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Law enforcement officers together with power engineers found another underground mining farm in the Leningrad region.

As the local news resource specifies iVG.RU, the equipment was located in the village of Sholtovo (Volkhovsky district) in one of the abandoned houses.

This property is currently registered as an inheritance. A farm worth about 700,000 rubles produced bitcoins, journalists found out. It was secretly connected to the power grid.

In the next house, too, there may be a farm, according to the inspectors.The house was closed, and the police and power engineers could not get into it. But through the fence, they saw that the Internet was connected to the house and a cooling system was installed. Law enforcement authorities suspect that there is a similar mining farm operating there.

Equipment for BTC mining has already been withdrawn from the first house. Energy companies determine the amount of damage caused to the supply company.

Earlier it was reported that in the Gatchinsky district of the Leningrad region found an underground mining farm, the damage from which reached 5.6 million rubles.

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