JPEG token provides the right to own a part of the NFT vault they are building. When they sell NFT and make benefits they redistribute them to holder according to their share of the JPEG token. Also, every time they launch a product or service, you get a share of the revenue. They are community driven so everyone in our community will be able to exercise their voice to push this project forward.

Token Basic Information

Token NameJpegvault
Token SymbolJPEG
Ico Price$0.002214
Max Supply1,000,000,000
Total Supply1,000,000,000
WhitepaperClick Here For View Whitepaper
WebsiteClick Here For Visit ICO Homepage

Join a community of investors & builders

They are determined to capture all opportunities NFTs and the Metaverse offer.

Share ownership of expensive NFTs

Most legitimate NFTs are out of range of everyday investors, they offer a way to not miss out on the best opportunities this space offers.

Benefit from hundreds of hours of NFT research in one place

The community is composed of NFT experts and enthusiasts who scour the web day in, day out to find the best deals and opportunities.

Contribute in this project’s success and be rewarded for it

They operate as a DAO and everyone is welcome to join and contribute. Reach out to and let’s see if there is a role for you. How it works

Main Features & Benefits


They use powerful tokenomics, the treasury fills up with every buy or sell of token.

Holders owned

Each $JPEG represents a share of the assets they own.

Passive Income

Holding $JPEG grants you a piece of all revenue they will ever make.

They rely on community members & NFT experts

They rely on community members and a network of experts. Every opportunity is vetted via a thorough screened process to maximise success and minimise rugs.


JPEGvault’s vision is to become a leading organisation in the NFT and Metaverse economy following a decentralized approach and offering opportunities to all who share our values.


  1. To build a collectively owned NFT portfolio and share financial benefits and utilities.
  2. To develop software products that will bring value to users of this new economy.
  3. To operate as a truly decentralized organisation where every voice counts and every person is free to contribute their skill and be fairly compensated for it.


The values include, but are not limited to:

  • Empathy: people come first. They operate with kindness and understanding for others. They remember that our personal interests don’t always come first.
  • High ambition, higher work ethic: they have the ambition to build a leading organization and are willing to put the work in. They do not take things for granted and do not expect things to just come way.
  • Collaboration over competition: Because of the way JPEGvault is set up, the community is bound to benefit from any type of collaboration we receive. We can compete, but collaborating will make everyone prosper!

JPEGVault’s Future

Why JPEG v2?

At any point in time, you do the best you can with the information available you have at that moment. JPEG v1 was a great foundation but an incomplete one, certain deficiencies in the smart contract made it hard for to move forward at a satisfying pace. They brought this forward to the community and all agreed that our focus should be long term so they moved forward with v 2.0 plans!

Forward, steps by steps!

Q4, 2021

  • Team of 7
  • Available on Ethereum
  • 5+ mid-tier listings
  • 1 Fund manager
  • $200k of assets under management

Q1, 2022

  • Team of 15
  • Heavy marketing (paid ads, influencer, growth hacking)
  • Available on Avalanche Blockchain
  • Listed on CMC and CoinGecko
  • Dashboard (staking, vault tracking)
  • First benefit redistribution

Q2, 2022

  • Team of 20
  • 5 CEX / DEX
  • Available on 3 blockchains
  • $1M of assets under management
  • NFT and DeFi platform

Q3, 2022

  • Metaverse HQ
  • $5M of assets under management
  • Diversification of portfolio : Art, Digital Real Estate, etc
  • Decentralisation of the ecosystem
  • Grants for artists

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